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Pink haired Sakura kid in coherent Boruto au where the running joke is 'Who's the Father???' Jokes on everyone else though. Sakura is a medical genius. She reproduced asexually. Like lizards. She laughs. Oh how she laughs.

A perfect response when you are the most badass mom to ever mom. 


bunch of sketches I haven’t published, bc I forgot about them, and the last one I’ve sketched yesterday :)

warm ups (from the stream last year): Ed with man bun, angry Ed (someone called him shorty again???), OC Edmund requested by @hitantenshi (baby), Winry, Nina Tucker requested by @ninatucker :D

Edward Elric: inspired by 3rd opening from FMA03 :3

Lizard Ed: from Lizard Chimera AU - bc Ed is such a cutie in this AU (at least he looks like cutie)

Xerxian ED: from Alkimia Shop AU - so cool! I love his piercings so much?! I need to draw more of him, bc it’s what I love the most - unusual clothing and a lot of piercings and tattoos 

both Eds are for @obersten bc you’re awesome man! Stay cool and keep up fantastic work :)

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Can I request Hanzo, Junkrat, and McCree with their shape shifting s/o who can only turn into animals.


“Tada!” his s/o chirped, their little reptilian feet pattering against the tatami mats.

Hanzo looked up from his tea at them with a puzzled look.

Then he smiled and shook his head, “What is that supposed to be?”

Crossing their little lizard arms, they pouted, “I’m a Komodo dragon. This is the closest I can get to a real dragon.”

Learning in to get a better look and scratching them on top of their head, he chuckled, “Why do they call it a dragon? Can you fly?”

“Well…no,” they shrugged, “But I wanted to be a dragon for you cuz I thought it’d make you happy, but I can only turn into real animals,”

Now scratching them under the chin, he chuckled, “But I am already happy,”

“But I thought it’d make you happier,” they practically purred from all the pets they were getting.

“My love,” he told them genuinely, “I could never be happier,”

A big, Komodo smile grew across their snout, but then they started to giggle as well.

“What is it?”

“You’re confessing your love to me while I’m a lizard!” they laughed, “To a stranger, this would look really weird!”

Faintly laughing along, he nodded, “Yes it would,”


It was noon, and [Name] had been doing transformations for Jamison since morning. He sat on the floor of his little junker workshop, watching them turn into different animals and do little tricks. It was fun at first, but [Name] was starting to tire out.

“Can ya do a ‘roo?” he asked eagerly.

“Ugh!” they collapsed in their tiger body, “I’m tired, Jamie! Can’t we take a break?”

“I wonder if ya could eat lunch as a tiger. Do ya digest it differently?”

“Jamie!” they whined.

“Roight, roight, I’m sorry,” he said defensively.

Suddenly, they gave out a big, tiger yawn, stretching their big paws out and flexing them. Junkrat watched in awe as the big cat let its hair down in front of him. He rarely got close to wildlife, especially since most of it had died to radiation in the Outback. [Name] trudged tiredly over to wear he was sitting, flopping down in front of him for a cat nap. Leaning forward, he felt their soft fur and his eyes widened.

“Soooo soft!” he breathed in awe.

“Mhmmm…” was their sleepy response.

He sat there, running his greasy hands through their pelt, feeling their plush fur between his fingers. Then he leaned forward and hugged them tightly, letting himself be engulfed in comfy, orange fur.

“Can ya turn into a raptor after this?” he asked timidly.

But all he got in response was the slow and steady breathing from his tiger, letting him know they were fast asleep.


Jesse surveyed the horses in front of them. They all looked well-bred and suitable for the long trail ride he had planned with his s/o.

Stroking his beard and nodding to himself, he turned to them to ask, “Ok, which one do ya–”

But he stopped short when he noticed they weren’t next to him anymore. Looking around and doing several 360s, he noticed they were absolutely nowhere in sight! Of all places to wander off, it had to be at someone else’s ranch!

“Pssst! Jesse, look!” he heard their voice.

Whipping back around to the horse pen, he saw a dappled grey horse standing right at the fence and looking him straight in the eye.

“Oh no,”  he facepalmed, “Not again, [Name], we don’t have time for this,”

“It’s so cool, Jesse!” they squealed with delight, “They’ve inducted me into their horse society!”

