lizard suit

i was eating a banana and then i had a revelation 

ok so

the paladin suits are canonically able to morph into whatever size the paladin who wears them is, as shown by hunk in episode one

alteans are canonically able to shapeshift as we find out in episode ten

so do u think that they gave the suits the ability to shift with the paladin’s size so if they ever had to shapeshift for a mission, their suits would be able to shift in size with them?


So yeah more Villainous work. 
Will I ever stop? Probably not. 

Drew the sketch for this when i felt like utter garbage, so I didn’t expect it to turn out and then it did! 

It still doesn’t look completely right to me but hey, it’s better than nothing. At least I really like how Dem looks. 


drawn: 9/5/17 on drawing tablet

Oookay…. In today’s episode (”Heinous”) we learned that Rasticore (or how that dumb lizard guy with the chainsaw was named) can regenerate from only his hand that remained after that gift card blasted him to bits (I swear the show writers are on drugs after this sentence).

Miss Heinous gave as a reason that he is a lizard monster and can therefore regenerate as long as a part of his body is still existing.


Now I’m pretty sure we get to see Toffee’s face again (after Ludo’s wand is destroyed or something)

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"You fell asleep on me in the subway and I should probably wake you up and its my stop next stop but it’s okay, I can always just catch the subway back…" if you have time!! :)

Dedicated to @biblionerd07!

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“Great job!” Bucky says, jogging to catch up to Steve Rogers as he leaves the office. “I thought those mock-ups were fantastic.”

“Oh, uh, thanks,” Steve says, adjusting his scarf. It, along with his puffy coat, look like they’re about to swallow him. It’s adorable.

“And your presentation was super polished. I was really impressed. I’m in sales—”

“I know you’re in sales,” Steve says.

Bucky tries not to read in that. “Yeah! Good. I was just tryin’ to say that um, we don’t see a lot of presentations that’re that polished. It was really refreshin’.”

Somehow, despite the scarf and coat and his thick-framed glasses, Steve manages to level Bucky with a Look. “Thanks,” he says.

“So are you, uh, gettin’ the F train?” Bucky asks. “I’ve seen you on it a few times. I take it every day,” he adds, hoping it doesn’t come out as creepy. It probably came out as creepy.

He waits a long moment then says, “Yeah, I’ll be on the F train.”

Bucky nods and keeps walking, pretty sure that Steve just wants him to shut up and leave him alone.

Of course, the one time he actually has an excuse to talk to Steve and he’s already worn out his welcome.

After a minute or so, Steve sighs. “Sorry,” he says. “I’m being a jerk.”

“No, no!” Bucky says. “It’s not a big, I mean, I’m the one who…”

“I was up all night working on the presentation,” Steve says. “I haven’t slept all night, and I didn’t shower, so I’m pretty embarrassed to even be talking to you.” He sort of shrinks down into his scarf.

“Oh jeez,” Bucky says, as they start down the staircase to the train station.

“So I promise that I’m more of a person sometimes.”

“Sometimes?” Bucky asks, swiping his card and going through the turnstiles, still close behind Steve.

Steve shrugs. “I’m not a people person,” he says.

“Better than a lizard in a person suit,” Bucky says. Steve shoots him another Look, but this time he’s… smiling a little.

“I guess,” he says.

They walk to the platform, Bucky happily surprised that Steve is letting him tag along, even if they are just standing in silence. When the train pulls up Steve walks in, then looks back towards Bucky and gestures for him to follow. Trying to keep his smile from getting too wide, Bucky scurries after him.

There are a few open seats and Steve drops into one with a huff. Bucky sits next to him, unable to keep from feeling a bit smug. He’s on the train next to his crush. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. “Where’s your stop?” Bucky asks.

“Neptune Avenue,” Steve says. “You?”

“Prospect Park.”

“Not too far from each other, all things considered,” Steve says, yawning.

“Nope!” Bucky says. He waits a long minute and then says, wringing his hands, “Maybe if you’re not busy we could—“

He almost jumps when Steve’s head hits his shoulder.

Bucky looks down and Steve is out, snoring and adorable, glasses askew. Bucky smiles and settles in. There’s no harm in letting Steve get some rest, and Bucky is sure that he won’t sleep for that long. Bucky hasn’t been able to do so much as take a cat nap on the train.

But then one stop goes by, and another. The car gets increasingly crowded but Steve remains asleep, soft hair tickling the edge of Bucky’s jaw.

