lizard tree library


“…kinky kook who had flipped out all the way…”

1970s gem of a springboard for people to analyze and yell at the past - which I would do if I had the intelligent voice to do so - but I don’t - so I instead giggle at it and thank the people who donated a gigantic pile of awesomely KOOKY books to my Slab City Lizard Tree Library project.

I am collecting books that don’t have a home for my second run out to Slab City in November (center of the sun California desert so these trips only happen in Fall and Winter) to continue to re-roof and repair the place and stock it up with new old books.  

It’s not a typical library in that it’s not a state run or city run thing. Slab City is an off the grid shanty city and this library is purely honor system and donation/kindness run.  It was started by a woman who lived on the spot it continues to stand. She provided a type of book exchange that has continued to survive even after her death.  The site is beloved by the residents who pride themselves on taking care of themselves, thank you very much, but were as kind and open arm-y to me and my friend Amy (who actually thought the whole idea up in January) as my drunk family can be at a wedding.

But as such, these donations are not tax deductable, so I’ve been heart-warmed by the donations I have collected both the last run out there and this future one.

There’s a used bookstore in Costa Mesa run by the most kind, attentive, fantastic lady, her name is Sharon.  She bought the bookstore about a year ago and has been learning the life since then. When I first collected books in February, someone told her about my project and she donated SO MANY BOOKS. Without even asking for so much as a blink in return. And she has done the same for this second run.

If you find yourself in Southern California, in or near Costa Mesa, and if you like used bookstores, look this place up. I think it gets overlooked because the name used to be New and Recycled Romances and that automatically steered people away (even me at first.)  I think they are in the process of possibly changing the name to Recycled Reads, and while they still have many romance titles, they have a great selection of everything else too - and the prices are just barely above thrift-store-pee-your-pants-excited find. 

Recycled Reads, 147 Broadway, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

She would never ever ask me to pimp her store, ever. And I know I won’t have to once people find out about it on their own, but I can’t help wanting to shout about how fantastic it is right now.