The other horses around them all whinnied in concurrence.

“Look, we’re supposed to be taking a trail ride today, not freaking out the locals,” he pointed out, “What if someone sees you mid-transformation?”

“Nobody is here on a weekday,” they said, “Besides, this way you don’t have to pay for a horse, you can just ride me!”

If he had any water, he would have done a spit take. Flinching back at the double-entente, Jesse tipped his hat a little over his face to hide his embarrassment.

“Heeheehee!” they giggled, the other horses all neighing along, “What’s wrong?”

“It’ll be weird if I…I mean if I ‘ride’ you,” he muttered as his face turned more and more red,”

“Pleeeaaase, Jesse?” they begged, stretching their neck over the fence to boop his face.

The other horses did the same, all nudging their snouts against him and making him very irritated.

“Oh for the last time, no!” he threw his hands up and turned away from their assaulting snouts.

Then he turned back around, “Now change back befo–AGH!”

Jesse slammed his hands over his eyes when he saw his s/o standing in the pasture stark naked with the other horses. He forgot that happened when they changed back.


A/N: So I’ve decided to do a series of Disney inspired au’s, possibly like four/five of them so you have that to expect! This first one is inspired by sleeping beauty but in the star wars universe; a few things are different and some are the same (like the name change) so there’s that. Also, the planet Daenia is completely made up so don’t bother looking it up. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed! P.S. there is a shift in pov but that’s only in the very beginning.

Warning: None

Word Count: 7.4K+ 

The sound of muffled voices echoed throughout the palaces walls, royal families from all throughout the galaxy gathered in celebration. At the center of attention, the noble king and queen of the wondrous planet Daenia sat on their thrones. A warming sensation spread throughout their chests, the first baby of the royal couple had been born and everyone was there to celebrate her–princess y/n.

Although, not even a week old, she lied quietly in her crib, softly cooing as the sounds around her didn’t seem to bother; it seemed only natural that the noises didn’t disturb her. With the life she’d soon have of being royalty, balls and celebrations were going to be constant.

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Old Souls (Sing)

I found a post that talk about the potential “friendship” between Ms Crawly and Mike, if I find the original post I’ll link to it, but here’s a lil thing I wrote! And this is my first time writing Ms Crawly so bare with me. 

Buster Moon walked through the New Moon Theater, nose buried in his clipboard. It was around lunchtime, and he was checking up on all his performers. His next show was going to be a hit; Music throughout the Decades was its title, and it would be a showcase of how music changed and evolved through the years. Yet, as he checked in on each of his actors, he realized he was missing his Fifties act, Mike, he was not in his studio, nor was he on stage.

“Ash? Have you seen Mike?” Buster asked the punk rocker, peeking his head into her rehearsal area. 

“Why would I wanna know where that jerk is?” Ash begrudgingly huffed, strumming out a small piece by Queen. 

Ash.” Buster sternly warned. He understood Mike wasn’t the easiest to be around, but he wanted all of his performers to get along. Or at least try to.

“Sorry.” Ash sighed. “I don’t know where he is, though." 

Buster tried Rosita and Gunter next, asking them the same question. Gunter had a similar reaction to the question as Ash did, but Rosita gently smacked his big belly. 

"I think I saw him going upstairs, he might be going to one of his little spots.” she said sweetly. 

Mike had a habit of finding areas of the theater to hide in whenever he didn’t want to be bothered, or whenever he had an episode. Under the floorboards, in the pocket of a costume coat, the air vent, even the top of the building were just some of his favorite spots. 

Moon thanked Rosita and hopped up the stairs that lead to the main offices. As he made his way towards the door, though, he heard Mike’s voice. 

“What was he like? What was he really like?” Mike asked, but not in his usual accusing voice. He sounded intrigued and excited about something. 

“Well,” answered a shaking old voice. Ms Crawly? “He was a true gentlemen, that wasn’t an act. He was kind, caring, he took time for each of his fans." 

"And what did he look like in real life?” Mike asked again as Buster pressed his ear to the door. “What did he act like?" 

"Well, he was a bit taller than you and he had black spots on his grey fur.” said the old lizard. “He used to add and delete words from his own songs, he added notes and sometimes his band couldn’t even keep up.” she said with a small laugh. 

“And did ya, did ya ever meet him?" 

