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Not sure if i ever posted this, but i found him again and i doubt i’ll have time to finish him.

Alolan exeggutor! The basic thought behind him was that the main body was an adult and the extra ‘heads’ were actually the young exeggcute before they drop off to form a cluster of their own. the ones around the main head are known to bicker with the parent body, whereas the tail dwelling ones are quite content and friendly. Basically a living dinosaur too, with the leaves being akin to camouflage feathers as they feed on things in the canopy of Alola.

They then drop off and begin their life as a cluster, their skin going pink before they go off to reach maturity.


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Gayest dinosaur to ever live: Go.

The gayest dinosaur to ever live is the black swan (Cygnus altratus).  An estimated 25% of male black swans are homosexual or bisexual, forming pair bonds with other males and stealing the eggs of females to raise as their own.  This is the highest rate of homosexuality among any known dinosaur species; the mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) has a rate almost as high, with 19% of all males forming homosexual pair bonds.  (Unlike black swans, homosexual mallard ducks seem to be uninterested in raising young.)

The most famous gay dinosaurs are penguins (family Spheniscidae).  Numerous penguins in captivity have formed same-sex pair bonds, and have successfully hatched foster eggs and raised surrogate offspring.  Homosexual behavior among penguins has also been reported in the wild.

Homosexuality is very common in the animal kingdom - perhaps even more than we currently realize, thanks to the various stigmas that discourage its study.  Petter Bøckman, a scientist at the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo, has said: “No species has been found in which homosexual behavior has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all.”  As a result, it seems likely that most, if not all, dinosaur species engaged in homosexual activity of some variety or another.

(All images from Wikimedia Commons)

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Not so fast there buddy

While dinosaurs do share some similarities to lizards, they’re not just scaled up versions of the latter. Dinosaurs and lizards are both reptiles, members of the class Reptilia, but they’re both from different groups inside this class. 


Lizards are from the group Lepidosauromorpha, while dinosaurs are from the group Archosauromorpha.



Baby would like to share with you all the importance of reading! ;)

Photography by: Jenn Rose (find me on Instagram and Twitter @jennrosefx) 

Baby, the crested gecko was bred and raised by! 

This adult male Green Basilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons) looks like a little green dinosaur! This lizard is also commonly known as the Jesus Christ Lizard for its amazing ability to run on water with specially adapted toes. I found this one in the rainforest at the edge of Río San Juan, Nicaragua.

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okay so like, this is kinda out of nowhere but

I know Say Uncle received some pretty mixed responses, but anyone remember that cute little joke where Mr. Gus showed Steven his gemsona? it was nice, pretty neutral, just a shot of this lizard dinosaur man with his drawing programs open making a self insert gem.

Compare that treatment of the whole gemsona thing, which btw is totally normal and fandom OCs happen in literally everything, with Rocknaldo. 

Idk that episode really just bothers me? Why make such a mean-spirited dig at fans, most of whom are kids, and bite the hand that feeds you?

Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you’re like 12, you have a gem OC, maybe you posted a short fanfic on deviantart if people still do that, but you’re not stupid. You’re old enough to know that this episode is making fun of. It would be kinda upsetting. 

I know that ship has mostly sailed for ragging on Rocknaldo, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the comparison of Mr. Gus’s gemsona vs. Bloodstone, so I had to say some words.

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If a Dinosaur block came to happen, I'd prefer Lizard Beasts to Dinosaurs because it's more wide-reaching that way, prevents creature type cluttering and both Lizards and Beasts are cool tribes that could use some love. Just my two cents on the issue.

Let’s ask the Question Marks. If we did a set with Dinosaurs, which creature type would you prefer?

a) Lizard Beast

b) Dinosaur

c) Other

Please explain why.

With this recent tyrannosaur integument debate going on recently, it kind of inadvertently inspired me to make this as a way of showing my respect to the big guy. Here we have a curious male T.rex giving the lizard Palaeosaniwa an unwanted “hello”. The image was directly inspired by the cover illustration for an old children’s dinosaur book by Peter McCarty called “T is For Terrible”.