I’ve seen people trash talking the spore drive for being too “out there” to be Trek?

and I would just like to remind everyone that Voyager ran off partially organic circuitry

and once got sick from inhaling alien cheese 

plus that thing with the Janeway/Paris lizard babies but we don’t talk about that

the spore drive seems pretty reasonable to me, all things considered.

Having been captured revisiting Voth space, the Voyager crew are enlisted by the power structure to finally disprove the Distant Origin theory once and for all.

They are then horrified to discover that the Voth came from an Adam and Eve type scenario, evolving from the temporally-displaced warp lizard progeny of Janeway and Paris.

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If they had kept the lizard babies around, how would you have wanted them to deal with it/what should have come out of it? Sorry this is a weirdly phrased question but I find that idea kinda fascinating.

OMIGOSH AND GOLLY I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to answer this question.

First of all, there’s no reason the ship and crew could not accommodate the lizard babies the way they do Naomi Wildman and the Borglings. It would likely have more of an impact because their parents are part of the bridge crew, the captain herself, but there’s precedent.

The babies are fully human so it makes sense The Doctor could de-lizardify them the way he did their parents. It would be cute if they had vague leftover lizardna like Seven has leftover borg implants. Maybe they don’t have hair or have heightened senses or a cooler default temperature or two hearts. Something. But they look mostly human and are raised human. It would make perfect Trek sense for them to age more rapidly than humans do, the way Naomi does, because they were born from a superwarp experiment in time space.

SO. Previously-lizard triplets who age up a little. Neelix is their primary caregiver but they live with their parents in adjoining quarters. Tom and Kathryn are INCREDIBLY AWKWARD for months. At first it is mainly centered around their being surprise parents. The babies probably spend at least a week in sickbay before they move in with mom and dad. Janeway has to be talked into the adjoining quarters but eventually acquiesces for the good of the family. There are many, many rules about maintaining personal space and boundaries. Tom has like four, Kathryn has about 400,000. And the number one remains the same: no fraternization.

 But it’s so awkward! They are co-parenting triplets! Tom has to deal with feeling personally responsible for the whole situation, and with all the scary reasons he chose her, of everyone on the ship!, and all his amazing mixed up feelings about it. But he also falls instantly in love with his kids and with fatherhood, he tells himself he is 1000% going to be a better dad than his dad, and on top of that he’s also going to be a Good Dad. He throws himself into it to prove something – to his absent father, to Kathryn, to himself – but he ends up just really actually ultimately loving being a dad. 

Kathryn, who has this Career, and had chosen against mommyhood even before Voyager got stuck 75 years from her fiance, and definitely after, feels like a fish out of water with the whole thing. She’s good with kids but not with her own! That’s just not her! Plus Tom is not only under her command, but ten years younger, and her mentor’s son. It’s so weird. Not bad, but for sure weird.

So they are super awkward for months. Sexual tension. Sharing quarters but not really. Worrying about their babies and their responsibilities and wtfever the rest of the ship thinks of all this. Feeling disturbingly inadequate about their parenting skills. Super duper stressed out all the time. And then – they realize they can talk to each other. About all of it. And they can laugh because omigod it’s so funny?! And also cry because it’s so damn hard. And it’s like a switch goes off and they end up in this amazingly close relationship that tbh I always want Janeway and Paris to have but keeping the kids makes it necessary and explicit. They don’t hook up, they don’t fall in love, but they are tied together, they love each other, they are a beautiful happy healthy family unit.

Neelix loves the kids, loves being nanny, takes incredible pride in watching after the Captain’s children. Chakotay hates everything but then he gets close to one of the triplets, a girl, and she’s the daughter he always wanted, and she’s Kathryn’s, and Kathryn and Tom aren’t together together, and once he sets aside his ego he’s a great tutor. Tuvok would never admit it, but he is so sad to be missing his children growing up, and having his best friend’s kids around make that a tiny bit more bearable. Harry and B’Elanna are like Legit, this is the strangest thing to ever happen but hey. Tom’s happy and the kids are cute. Harry teaches one to play the clarinet.

They become the whole ship’s babies. Even more so than Naomi, who is herself, far less lonely with some peers. The ship becomes a hometown that much quicker. If the captain can have kids and still be captain, anyone can. The crew start to live their lives more fully, with less fear. 

Gah. I get really upset thinking about the abandoned lizard babies. They deserve so much better!!!

God I just rewatched Star Trek Voyager Season 2 episode 15 - the fucked up one where Paris breaks the Warp 10 barrier and then mutates into a giant lizard and he and Janeway have babies.

What batshit insane nonsense. I want to rant and scream forever about how nonchalantly such a traumatic experience was treated by the show and how both Janeway and Paris basically shrugged it off within minutes and went “oh well, we had lizard babies, but hey, we broke the warp 10 barrier, lets give Paris an award and never talk about the lizward babies again!”

@brainsforbabyjesus please scream with me about the dysphoria of being changed into an alien lifeform and having wrong species babies???

The first time I watched Star Trek: Voyager, I thought to myself “I wonder why they gave Janeway a lizard as her spirit animal.” The second time, armed with significantly more reptilian knowledge, I started laughing when it came on screen.

Captain Kathryn Janeway’s spirit guide is a tokay gecko, the lizard voted most likely to stare at a giant alien creature and screech “FIGHT ME!!!”

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Not sure it this has been mentioned (and if it has link me to the post please?) Janeway X Tom Paris I can't be the only one that read some flirty UST there, at least in the beginning on Toms part.

I know you’ve found my post, so here is my series rundown.

Ima start with my steadfast headcanon that Academy Kate had a crush on Owen Paris. She has Daddy Issues™ and he’s a good daddy. She definitely knows who Tom is, she definitely believes she owes something to Owen, and she definitely has sympathy for Tom because she, too, grew up with the Expectations™ of a Starfleet Legacy. All of that is before they even meet. And then he becomes her ‘personal reclamation project’. He is important to her, that’s a given. But I’m sorry, there is also an attraction. On both sides. Even just reading canon for canon, there has to be a REASON he kidnaps her to be his lizard mate.

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...but what about the borg baby? What happened to them? The one that was in borg utero. I need to know

YES. It was a baby girl and after being transported to Voyager, she was never heard from again. Unlike the Borglings, who get set up in the cargo bay bedroom with Seven, I think the baby could be raised by an adopted parent so I like to imagine she was handed off to someone off screen. But I mean, look at this:

I firmly believe there is a universe where Janeway raised her herself. In fact, long ago I wrote a (bad) fic based on Miracle on 34th Street in which the Borg Baby was Susan to Janeway’s Doris. As with the lizard babies, Janeway wouldn’t be raising her alone. Seven would have a vested interest as mentor to all the rescued borg. Neelix would fall over himself to help with the baby. Her oldest and best friend Tuvok has experience with infants. Chakotay and Tom and the Doctor have their own reasons to help out. Even B’Elanna would be like “you have a Captain’s assistant already, I’m gonna get this kid into engineering!” They’re a family and that baby would be the luckiest baby to have them.