Bucky realizes that Steve’s going to sleep through his stop. Of course, Bucky would have to wake him up to get off at Prospect Park, but given how easily Steve conked out the first time, there’s a pretty good chance that he’d just fall back asleep.

Prospect Park comes and goes, and Bucky stays in the train.

It’s not hard to sit and wait for Steve’s stop. The crowd thins out and things get more comfortable, so it’s actually pleasant. A few minutes before Neptune Avenue Bucky maneuvers himself around so that he can tap Steve’s shoulder. “Steve?” he asks. Steve grumbles and sort of rubs his head into Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky chuckles. “C’mon buddy, your stop is comin’ up,” Bucky says.

“Oh!” Steve says, sort of popping up. He’s got lines on the side of his face from Bucky’s jacket, and his glasses are completely askew. He looks over at Bucky and squints. “I slept?” he asks.

“The whole way,” Bucky says.

Steve clears his throat. “Your stop was…”

Bucky shrugs. “I’ll call an Uber or somethin’.”

“I’m such a jerk,” Steve says as he adjusts his glasses.

“No, no! I just… You’re tired. I didn’t want you to fall asleep again and miss your stop.”

The tinny voice that announces the stop says they’re approaching Neptune Avenue.

“I’ll make it up to you,” Steve says. “Meet me after work tomorrow, okay?” Steve asks, standing up.

“Really?” Bucky asks.

“Definitely,” Steve says. “Maybe we can both get off at Prospect Park,” he adds with a little grin, then scampers off the train. Bucky watches him as the doors close, grinning as Steve turns around to wave him goodbye.

“Wow,” Bucky mutters. “Lucky me.”

Then he realizes that they’re on their way to Coney Island and he groans.

Times change, people change, Klingons change

[Some] Star Trek fans: I wonder why Trills went from having V-shaped foreheads to having spots instead? Oh well. 

Also [some] fans: Blue Bolians are much better than Bolians that resemble melted candles. 

Also [some] fans: Romulans have V-shaped foreheads now? That’s cool. 

Also [some] fans: They ditched the lizard suit in favor of CGI for the Gorn? Meh, whatever. 

Also [some] fans: Wow, these Nausicaans could practically be twins!

Also [some] fans: I guess the sale on pig masks at Party City must have been over when they filmed the Tellarites in Enterprise. I barely noticed though. 

Also [some] fans: The Klingons were ruined after Star Trek: The Original Series and the lazy explanation about the augment virus in Star Trek: Enterprise was ridiculous. 

Also [some] fans: I didn’t think it could get any worse, then I saw the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery. How can they possibly expect us to accept this?

Me: Seriously, it’s a show that once featured space hippies and an alien having his brain stolen and some of you want to draw the line at getting rid of blackface? I literally can’t believe I just typed that sentence out. It’s 2017 for fuck’s sake. Use your imagination. 

Oh, and your mother has a smooth forehead. 

Voltron headcanon: Rick rolling
  • Lance has rick rolled Keith at least 8 times and Shiro about 3.
  • Keith is pretty gullible when it comes to the situations. Lance texts Keith saying “OMG THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!” or “OH MY GOD THERE IS A VIDEO WHERE YOU CAN SEE THAT PUTIN IS A LIZARD IN A MAN SUIT.” and Keith is like “WHAT SHOW ME AJSJKDJSDKSD.” and Lance rickrolls him
  • Shiro caught on to the fact that Lance was just sending him Never going to give you up and so he doesn’t trust Lance when he says he has a cool video. 
  • Pidge once hacked the castle of the lions to rickroll them for 8 whole hours
  • Lance started crying of laughter and got hiccups
  • Shiro and Keith cried real tears of pain.
  • Allura learns about rickrolls from Pidge and rickrolls the shit out of EVERYONE
  • Coran doesn’t get it
  • Coran likes the song
  • Keith rickrolled Lance once and Lance hugged him and was so proud
  • When Allura rickrolled Shiro he wouldn’t talk to her for a week
  • “Shiro please.”
  • “Allura you broke my trust.”
  • “I’ll never give you up or let you go, or run around and desert you.”
  • Sorry he didn’t talk to her for two weeks my bad.
  • Pidge and Allura are the master rickrollers
  • Hunk is rickrolled by Lance at 12am and it is not fucking funny Lance stfu.
  • One time Hunk got him back by setting it as Lance’s alarm clock at 11pm
  • Lance cried
  • his beauty sleep was interrupted