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I am severely disappointed by the lack of multichapter fics about how Vastra and Jenny met and discovered each other’s secrets and fell in love and confessed their love and had sex on the kitchen table for the first time.

Get your shit together, fandom. 

good games for wlw

I think we all can admit that Polarized (and Life is Strange in general) was a let down, to say the least. Here are some games I know of that focus on/let you play as a wlw (or a dude who likes dudes? Gotta look out for my brothers). Feel free to add more!

- Gone Home: I mean duh? Teenage lesbians during the 90′s? Riot grrl music? Play as a woman coming home to an empty house, and find journal entries telling the story of your little sister falling in love with her friend.

- Saints Row 4: “Romances” with Homies are available with no restrictions on gender. A female Boss can have a short romantic/sexual liaison with Shaundi, Asha Odekar, or Kenzie Kensington. Same for a male Boss with Johnny Gat, Matt Miller, and Pierce Washington. As a side perk, things like voices, hair/facial hair, clothing, accessories, and taunts aren’t limited by gender and the “sex appeal” (breasts for female, the crotch for male) slider can be turned down all the way (resulting in a flat chest/no bulge) allowing you to play as a nonbinary/transgender Boss. 

- Dragon Age: I’m the first to admit that bioware does not have a good track record for representation, and you can find some pretty shitty things in every game, but they do allow you pursue the same gender romantically. Origins features Leliana, an adorable, bisexual lay sister encountered early in the game. Dragon Age 2 gives you the choice between two other bi women, pirate queen Isabela and sweet blood mage cutie Merrill. Inquisition introduces Josephine, a bi diplomat who’s romance route features no sex and is such a fairytale love and Sera, a lesbian Robin Hood-type character. For dudes, the respective options are Zevran in Origins, Anders and Fenris in 2, and Dorian and Iron Bull in Inquisition.

- Mass Effect: From the first Mass Effect onto the third, a female Shepard can woo and fall in love with Liara T’soni, a feminine alien from the asari race, while ME3 introduces Samantha Traynor, a lesbian who acts as the comm specialist for the ship. ME2 also had the more lowkey romance with bisexual Yeoman Kelly Chambers. ME3 also gives guys the option to romance Kaidan and Steve Cortez. 

- Seduce Me!: A delightfully cheesy, free to play dating sim on steam that presents the opportunity to romance one of several Incubi brothers, however, you can avoid them entirely and instead have the choice of three girls to romance: One of your friends, either the tomboy Suzu or feminine Naomi, or the succubus Diana. 

- Knights of the Old Republic: This Star Wars RPG introduced the first gay Star Wars character, Juhani, who is a companion to your character and a possible romance if you’re a woman. 

- Undertale: While you don’t play as them, two of the major characters you encounter are two female monsters, Alphys and Undyne, who have crushes on each other and from what I understand if you play a “Pacifist” route, they’ll enter a relationship. 

- The Last of Us: Left Behind: If I remember right they released this as a stand-alone game on the ps4. Focusing on Ellie from the base game and her friend Riley hanging out in an abandoned mall, culminating in a kiss that confirms that Ellie and Riley had feelings for each other, and Riley deciding to stay with Ellie instead of going back to the Fireflies. 

- Skyrim: Yes, I realize the “romance” system in Skyrim was kind of shallow, but come on where else are you going to find such diverse bisexual characters? You want to play as a female Orc with your wife being a potionmaker you met when she requested the service of your assassin guild? Bc you can. You want to be a male elf with a warrior husband who’s afraid of spiders and is a werewolf? Bc you can. Do you want to be a female cat-woman with a lizard-woman wife who’s a dockworker and former thief? Because you can. With the Hearthfire dlc, you can also adopt two children, and I gotta say its kinda nice to come home to hear your same gender spouse greet you and your kids come up to tell you what they did that day with their other mama/other papa. 

- High School Story and Hollywood U: cheesy little mobile games about a high school and a university, respectively, that allows you match two characters up in a date, without restrictions on gender. You want a homecoming queen to date a girl jock? You can do it. You want a nerd guy to date dude who does parkour? You can do it. 

- Long Live the Queen: PC visual novel available on steam if I’m remembering right. Princess Elodie can become romantically attached to female characters such as Briony, Brin, and Alice. Two side female characters, Selene and Julianna, are in love and can be encouraged to marry. 

- The Royal Trap: From the makers of Long Live the Queen if I’m correct. The player-character, Madeleine, can pursue two girls, Colette or Dolores. 

- Hatoful Boyfriend: The protagonist can eschew boys all together and convince biker bird Azami Koshiba to forget about the man she was in love with in her past, and the two will run away to form an all-girl biker gang. 

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As a prompt, how about an age difference ficlet (and not the angsty type one where Laura dies of old age and blah, blah, cause I think there's enough of those in this fandom) cause as much as I love hollstein I feel that not enough writers have explored the disadvantages of Laura being so young compared to Carmilla's old age.

Okay… so I kind of toyed around with this one a little bit, mostly because I just started typing and this happened pretty much of its own accord and I’m not really sure if it even really fills the prompt but…

 I feel like Laura would spend a lot of time thinking about Carmilla and her centuries of life and experience and then try and piece that together with her grumpy, teenage girlfriend. So, this is more Laura’s thoughts on all the sides that make Carmilla, Carmilla.


The only thing Laura is sure about when it comes to Carmilla, aside from the fact that she is head over in heels in love with her, is that she isn’t sure of anything at all. 

She knows Carmilla is over three hundred years old; that she’s full of three centuries worth of knowledge and experience, and pain and trauma crammed into one person, and yet in so many ways she is still that eighteen year old that left for a ball and never came back. At first, Laura thought she was the only one who saw it, and she knows there are huge parts of Carmilla that the girl reserves solely for her, but she also knows the rest of the group see it too, on occasion, when they look close enough.

Some days it’s harder to understand than others and she wonders how Carmilla even begins to process it all.

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steven like “this gay lizard woman and her lovely wife inspired sherlock holmes and there’s nothing you can do about it you bbc-watching fucks” and people are still out here like “is johnlock happening? i can’t tell :/”