“I met Frank when I was around twenty or so. I had gone to one of his shows in New York." 

Buster’s ears perked at this. They were talking about Sinatra. 

"Wow,” Mike let out a long breath. “I’ve seen videos and all, but wow." 

"The funny thing is, I don’t think he ever did a show where he wasn’t tipsy!” Ms Crawly giggled, causing Mike to laugh as well. It was a genuine laugh, not a mocking one, but light hearted. “Oh and he danced in the funniest ways." 

"I bet he did! Though, I don’t Buster would let me go on stage drunk." 

"He doesn’t have to know you are.” Ms Crawly said with a mischievous voice. Any other day Buster would’ve went in, scolding the old lizard, but he had never heard Mike get along with anyone this well and he was silent. 

“And do ya, do ya think I could be like him?” Mike asked quietly. 

“Well, I don’t think anyone could be exactly like Frankie, but I think he’s a good person to try and live up to.” she said sweetly. “Which means trying to get along with your coworkers." 

"Frank didn’t get along with Marlon Brando in Guys and Dolls.” You could practically hear Mike crossing his arms in a huff. “And why should I try to get along with ‘em? They’re all no good, sons of-” he caught himself. “I don’t want to get attached to 'em." 

"Well, you can still be nice to someone and not get attached to them, dear.” Ms Crawly sighed. “And I think it would be best to make some….friends." 

"Friends are for soft people, I ain’t soft.” Mike retorted. 

“Well, maybe you could try. For Frank. He would want you to get along with people. And for Nancy.” Buster waited as silence filled the room, he found himself holding his breath. A moment passed before Mike let out a sigh. 

Fine. For Nancy and Frank.” There was a pause before: “Thank you." 

"You’re very welcome, dear. You can always come to me whenever you want to know more." 

Buster thought now was a good time to enter; he gently knocked on the door with his knuckle and opened it. Mike was sitting with his back to the door and had spun around when Moon had entered. Mike quickly stood up, placing his hat, which he had taken off, on his head. 

"Uh, I, thank you, um, see ya Scaly!” The mouse jumped off the desk and tried to push past Moon. 

“Wait just a moment Mike.” Moon held out his paw. “I would like to invite you to lunch, the cast and I were going to go to the café down the street." 

“I, I don’t…” Mike stole a quick glance to Ms Crawly, who gently nodded. “S-sure. I don’t have anythin’ better to do.” he said with a casual shrug and went out the door. 

Ms Crawly and Moon were left alone, the old lizard laughed lightly. “You were listening outside, weren’t you, Mister Moon?” she asked. 

 "Oh yeah.“

Forgive me pt2.(Peter Parker)

Summary- You helped Peter after he told you he was Spider-Man and Liz was getting very suspicious. One day you were helping Peter and you were in a situation where he had to choose you or Liz. He chose Liz in the end.

“Peter I’m making the antidote right now!” You said through the phone. Peter never listened to you, ever even when he knew you were right, which was always.

“Hurry up I see him, he’s walking up the Stark tower”

“Peter don’t you dare hang up on me”

“Look I love you okay just be safe and trust me” Peter end the call and starts swinging while Y/n was trying not to think of ways to kill the boy. As she was thinking there was a shatter of glass behind her. He said he was the Stark tower, she thought to herself. Since this was her fathers building she knew her way around pretty well but it all felt alien to her.

“Come out come out come out pretty girl” he bellowed as he took long strides around the lab. With every second the fear grew inside of Y/n just how the antidote was cooking. If she left now she’d be safe just how she promised Peter but she stayed for the antidote. Y/n ran to gas chamber that they had in the lab for some weird reason, she wasn’t going to question it. Her plan was to stay in there till the lizard left and she could give the antidote to Peter. There was no sound of footsteps, which stopped earlier than expected and the fear went away and washed out of Y/n’s system as relief grew over her. She was safe, or so she thought…

Her eyes darted at the gas that was filling the chamber. It was almost instantly that she stood up and was met with his face.

“Boo!“ He said calmly. Y/n felt that fear come again as she stared into the eyes of a man who her father worked with.

"HELP!” Y/n screamed as she banged on the glass. She could feel the intoxicant trying to take over her body with every breath she inhaled.

“What- did- you- put- in- here?” She said trying to gasp for air. There was no point in holding her breath for as long as possible because soon enough her respiration would kick in.

