MEET LIZ! Congratulations to @johnstone111 for winning this Fridays’ first EERIE spot! Liz has a dark past filled with family problems and horrifying experiences. She still punches through as Anti’s most hated, forced friendship! Even though she doesn’t believe his hallucinated brainpoop stories, she listens. Then makes fun about it.

I hope I did your character justice! Thank you so much for participating! I enjoyed doodling this first time impression of her a lot! I’ll fix her up and try some expressions and pose sheets for her very soon! 

This has been character 1 of 7, 1 of 3 being chosen and revealed every Friday until the 7th of July! The remaining 4 will be chosen and revealed on the 10th of July!

Thank you all so much for your support on EERIE! I’m working hard to make this a good one and you’re bringing it to life! Best of luck to everyone who entered from here on and have fun, keep creating!