Smiles (Z.H.)

Warnings: Major Fluff, swears

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Hey you should do somthm fluffy with Zane and the reader and like the little moments of pda on camera and how the fans think it’s so cute and are super happy that Zane’s happy

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Me and Zane were on a road trip and we were blogging a little bit. We were talking about something stupid as I drove down the highway.

“I’m right about this, baby. You know I am!” Zane said to me as he flipped the camera back on his face.

“Babe there is no fucking way that there was just nothing at one point in time. It just doesn’t make fucking sense.” I said as I lifted my left foot to rest on the chair with the rest of my body leaving one leg to control everything else.

“It’s an unfathomable truth.” Zane said to me smiling. I started to cringe as my mind then started to race about existential questions that I will never know the true answer to. I shook my head and continued driving.

“You put uncomfy thoughts in my head.” I said to him pouting. He pity pouted and leaned over to kiss my face a bunch of times. I giggled as I pulled away slightly at the funny feeling against my face and neck. He pulled away and set his camera down. He just sat there and kept looking at me and then back at the road. For a solid 5-10 minutes that’s all he was doing.

“What is going on with you lately? You’re acting very strange.” I said laughing glancing at him quickly. He laughed at looked down shaking his head slightly.

“Even though we have been dating already and we know everything about each other, no matter what you always seem to get me flustered just looking at you.” Zane said to me in a quieted tone. I look at him and smiled to him with the most genuine of smiles. I pulled over and threw my hazards on and leaned over to kiss him. I grab his face and press our lips together softly. I pull away only and inch and kiss one last time. I pull away still holding his face.

“You have got me wrapped around your finger, Zane Hijazi.” I said whispering. Looking in his eyes us staring down each other’s hearts and souls. He kissed my forehead and hugged me. I was wrapped in his tight embrace. One and on my head the other placed on my back rubbing up and down. I had my eyes closed when I opened them I realized the camera was still on and recording us. I laughed and grabbed it.

“Shit.” He said. I giggled at the situation and turned off my hazards. I pulled back onto the highway.

“I can’t fucking wait to see that.” I said to him.

Few days later

Zane was about to upload the video of us in the car that we didn’t know was recording. When he did the feed back we got was so unexpected.

Zoe234: They are so cute. Totally ship!

Gradyf67: Awwww I wish I had a relationship like that.

allison03: The way he looks at her is such goals.

People were loving us. I was reading the nice comments from fans and I could see the smile on his face. We made each other so happy. It would always be that way.

I am so so so so so sorry. I have been gone forever. I’m back. I’m motivated. I’m doing this shit. And i’m gonna do the fuck out of it guys don’t worry bros. REQUESTS ARE OPEN SEND EM IN! Thanks guys🖤🔆