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Yet another Lizard Tales fic! Context

Race had only gone to the pet shop to pick up food for his sister’s hamster. There had been a trade: she was going to do his share of the washing up if he went out and got the food for Hamschen. He was about 60% sure he was going to get back and find her still sat in front of the television with no inclination to move, but the 40% chance that said otherwise seemed worth the risk. So he’d walked a couple of blocks and found the nearest pet store, asking the guy behind the counter where the hamster food was and following him down an aisle. When he’d pointed out the food he gave Race a smile and headed back around the corner to the register.

“Damn, he’s cute,” Race whispered, staring after him.

A movement to his left caught his eye and he turned to find a tank of lizards opposite the hamster food. There was one bearded dragon sat on top of a large rock, poking his tongue out at him. Now, Race didn’t speak lizard but he was entirely sure that it was telling him to give the guy his number.
“I’m not asking him out,” he hissed, aware that the boy in question was just around the corner.

But the lizard either didn’t understand or just plain didn’t care because it just stuck its tongue out again, looking wholly apathetic.

“No.” The lizard did it again. “No.” And again. “No.”

Suddenly the lizard wasn’t a problem anymore because the employee – his name badge had read ‘Spot’ next to where whatever his real name was had been scribbled out with Sharpie -was leaning against the stack of cat carriers at the top of the aisle, barely holding back a mocking smirk.
“What are you doing, dude?” Spot asked, amused.

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Abigail goes to the same school as Yuna and all her friends.
She doesnt know Yuna very well but is friends with Yunas best friend Lucas
(because Lucas used to be a member of the nerd-brigade)

Abigail is a shy self-conscious girl. She’s easily flustered and stutters a bit when nervous (which is almost always)
If she gets really nervous she’ll just start laughing really loud or will run away.
it doesnt help that she’s really tall. often bumping into things or not being able to hide very well.
she’s self-conscious because there arent that many reptiles or amphibians at the school, and mammals tend to avoid them because “they’re weird”.
even worse she’s got a huge crush on Jordan.
she watches Jordan a lot and sometimes spies on her (not really in a creepy way I promise, in a cute way.)
Jordan is totally oblivious.
because she’s Jordan.

also the nerd brigade is basically like the schools anime/art/conspiracy club
They talk about anime and aliens a lot.

her best friends (and fellow members) are
amber (a frog) and Ashley (a panda)

anonymous asked:

ok about that lizard prompt idea you just posted, you could do like javid and they go to a party and usually davey is the party mom and jack is the wild one but for whatever reason jack is the sober one and davey gets drunk for like the first time ever and that's the conversation they have and then jack takes care of davey for the night. idk that might be lame!

Welcome to a series of minifics that will hence be known as the Lizard Tales. I’ve already got a few prompts in response to this, and I love them all so I’m gonna write them all. Feel free to send some more if you’d like! 

“Davey, hun, what are you doing?” Jack asked gently.

He’d been looking for his AWOL boyfriend for the better part of half an hour, finding him sat on the floor of Spot’s bedroom and heatedly discussing the ethics of zoos. That wasn’t too abnormal – Davey could always find something to debate at any given moment, it was like his superpower. What gave Jack cause for concern was Davey’s opponent.

“I’m arguing with a lizard,” Davey said, like it was obvious.

He’d had a little too much to drink, not knowing the fruity bright liquid had a heavy alcohol content under all of the sugar. Jack had been keeping an eye of him, wanting him to be able to let loose but determined to keep him safe – although there wasn’t a lot of trouble he could get himself into at one of Spot’s house parties. Most of the people there were close friends. But then Jack had turned to talk to Race for half a second and suddenly Davey was out of sight.

“Does it have a lot to say?” Jack asked, amused. He loved the roads his boyfriend’s brain took when he didn’t keep it so firmly in check.

Davey just sighed and shook his head, turning into Jack’s chest and resting his forehead against it.

“Mind hurts,” he complained.

“Let’s find you water and somewhere quiet,” Jack mumbled, kissing Davey’s hair and helping him to his feet. “Brooklyn will still be here for a chat later.”

sflor018  asked:

For the lizard thing, it makes me think of Jack painting something southwest and he's having trouble painting the lizard the right shade of green. And he's upset because he NEVER has trouble with green

ft. neurodivergent Jack, I hope that’s okay ^.^ Davey’s eyes are pretty much never green, but for this fic they are just go with it

Lizard Tales minific #2. Confused people please see original post here :’)

When Davey woke up he could hear Jack muttering to himself from the room they’d dedicated as an art studio. The clock was showing half four and Davey groaned, rolling out of bed and rubbing sleep from his eyes as he dragged himself down the hallway to convince his ridiculous boyfriend to come back to bed.

Jack was predictably stood at a canvas, the back of his hand covered in swipes of green paint as he frantically mixed up more. The half-finished panting was yet another piece inspired by Santa Fe – a close up of a lizard on a rock, with everything coloured except the lizard itself.  Its artist hadn’t even noticed Davey in the doorway, too distracted with his angry conversation with an inanimate object.

“Jack, what are you doing?” Davey asked, confused and too tired to deal with this.

Looking up from the canvas Jack smiled to see him and just shrugged like there was no reason to be questioning what he was doing.

“Arguing with a lizard,” he explained.

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We’ve started to develop the 2 episodes of The Reward - Tales of Alethrion series
Here are the first  character designs from 2 awesome backers who are friends in real life and asked to have their personal characters as a team in the next episode: Chu Wei the Minotaur and Tokage the Lizard Samurai-chef!
Great beautiful summer to all of you!

Help, I can't stop headcannoning with Parent!Alphyne

Imagine their kid is scared of something in their closet, and Alphys and Undyne has different ways of dealing with it. I’ll explain:

Let’s say Undyne has a late shift as a law enforcement officer on the Surface, and Alphys is working in her at-home lab. It’s around midnight, and one of the tadpoles comes in. “Momma” they say, “There’s something bad hiding in my closet…” Of course, Alphys knows there’s nothing really there. But she needs to sooth her tiny child so they don’t keep themselves awake all night.

So she picks them up, their tiny, finned lizard tale dangling just over her arm as she cradles them, “O-oh, don’t be silly. Nothing scary lives in your closet. I should kn-know. I booby-trapped your closet myself. Anything scary would be toast before they even s-stepped foot in there.”

This sooths the child, but they want to stay with Alphys still. They sit in her lap as she jots down notes until they fall asleep, and Alphys puts them back to bed, safe.

Now, imagine this same scene, but with Undyne. Alphys has to work late down at the big lab, and Undyne’s filing away some boring case work when their child comes in. “Mommy, mommy! There’s something scary in my closet!”

Now, Undyne knows there’s nothing there, right? But she has to prove to her little tadpole that there’s nothing there. So she goes into their room

…AND KICKS IN THE CLOSET DOOR, SPEAR SPARKING TO LIFE  IN HER PALM AS SHE BELLOWS, “You think you can come into MY HOUSE and scare MY LITTLE TADPOLE? THINK AGAIN PUNK!!” And she sends several spears into the closet, lighting it up in light blue glory, effectively ruining all of the tadpole’s clothes and putting holes in the drywall.


These two scenes made me cackle, are we sure Jagged Stone was actually the villain here? Cause I’m pretty sure he was just trying to save the ears and minds of the people of Paris from what I can only assume is the French version of Justin Bieber.

Also look at this precious lizard puppy:


Morgan Brian: The Lizard Tale