Here’s a photo of Lize working away in our current studio. We’ve definitely outgrown it & that’s why we’re taking a big scary step & moving.
We both squish onto that tiny desk & work away most days to create exciting new things for all the sad ghosts out there!
Our new studio is way bigger than this one, which means we’re able to make so much more and store it all too.
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How many people in the world are really equipped with the knowledge to open a small business? The foundation to a stronger economy is not the redistribution of wealth into businesses, but into a soild foundation. Teaching people how to be leaders, business owners etc. Teach someone the skills, so they can become not only the business owner but the teacher as well. Hand outs do not create independence. Don’t give me a fish a day to feed my family. Show me how to fish so I can feed my family and teach other people how to fish as well, so we all can eat.

Change Your Circle, Change Your Life.

You cannot succeed in life by following the wrong crowd. As cliche as they may sound, it’s true. 

People wonder why they are always broke, depressed, not motivated, unlucky, etc… Why? Look at the people that are in your life. Are their situations much more different than yours? How will they be able to help you succeed if they aren’t successful?

You HAVE to change your circle. You are the company you keep. Build a relationship with people whose lifestyles you admire! People with work ethic, ambition, motivation, influence, power. Most people like that LOVE to be around other people because they want to be significant! They don’t make helping people, they want to rub off on you!

Don’t be afraid to make drastic change, it’s the only way you’ll see drastic change. Don’t be influenced! Be the influencer! Be the reason why your circle now wants to be apart of YOUR new circle…. the ones that don’t want to make the change with you, should no longer be your concern. Life is SHORT. Every decision you make everyday makes a bigger impact than you can imagine. Everyday that goes by that you don’t chose to change your life, you are missing out. You are waiting, hoping that the winds of change will magically blow your life in another direction… that will NOT happen. Take the reigns of your life and with the Grace of God, change your situation! Exercise your brain, be bigger than the slump you’re in and grow past the people that are unconsciously holding you back.


She thinks she’s cool. Let her believe it.

I was looking for references for poses and stumbeled across this beautiful pose. (I lost the original image because my laptop blue screened me. blahh) It’s my Shepard from Mass Effect, Lize Shepard. Took me a good afternoon and evening to draw.

It took me half an hour before was satisfied with the print on the hoodie lmao

Everyone Has That One Uncle... Or Is It Just Me?

I have lived in DC on Capitol Hill my entire life. Yes, 85% of my neighbors are White.. That’s just the way it is.

The house attached to mine on one side has been under renovation for the last 5-6 years and the family that owns it doesn’t live in it. They come by often to check on the progress so I’ve met them all. 

My doorbell just rang and it was the neighbor, I could hear her from upstairs. I big, stupid, ignorant, racist ass Uncle goes to the door and doesn’t open the screen door. She says hi, and that she just wanted to drop off something for the holidays. He stares at her for about 3 seconds, mumbles a cluster fuck of excuses as to why he couldn’t open the door, or something, then closes the wood door in her face. He walks to the stairs and yells upstairs, “can somebody come get this door, i gotta go to the bathroom”. His ass has been sitting in the living room ALL day watching football. 

I put on a scarf and some slippers and come down to the door. She was standing there with this cute container of chocolates and cookies for my family. The “Hi’s” we exchanged were so awkward. I felt obligated to say, “please excuse my Uncle”. 

My Uncle is a fucking asshole. He’s a drunk, a racist and for some reason can’t come to terms with the fact that his MOTHER is WHITE and Native American and was adopted by a White woman. His skin is not his Father’s complexion, it’s his Mom’s complexion, caramel with a yellow undertone. Bright ass. And his hair is long and thin as shit.

I can honestly say, that I do not love him. I can’t love someone so incredibly ignorant. I’ve called the police on him before because he’s outside on the corner, 50 fuckin something years old, yelling shit at White people. Why the fuck does he even live in this house?

Anyway, she said it was, “ok”, and I tried to lighten the mood by asking about the progress on the house. She seemed to back away from the door quickly and didn’t really want to talk. My stupid Uncle stayed in the first floor bathroom the entire time.

I took the gift upstairs to my Grandmother and dropped it on her dresser.  I told her that her stupid son closed the door in the neighbors face and walked out of the room. I come back downstairs and his ass is right back in front of the TV. 

The ONLY reason my Grandmother puts up with this shit is because he gives her money. The only reason. He goes to work every day, he comes home drunk, he has no friends, kids, spouse, etc and all he spends money on is alcohol and porn DVD’s.

I hate the fact that I have to raise my son in the house with him. He calls my son, “boy” and “youngin” and occasionally I hear him tell my 3 year old to “look at these beautiful girls on the TV”. What the FUCK?

OMG! I have to work harder so I can pay off all these bills and move the fuck away from here. I wish I had help, but not having it won’t be an excuse. I have to get the fuck away from this house. This ain’t shit energy in here is bad for my soul and I can’t raise my son the way I want to.

Oh, and I cried for a second when I left out of my Grandmothers room. I really hate him. I hate ignorance. It makes my fuckin blood boil. I don’t talk to him, at ALL. Not a single word, but I’m fighting every urge I’m having right now. I want to walk in the living room and let his stupid ass have it. I really do.

Fuck this situation.