“Something that will make you go to sleep” he sang as the weight on Y/n grew immensely.

“Sweet dreams my dear” with that said Y/n’s eyes grew heavy and she could no longer open them. Her whole body had given out to the gas. There was nothing she could do to save herself.



“Y/n!” Someone was screaming her name. The voice was too muffled to hear through the trance she was under. Her body didn’t feel heavy anymore but there was something on if pulling her down maybe?


“Y/n you’re awake!” And Y/n wished she was dead. Why was Liz here? There was no possible way she could of been, she said she was visiting her grandparents down south- unless she lied to Peter and stayed. Of course she lied and stayed, that’s all Liz ever did when Y/n was around. Liz was jealous that Y/n could help and she couldn’t, she was just a pretty face.


“Now which one does Parker love more?” They both turn their heads to the direction the voice came from. Y/n had always looked nice and smart but right now she looked terrible from everything she had been through tonight which was Peter swinging her around foolishly, bandaging Peter up, creating the antidote- Where is the antidote?, she thought and looked around her. Of course it wasn’t with her, it never was when she needed it, which was right now.

“Me obviously I’m his girlfriend” Liz glared at Y/n when she said ‘girlfriend’ and put more emphasis on it.

“Are you joking? You want to have a petty argument right now?” Y/n said coldly, almost as cold as the lizard who enjoyed watching them bicker.

“I am his girlfriend, what are you a rich snobby British kid?”

“Love you forgot ‘bitch’ in that but I guess no one can take your title” Y/n almost forgot about the man who had gassed her and was out for Peter.

“Well at least I can help, I’ve got this” Liz held up her cellphone. She was so stupid to of even brought that thing with her.

“You dumb bitch how are you supposed to use it if the guy that’s out for your boyfriend is right there and has you captive?!”

“At least I can call Peter my boyfriend” Y/n had had enough with Liz using everything and everyone. They all think she’s nice, smart, kind, loving,pretty but in the eyes of Y/n she was a nasty, dumb, hypocritical cunt of a lair.

“Hey buddy do you think you could untie me so I can beat the crap out of her?” The huge lizard laughs and shakes his head no.

"As fun as that sounds I need you to bring Peter to me” he grabbed both the girls and ripped the ties on each before holding each in one hand. Liz was already calling for Peter like she was in charge of him. It wasn’t helpful that they were on the edge of very high building. Y/n wasn’t afraid of heights like most things but she sure didn’t like being dangled from off the side of one.

“COME OUT SIPDEY BEFORE I DROP ONE!” He yelled and with that said Peter did come but how could no one notice a massive Lizard on a rooftop? Peter’s moments made him seem tired and exhausted only because he was tired and exhausted. This life wasn’t for him if he didn’t get the girl he thought to himself but their were two girls.

“Let them go” Peter says calmly and then the girls weren’t dangling over the edge but had strong grips around their necks. What he was trying to do was make Peter choose, he could only have one of the girls so he had to choose.

“Alright Parker I’m going to make you a deal, choose one of the girls and leave the other one to die and I’ll come in safely, save both and I’ll kill them both” he spat with a little lisp on each ’s’. Y/n felt the grip on her neck tighten as Peter walked towards Liz. He was going to choose her.

“I-I want Liz” Peter breathed as Y/n couldn’t she could see black dots forming in her eyes and the pain of having no oxygen was the worst she had ever felt. No, Peter choosing Liz and leaving her to die was the worst pain she had ever felt. Her beating heart stopped after a whole minute of struggling.

“Very well then Parker” a loud snap was heard by every member on the rooftop. Y/n was glad she didn’t feel the pain any longer even though she wasn’t living anymore. She died because Peter chose Liz but if she did live, would he have chose her still?

Peter thought he was going to be able to save her, after he heard the snap he knew she was gone and it was his fault because he chose the wrong girl. He didn’t hold Liz in his arms like a boyfriend would instead he held Y/n in his red and blue arms.

“I’m so so so sorry Y/n I didn’t choose you” he cried, his mask was no longer one because there was no need he lost a great big part of him. There was no point in checking for a pulse yet Peter did jut because he had a little hope that she was okay. She was never going to be. It was like uncle Ben all over again.

