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i think you're really really nice!! you've helped me become a lot more aware of bodyshaming in a sense, and i'm glad. i feel like you put up w/ a lot of crap, mostly because of your url i guess??? and i wish you didn't have to. but you're really sweet and good and i hope you have a good day and do things that make you happy!

aw man thanks, im glad i could help make you aware of junk!!!! and yeah i mean i get a lot of crap but i really don’t mind most of it, it definitely makes for a good story though (let me tell you about ‘abuser apologist’)(remember that time a popular homestuck artist called me a psycho for liking vriska/looking up to her slightly)(and MORE!!!)

i hope youre having a good time too though!!!!! 

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"... desperately coveted the role of Catwoman, and was a complete nervous wreck after her audition. The first time her agent phoned after her screen test, he said he had good news ... Hathaway immediately screamed "I'm Catwoman!" and ran around the room in a frenzy ... her agent had to calm the actress down" "I burst into tears, because I miss her. I'm crying again - I need to stop talking about this, it just makes me cry. I miss her. I love Selina so much and I love her presence in my life"

oh my GOD