Omgcp pride and prejudice
  • Bitty: had to read it for highschool, kind of liked it
  • Jack: didnt read it
  • Shitty: read it from cover to cover, as well as all other jane austen books, and wrote a lengthy academic paper on it
  • Lardo: spark notes for highschool reading
  • Ransom: read it from cover to cover for his college freshman english requirement but only because he was stressed about the essay
  • Holster: he feels like he is liz bennet. has written 30 rock and pnp crossovers
  • Tater: working through pride and prejudice in english. Complains that jack has someone he can play mr darcy to but also that its nothing to be proud of
charlie’s list of 2016 book recs

here are some of the fave books i’ve read in 2016 

  • aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz - this book destroyed every inch of me and then rebuilt me into something better. it’s beautiful, a story of sexuality and culture and self wrapped into the narrative of aristotle mendoza, a mexican teenager who just wants answers for a lot of things in his life. (also the audiobook is narrated by lin-manuel miranda)
  • six of crows and crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo - this is a completed duology that will have you mad there isn’t gonna be a 10 book series about these characters. prepare yourself for the 6 new children you’re gonna adopt by reading these. it’s a mid-fantasy series set in a fantastical world and all our protagonists are criminals but like, with hearts mostly of gold. 
  • the serpent king by jeff zentner - this book will stick with you after reading it. it’s a boy stuck in a town and a situation that he’s accepted he’ll never get out of as he sees his only friends preparing for a life outside of it and the realities of life that come with it. it has an ultimately postitive ending, but don’t go in expecting a hallmark rise to happiness
  • simon vs the homosapiens agenda by becky albertalli - imagine the fluffiest but cutest but not like cavity-enducing sweet ya book you ever read - this is that book but with a gay lead character. it literally made me smile throughout reading the entire thing and it’s just so cute 
  • if i was your girl by meredith russo - this book got a lot of attention because it was a popular ya novel that was about a trans woman written by a trans woman and honestly, it was just so good i read it in one sitting
  • the lunar chronicles (cinder, scarlett, cress and winter) by marissa meyer  - these books are…so damn good. they’re long and the series is complete but they’re so good. expect to adopt 8 new children. it’s a mix of a high tech/high fantasy ya epic adventure that’s kind of loosely based on fairytales for each lead female character.
  • dumplin’ by julie murphy - i have some…issues with this book as a whole, the climax was kind of lost on me and some of the comments the character make are a little iffy - but it’s one of the first ya novels i’ve read memorably with such a nice narrative that includes body positivity 
  • everything everything by nicola yoon - this book is a nice quick read with a wonderful lead and a good story, it gets a little predictable but if you’re looking for a fun way to kill a couple hours, this is it 
  • eligible by curtis sittenfeld - pride and prejudice but set in cincinnati ohio, liz(zie) bennet is a 40 something who goes home to visit and meets (dr.) darcy - it’s a nice twist on the original story, darcy eats religiously at skyline chili and they have hate sex, i lived for this 
  • before i fall by luaren oliver - this is an oldie but a goodie. the movie is coming out in march, go emotionally hurt yourself with this one 
  • the woman in cabin 10 by ruth ware - if you like gone girl and the girl on the train, this book is it’s half-cousin separated by marriage. it’s a decent thriller though so i thought i’d give it a shout out 
  • rebel belle by rachel hawkins - this book by itself is super cute, very typcial supernatural romance-y ya novel, a nice hate-to-love romance, but the rest of the series kind of falls off, but the first book was fun af

and in total i read like 71 books this year and these are just some of them. a few that i really enjoyed i don’t feel comfortable publicly recommending due to their content and possible warnings and such, but here are some carryalls that i really enjoyed and i hope ya’ll enjoy and let’s talk about them if you ever feel like 

anonymous asked:

Have you read any good p&p fics lately?

