lizard in hand


He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl

Reasons why I love me a lizard

• teeny tiny foot hands that look like gloves
•when they do a tall when hunting a food.
•push-up stance
•the flop™ they do when they’re having a good sleep
•little licks you get from a good lizard
•seriously have you ever seen a cuter little tongue???
•if you don’t like tiny lizard tongues you need to reconsider
•"how did you even climb that high? How is it even possible?“
•they always look happy

okay so i have a headcanon that otabek has a lizard, and usually i say it’s a bearded dragon, but imagine it’s just a classic leopard gecko

yuri like “well cats are better but i mean,,, leopard print lizard. it could be worse.” (he super loves that lizard)