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PART FIVE: The Revolutionary Set

Later that Saturday afternoon Alexander was hunched over his laptop, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a google search open, each of them tried and tried again in their search for John Laurens.

Lafayette stood behind Alex, face scrunched in thought. “Mon ami,” he said after Alex let out his third groan of frustration in the span on a minute. “Why not try looking for ‘Martha Laurens,’ hmm?”

“I’ll give it a shot,” Alexander said, feverishly typing her name into the search bar on Facebook. He nearly shrieked in excitement when a profile with her smiling face as the profile picture came up. “It’s her! It’s her!” he exclaimed as if Laf wasn’t right there with him, looking at the same exact thing.

Lafayette only chuckled as Alex clicked on her page. They couldn’t see much, but they could flip through her profile pictures. The first one was of Martha by herself, then one of her and her younger sister when they were about elementary school and preschool aged. The third one was Martha and another girl who appeared to be her age in school uniforms.

“Wait,” Laf said, laying his hand on top of Alex’s to stop him from clicking to the next picture. “That is our Eliza!”

Alex, who hadn’t paid the other girl much attention seeing as he was hoping John would appear in one of these profile pictures, did a doubletake. “Holy shit,” he said.

“Merde, it was in front of us all along,” Lafayette mumbled. “Of course they go to the same school!”

“That fancy private one across the river?” Alex asked, staring at the photo of the two smiling girls.

Eliza and her siblings had long been friends of the Washingtons, as Philip Schuyler had served a term in the senate alongside him. Washington had considered sending his sons to that school–– they certainly had the money–– but had decided to send them to the public school, feeling that it was more in line with his constituents.

Lafayette pulled out his phone and sent a message to the group chat.

Large Baguette: OKAY MES AMIS

Pegboard: why u askin

Hunkules Mulletman: babe wtf r u doing

Sweet Lizard: oh john is a cutie!!

Adriatic Sea: ooohhh is this the boy you and Alex were stalking??

Alabama Hammerman: IT’S NOT STALKING

Angel Face: wtf u doing stalking my boy??????

Large Baguette: YOUR BOY???

Pegboard: lmao they’re so not dating calm the hell down Laffy Taffy
Pegboard: Laurens is as gay as a pride flag

Angel Face: he’s still my boy and I am in charge of protecting him from weirdos like u

Large Baguette: i am fatally wounded goodbye mes amis

Sweet Lizard: Angie stop! :(((

Large Baguette: at least Eliza will attend my funeral <333

Pegboard: can we get back to the fact that u and ham have been stalking a man???
Pegboard: bc that is weird af
Pegboard: and i’m offended u didn’t ask for my help

Alabama Hammerman: he’s in those car commercials
Alabama Hammerman: on fox news
Alabama Hammerman: he’s really cute and I wanted to meet him???
Alabama Hammerman: also he wasn’t in this week’s commercial
Alabama Hammerman: and i got kinda worried

Large Baguette: he means he got, how u say, hella gay

Alabama Hammerman: I AM BI THANK U V MUCH

Hunkules Mulletman: hi bi i’m dad

Large Baguette: BABE
Large Baguette: I LOVE U SO MUCH

Adriatic Sea: why am i dating you two

Alabama Hammerman: so can i meet him or??????

Angel Face: hmmmmmm

Sweet Lizard: of course you can!

Angel Face: Liza stop ruining my evil plans come on grl

Sweet Lizard: ;)))


Large Baguette: HOW YOU SAY, YES

Angel Face: but fine
Angel Face: but u know who u gotta invite for me, right?

Alabama Hammerman: ANGIE
Alabama Hammerman: WHY

Angel Face: he’s hot af okay just come on
Angel Face: i’m helping u out, aren’t i?

Alabama Hammerman: fine
Alabama Hammerman: but i’m not pleased

Angel Face: never said u had to be ;)))

Sweet Lizard: So it’s settled! Game night, our place, next Friday at 7:00 :)

Large Baguette: i am, how u say, HYPED



Hey friends! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and write a little post about the top albums that have made a significant impact on me this year. These aren’t all necessarily released in 2016. Rather, these albums are ones I have stumbled across this year that I now consider in my top 20. And I recommend all of these. I hope you can take some time to try out at least one.

Listed (album title/artist):

1. Velocity:Design:Comfort - Sweet Trip
-So this album fell into my lap out of surfing online for things to listen to, and I gotta say how shocked I am to have never heard it before (let alone shoegaze). Now, it sticks to me like glue, and gives me melancholy feelings. It came out in 2003, which just fucking blows my mind, because it is 13 years old now, and I’m sitting on it as if it were brand new. In my mind, it feels like it was released just this year, even though Sweet Trip aren’t really around anymore. I listened to this in May and have played it casually since then. Unbelievable album.There are so many “good parts” on this record that bring powerful feelings. The band made many bold moves that have a large payoff in the final moments of the album, giving you a chance to really reflect on what it means to exist, in the worst year in recent memory.

I believe the concept/story is something about a man and a robot trying to come to terms with each other. The soundscape isn’t explicitly clear about this, but the general idea is there for you to gather. What I imagine is something similar to a white-collar worker in his crappy desk job staring at a CRT monitor sipping on his shitty instant coffee, on a summer day where he’d rather be outside. He is contemplating his life and his shit job, but he carries on to get the bills paid, while this album sits in his 2002 Chevy Cavalier baking in the sunlight. 

I listened to the rest of their discography and I have to say what a phenomenal band they were, despite how they never took off. It’s relevant as ever, and the name of the band describes the album better than the title does. If you get a chance, please listen to this album. 

2. Nonagon Infinity - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
-I listen to this album as I run and exercise, and it’s been the best album to do so. 
3. Congratulations - MGMT
-A peculiar listen at first, but it really grew on me. I enjoyed it at first listen as much as I do now. 
4. A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead
-Lots of backstory behind this perfect release, but I’ll save that for a private message if you care to hear me bitch and moan about a bunch of sad shit. This album rules my mind with an event that happened to me that will never go away.
5. Spiderland - Slint
-Hey, do you like splinter by spidermonkey? (hester that one’s for you)

Honorable mention:
1. Painting With - Animal Collective
2. Souvlaki - Slowdive
3. Feels - Animal Collective
4. Screamadelica - Primal Scream
5. Loveless - MBV

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I hope you guys had a safe holiday season.

Mila The Regnar

So regnars are a smallish blind reptiles native to the Mekar of Cardassia Prime. They have incredible natural camouflage and are able to change color to match their environment. In addition they don’t move unless wind-blown dust or shifting shadows can provide cover. 

Garak is evading capture during a training exercise in the Mekar when he encounters a colony of them. He grabs one of them (for some reason, he was in an enclosed space and didn’t wanted to get his ass handed to him again for failing I’m certain.) He watches this little lizard and kind of figures out how to remain unseen from observing it. 

Yes you read correctly. Elim Garak learned how to hide in plain sight from a lizard. Amazingly that wasn’t actually the main point of this post. 

Garak named it Mila. 

He’s going through hell at Bamarren, a hellish boarding school/boot camp hybrid, hiding in a crevice of a rock, and escaping capture from older students. When he grabbed a Regnar and decided to keep it as a pet, he named it after his mother. 

Elim Garak: 


Protege to a Regnar

and confirmed Mama’s Boy.