“You did this!” Peter shot daggers at mutant lizard who had a smug smile on his face.

“You did this, you chose a different girl, face it Parker we all don’t get what we want in life” for him it was his arm that made be this way and it made Peter furious he just wanted to kill himself just so Y/n could forgive him. The thing is before she saw what she thought was death she did. It was always going to be Peter and Liz never Peter and Y/n. Peter knew this was his fault there was nothing he could do about it. He sat on the floor and carefully placed Y/n’s head onto his lap hoping her neck wouldn’t have more damage than it already did. It was then he noticed that she drowning in her own blood. This is all my fault, Peter thought. All he wanted was Y/n back and that was never going to happen.

“I’m so sorry Y/n, I’m so sorry I didn’t choose you. I-I thought I could of saved you too. Please if you’re still here, if you’re still with me, please forgive me, please” Peter cried the hardest he ever did and nothing was going to make him feel better. A gentle hand touched the side of Peter’s face, he looked at her eyes hoping to never see them again.

“Pete, it’s going to be okay”

“Don’t touch me” Peter snarled at Liz and she was taken back by his rudeness, it reminded her of Y/n and it made her feel sick.

“Pete come on let’s get out of here-”

“I don’t want to see you again”

“Peter you’re in shock lets go” Liz tried to grab Peter’s hand before they could touched Peter wiped the sweat that was still on Y/n’s face away.

“And leave her here, I should of broken up with you just like I told her I would”

“What are you on about?” Peter turned his head and looked Liz dead straight in the eye. She knew that he hated her as much as Y/n but he hated her for the wrong reasons.

“Y/n kissed me and I kissed her back, she asked me to break up with you so we could be together but I never did and she was okay with that. She was okay seeing me with another girl when she wanted that girl to be herself and now look at what’s happened. I took her away from myself because I didn’t break up with you, this is your fault!”

“My fault? You had the choice, me or Y/n and you chose me, don’t blame me for your actions Peter. She deserved to die anyway, Y/n was always horrible to me and I was nothing but nice and I’m glad she’s dead because now she won’t get in the way of us”

“What 'us’ Liz? That 'us’ left as soon as her and Harry came into town and Y/n was never horrible to you, you were jealous that Flash wanted to get with her and not you”

“Your an ass” Liz couldn’t stand being in the presence of a boy who was grieving over a girl who, in her opinion, wasn’t that special. Yes she was the daughter of Norman Osborn and was extremely smart but at the end of the day she was nothing, so was Liz. There was nothing special about her either. All Liz was was a pretty face nothing more nothing less. All Peter wanted to do was bring Y/n back and then he remembered Harry, her brother. If Harry knew he would never talk to Peter again. It felt like years that Peter was crying when it was only seconds till Mr. Stark flew by. He knew what was going on between Y/n and Peter.

“Peter…” the only thing Tony could give was comfort and it was the thing Peter needed most of it.

“She’s dead Mr. Stark, she’s dead because of me and I don’t know what to do” the only feature that stood out on Peter’s face was his eyes, his bloodshot eyes.

“You tried-”

“No! I didn’t, I didn’t try at all and now sh-she’s gone”

“Let’s get her home safely” with that said Tony carefully picked up the fifteen year old girl in a bridal way. From this angle he saw that she had countless tiny cuts on her face and her face itself was a different colour. Peter watched Y/n’s head seeing as her neck had snapped that’s when he saw a necklace she was wearing. 'Osborne’. He asked Mr. Stark if she could take it and he let him. If Tony didn’t have any love for Peter he would of killed him on the spot because his niece was dead. Don’t ask about the family tree, it’s complicated.

Tony got Y/n home safely to the tower and he placed her on her bed. No one was there to see the mess he was in. His niece was gone and he couldn’t help but feel responsible because he didn’t try to stop her from doing anything bad. This whole situation was bad but what was going to be worse was that Tony had to tell her sister and brother. They both already hate Tony, only Y/n was the one who loved him and now he had to tell her she died.

DAI Companions react to the inquisitor adopting wild animals

Cassandra: she was annoyed at first, when she found rams walking along skyhold, then when the inquisitor brought a rather cute fennec who took a liking to her she stopped arguing about the beasts. ROMANCED: she didn’t understand why they did it, but if made them happy she would allow it.

