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I love you and your posts about weight and health. Like you, I am overweight and suffer from no health issues as a result and similarly have received back perfect blood work. The only (mental) health issues I do suffer are terrible self esteem and depression worsened by people who make it their business to make me feel bad about my medically healthy weight. Basically thanks for being a really cool and educated person.

i am just doin the american duty friend 

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oh my god this is so weird because we don't talk i'm sorry in advance ok
i had this dream that i actually killed you for your url but nobody noticed you were gone because my name is liz too but after awhile i realized i had no idea what to blog about besides homestuck so i sold the url on ebay for a few thousand dollars and ran from civilization in shame




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do u have any tips on rping vriska :0


number one thing to remember is that

She d8esn’t speak l8ke this m8st of the time!

she only puts 8’s in places they dont belong if she’s flustered, otherwise it’s only b’s and ‘ate’ sounds. also 8r8k? she kind of pushes that one. i think she wants to feel special.

another thing is that if you have a conversation as her dont let the other person dominate it you should fight them to control the conversation because she is all about Herself and does things her own way and if people don’t go her way then they don’t get to go at all because it’s her way or the highway

also she’s longwinded as seen in some latest updates with her and very dramatic. doesnt extend her vowels all the time just occasionally. she’s a good example most of the time of 'im sorry i got caught/got in trouble rather than being actually sorry for something i did so can we just hurry up and be friends again’ (most of the time; there are exceptions)

shes like aranea in that she wants people to listen to her but she’s not in the fact that she’ll do anything to get them to listen or pay attention to her and a lot of the time it is a negative thing

uhh i cant think of much else? oh yeah dont make her a moe child baby she is not your waifu and she’s not a heartless bitch either so stop that

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At least you get to go to college. Stop bitching.

wow yeah gosh obviously im oblivious to people who have it worse off than me so i dont have a right to express frustration at having issues with my college at all how dare i

i refuse to let this turn into a ‘but there are CHILDREN STARVING IN AFRICA’ situation so just ts 'complaining about college’ it is that easy i’m sorry

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when was chubby vriska canon??

it was a series of jokes hussie made like 2 years ago and people ended up latching onto it because there’s nothing funnier in the world than a fAT CHARACTER!!!!! OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!! HOW HYSTERICAL

i personally think fat vriska would b adorable ppl just need to quit having it be the Joke

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My crush is a boy i met at school. his name is jack and he's pretty much the master of sassy come backs, and a really cool person to have around. some stupid girls were giving me a hard time because im a red head and he totally sassed them out with his sass and then we started talking and we have a lot in common (HE EVEN READS HOMESTUCK) he's just such a cool cat and im kind of a nerd but he really seems to like me and we are quickly becoming good friends. :)

ask him out by printing out a homestuck shipping chart and put all your ships and his ships on it and then add a box with both of your faces and in each blank square write ‘i ship us lets kiss ok' 

8onafide guaranteed to work!

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So your saying that you don't get tired easily and that you are fit as a fiddle? You don't think the weight will effect how much you will be able to do in the future?Even with healthy blood work it doesn't seem like a good way to live an eventful life for the most part.


i have friends who are like 120 pounds and they get as tired as i do walking up a flight of stairs

most of that is because of inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle; have you ever seen an olympic weightlifter? they have!!!!! loads of fat, dude, but they do all this lifting and shit and they don’t have heart attacks every 4 seconds. it’s not weight that’s impeding me, it’s living a lifestyle where i literally sit on my ass all day in front of a computer.