lizard misty


@abyss-no-ishi DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR ¿Podemos hablar de esto? Porque llevo destrozándome el pecho a carcajadas desde que ayer cuando haciendo el post de Desu me di cuenta de esto 🤣

No es que entienda en profundidad de perfectivas y ángulos pero sabiendo que por ejemplo Afro le lleva a Misty tan solo 3cm de diferencia en lo que respecta a su altura esto es un mal chiste 🤣

anonymous asked:

do you like the silver saints? like babel or misty?


I don´t remember much about the rest of the silver saints, so i don´t have much to say about centaur Babel except that i loved his voice (i´m from Argentina so im talking about his voice in Spanish)  ❤ 

How to describe each Silver Saint

Eagle Marin : The girl badass enough to be pope

Ophiuchus Shaina : The super badass girl that fell in love with the dumbest Bronze Saint

Lyra Orpheus : The guy that could have told the Sanctuary about the Specter Invasion but decided to play Lyra to her stone girlfriend instead

Lizard Misty : Gorgeous Exhibitionist 

Whale Moses : The Berserk guy who drowns your sister

Hound Asterion : the Mind-reading Asshole

Kentaurus Babel : The Burning Jerk that ended up Ice Cold

Perseus Algol : The Stone Hard Dick (I’m not sorry)

Crow Jamian : The one whose girlfriend is probably a bird

Cerberus Dante : This one who came in like a wreckling ball~

Auriga Capella : The one who should never be given Boomrangs

Herakles Algethi : Another Useless Berserk Guy in the Useless trio

Musca Dio : Pretentious Useless guy in the Useless Trio

Canis Major Sirius : A Long Name for another Useless Guy in the Useless Trio

Cepheus Daidalos : The one who probably went through Esthetic Surgery before the Anime

Sagitta Ptolemy : The Drama Queen whose only role was to stab a 13yo with an arrow