Solas: he had mixed feelings, when they brought in injured birds he thought it was sweet, but when they brought in a wolf he was rather upset. “I know you want to help them but they’re wild beasts.” He says. ROMANCED: he still voices his concerns, but when he sees how happy they were when they carried around a nug or a cat he can’t help but watch with a chuckle.

Verric: he found it funny, when they brought in bear cubs and crows. “I’ll be sure to tells stories about this.” He laughs, he found it very humorous and enjoyed the people’s reactions

Sera: she didn’t mind, she would be seen surrounded by stray cats or fennecs. “Makes skyhold less boring.” She would say. ROMANCED: she can always be seen cuddling with the inquisitor and animals, she even includes them in pranks. Solas doesn’t appreciate the random hallas in his room from time to time.

Iron bull: he waits for the day they finally loose it and take in a dragon, he even encourages them to. “It would be fun boss, like a fire breathing lizard.” He laughs. ROMANCED: he doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s cute and likes to watch them when they take in new animals

Dorian: he finds it amusing, but when the inquisitor brought in a bear he was very concerned, He still laughed though.
ROAMNCED: he smiles when he sees them in the library with a small fennec or puppy. He even has been seen with a bird on his shoulder as he reads.

Blackwall: he thinks it’s noble, to look out for things smaller than them. “As long as you’re not hurting anyone, carry on.” He says. ROMANCED: he likes watching them sleep in the hay with bear cubs and halla, he makes small carvings of the animals and shows them to the inquisitor.

Vivienne: she doesn’t like the idea, but allows it, maybe it will make the inquisition look even more noble and caring, but she still doesn’t like the nugs running around the place.

Cole: he likes them. “They were scared and hurting, you helped.” He likes the rabbits and can be seen petting them.

Josephine: she likes the cute nugs and cats, but the bears and rams are a different thing, she freezes up when the inquisitor brings them in. “Perhaps I can have a tower or barn built for them.”. ROMANCED: she likes when the inquisitor relaxes by her with a cat, she even has various beds for smaller animals to rest in her office.

Cullen: he likes the dogs, however seeing halla Jump makes him confused. ROMANCED: he can be found playing fetch with any rescued dogs, he loves the inquisitors kindness and enjoys seeing them bring in new animals.

Lelianna: she likes the crows the inquisitor brings in and asks if they can be used for messages. “It would be beneficial.” She says, the inquisitor allows it with a smile.

and you drive me wild

(You can read the previous chapters here!)

PART SEVEN: Game Night, Part One

“In short, tonight is going to be lit,” Peggy said as she led Alex and Laf into the living room.

Angelica, Eliza, and Hercules were already there.

“Where is he?” Angelica asked as soon as Alexander came into view.

“Wow, hi to you, too, Angie,” Alex said teasingly.

“You better have come through with your end of the deal, Ham, or else I might just have to––”

“Relax, mon ami,” Laf interrupted. “I was there when our dear Alexander invited him. All is well. He will be here.”

Angelica visibly relaxed at that. Alex noticed that she was dressed up–– a peach colored dress, beaded dangling earrings and a matching necklace and bracelets.

He then turned his attention to Eliza, who was more dressed up than Alexander ever remembered seeing her outside of a formal event. She had on flawless yet subtle makeup, a white collared shirt, and a high-waisted teal skirt that she tucked the shirt into, some of the fabric puffing out, hiding exactly where the shirt ended and the skirt began. She also had a long necklace on a silver chain with a single teal teardrop shaped stone dangling on the end of it. Alex couldn’t help but stare for a moment.

Eliza tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear and looked Alex’s way, as if she felt his gaze.

“You look beautiful,” he said before he could think.

She blushed, smiling shyly at him. “Thanks. That sweater looks really nice on you.”

“Laf chose it.”

“I figured,” she said with a laugh.

“So,” Alex asked, sitting down on the couch next to her, “you suddenly got really dressy on us. Are things different at that fancy school of yours?” He was clearly just teasing her, but he was also curious. Eliza had always been more of a tomboy–– a t-shirts, leggings, and converse kind of girl.

Eliza blushed an even deeper shade of red. “I, well, first of all I discovered that I like to wear dresses.”

Alex beamed at her. “And you look gorgeous in them, clearly!”

