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Our art department is the best like there's this life size, freakishly real human statue in full school uniform known as Donna, so when you walk by the art room in the morning when the room is dark it scares the shit out of you, there's also a huge handmade lizard plushie called Deborah and a fridge door on the back of the classroom door to hang pictures on

Donna and Deborah are best friends and they love each other
Pale Dragonscale Gauntlets, Handmade in Iceland
Ever wanted to be a dragon? Or show off your scales? Well, heres your chance to keep warm with a layer of 48 scales on each arm.

This is the palest colour of the 4 skintones. 
They’re the perfect shade for us white folk that don’t tan much, or ever. 
For blonds or redheads that don’t particularly care for a sunburn. 

They’re also wonderfully warm for the winter days when the sun isn’t strong enough to tan anyways. 

They’d also make a wonderful pale contrast to a darker skin of course as well.

I’d also like to remind you that everything’s 10% off until the 20th!
Midnight Lizard Wing Asymmetric Shawl Handmade in Iceland
When I saw the pattern for these I fell in love and Ill be making a few of them, and if you all like them, a lot of them. They remind me of a dragons wing gently folded around the shoulders of the wearer.

This particular one is worked with a 100% wool yarn with slow shifting of colours that is produced specifically for one yarnshop in Iceland.
It shifts from a bright blue through darker town to a bright purple and back again.

The long/top edge is 254 cm or 100 inches long, which would be more than enough to comfortably wrap around most shoulders.

Care Instructions:
Wash gently by hand Only.
Use a mild soap.
Dry flat.

Take good care of it and it will last a lifetime.