I’m glad you asked, my friend. :D

Miscommunication : Darcy marries Anne who is terminally ill four years before the main story starts. Thereafter the story line will follow the original in most respects, but the characters act in ways I believe their modern counterparts would do; with 21st century sensibilities and understanding. The locations are as in the original; Meryton is in Hertfordshire, the Gardiners live in London, Pemberley is in Derbyshire. Elizabeth and William will be together at the end of the story, but their journey will at times be difficult. (I’m currently reading this one)

Pounds: When his Jaguar breaks down while he’s on the road less traveled, Darcy discovers romance in an unlikely location. But can he and Lizzy Bennet move beyond friendship, overcome their differences, and find love in all the ‘wrong’ places?

Sanctuary: Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy have something in common: tragedy and loss. Both have decided to seek out a new life and a new home, a place where they can heal and put the pieces back together again.

Feel It All: This story does include sexual violence: Elizabeth is recovering from a rape assault and there are non-graphic allusions to it throughout the story. However there is one scene where she suffers a flashback from that event, and I will forewarn everyone in advance and set the scene aside to make it easy to skip over for those who are not comfortable reading sexually violent material.

The Pen is Mightier than the Gun: She is Detective Liz Bennet. Her skills are notorious, her exploits already legendary and her body is to die for. He is William Darcy, ruggedly handsome millionaire and best-selling mystery writer, parent to his younger sister. And he certainly has his issues, stemming from events of a decade ago. Darcy gets himself assigned to Bennet as a celebrity shadow. When the two meet he insults her and the sparks fly. Part P&P, part Castle (the TV show) and part original invention, this story is a mystery with plenty of humor, banter, fuzziness, heart, sweetness and other random stuff to balance out the tension and drama. HEA is guaranteed, well not for the villains, but for ODC. Previous knowledge of Castle is not necessary.

Plan B: I don’t even know how to explain this fic without giving too much away and there’s no blurb. All have to say is: it’s one of my favorite fics ever and there’s one of the most unexpected plot twists i’ve ever seen.

Repressed Feelings: What might happen if regency FD’s memories arose in a modern FD’s life, just when he was about to make the same mistakes as his predecessor did! (I know this premise might seem weird but trust me this fic is great. It made me cry like a baby)

Passages to Evil: This is a non-cannon story. Darcy finds Lizzy one night in the rain. She has been kidnapped by Wickham and managed to escape. With no memory for quite some time, she stays at Pemberley and falls in love with Darcy.

Dance The Tide: William Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet meet when they collide on a beach on Cape Cod, and though their immediate dislike for each other is strong, they soon begin to realize that first impressions aren‘t always true. As Elizabeth struggles to conquer her fears, and William works to overcome his arrogance and distrust, they both learn that the higher the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

A Beautiful Friendship: Darcy and Elizabeth are both affected by traumatic past experiences and only through an unusual relationship, can they overcome their fears to find true happiness (together, of course).

She Loved That Dress: She loved the dress. It made her feel alive. It made her feel like Patrick Swayze was going to come upon her any moment and tell her that she didn’t belong in any corner. The yellow, one strapped satin number was designed specifically for her by her all-knowing mother – a small hazard of having too much money and not enough interests to occupy her time. The slit only came up to her knee – just enough to leave one wondering… And the elegant, sparkling broach on her shoulder twinkled under her brown hair.


Dear Women in Science… 

What advice to you give other women in science? Haley got the chance to visit the California Academy of Sciences for the #SciWomen16 Summit. Here is what the women there had to say.

Here are the women in order of appearance:
Haley Chamberlain Nelson
Emily Graslie
Perrin Ireland
Meg Lowman
Ann Russel
Heather Tallis
Sylvia Earle
Michelle Trautwein
Megan Wilkinson
Misha Leong
Kathy Sullivan
Carla Sette
Liz Taylor
Shannon Bennet
Anika Kapan
Annika Min
Shaila Kotadia
Justine Hausheer
Joan Roughgarden
Rita Mehta
Karina Chavarria
Madeline Foster-Martinez
Andrew Collins
Tracy Gatumu
Jane Goodall

By: Untamed Science.