“Thanks,” she said with a nervous laugh. “And, well, Peggy may have invited someone here tonight that I have a crush on…” She began to fiddle with her hair anxiously.

“Peggy is quite the handful,” Alex said with a sigh. “But who is this mystery person?” He gently nudged her in the side with his elbow, eliciting another soft laugh from her. He always thought that Eliza’s laughs were the audio version of fairy lights–– soft, gentle, and beautiful.

“Her name is Maria,” Eliza whispered.

Alexander grinned at her. “She’d be silly not to like you, Sweet Lizard.”

Eliza’s laugh appeared again, widening Alex’s smile. He always felt warm inside when he managed to make Eliza laugh. It was such a glorious feeling.

The two friends were distracted by the sound of more voices filling the room. From the way Eliza froze and her face turned a brighter red than Alexander had ever seen (and that was saying something), he figured the girl he didn’t know, who was dressed in what looked like an incredibly soft red sweater and dark blue skinny jeans with a few gold bangles around her wrist, and who had dark brown hair that fell to her shoulders in luscious waves, was Maria. The other girl with her was Adrienne de Noailles, the other ⅓ of the Laf-Herc-Adri trio.

He was about to ask Eliza if she wanted to go over and say hello when a third new person walked–– no, sauntered–– in.

The boy was tall, dressed in a deep purple cardigan with black jeans tucked into golden high-tops converse. His puffy dark brown hair bounced as he made his way over to the couch and smirked down at Alexander.

“Hamilton,” he said.

“Jefferson,” Alex grumbled.

“Thomas!” Angelica exclaimed, conveniently coming in from the kitchen at that exact moment. “I am so glad you could make it!”

He leaned down and they air-kissed each other on each cheek. Alexander rolled his eyes and Eliza gave him a look.

“I would never miss an opportunity to be in the presence of the dazzling Angelica Schuyler,” he said smoothly.

“Ugh,” Alex muttered. He motioned to Eliza, and the two of them made their escape as Angelica and Jefferson started flirting with each other through an exchange of witty remarks that neither Alexander nor Eliza had any desire to overhear.

“I’VE GOT THE GAMES!” Peggy hollered from the hallway. She then entered the room with a stack of games that was almost larger than she was.

Eliza and Maria rushed forward at the same time to help her, and, from the look on Peggy’s face, it was evident that that had been her intention all along.

Alexander went up to Peggy once the games were safely in Eliza and Maria’s hands. “Hey, uh, where’s John?” Alex scratched the back of his neck.

Peggy just smirked. “He and his sister Martha are coming, don’t worry your butt off or anything.”

“Mon ami, if you worry anymore butt off you will have none left!” Laf came up behind Alex with Adrienne on one arm and Hercules on the other. They winked at Alex in unison.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Lafayette beamed at Alexander. “Are you ready to meet your, how you say, Prince Charming?”

Roommates With Benefits

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{this leaf boi is evil… but we all know: love is evil backwards}

[leafyishere x reader]

TITLE: roommates with benefits

GENRE: smut, fluff

WORDS: 4 879

WARNING: mature-ass content, filthy dirtiness, sinful, fuck, escape now

AUTHOR: leafyisherefics

REQUEST  Anonymous said: Okay I have a request 😏 You and Leafy are roommates in college and you both like each other, so one day you guys are studying together and it leads to sex😂Yeah, but I’m not into daddy stuff or dominance kink stuff. Yeah so uh I’ll be checking to see when it’s done 😏 Thank you!

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You hurriedly wrote down the notes that the teacher had somehow written on to the whiteboard in inhuman speed, your finger starting to hurt from writing in your notebook for forty-five minutes straight.

Several students in the classroom had already grown bored of listening to whatever repetitive and boring history-stuff the teacher was on about and had started whispering and even watching videos on their phones. But you were determined to get all the notes since you really needed a good grade on the next test.

“Could you pass the eraser?” Calvin, who was sitting on the seat next to you, asked, but you would not let it disturb your concentration.

“Help yourself.” You were quick to answer, unconsciously biting your lip as your head swung up and down, changing focus from notebook to whiteboard in a steady rhythm.

Calvin slightly stretched over and grabbed the eraser as you had to tilt a little to the side since he got a little in the way. You thought you heard a small giggle on your right, but ignored it completely.

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