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Intending to return to Neverland after his quest for revenge comes to an abrupt end, Killian Jones finds himself in Duodenary, a realm whose existence allows Neverland, and the people therein, to live forever.  After months of trying and failing to find a way to go home, a princess comes looking to him for help. (Fantasy/Adventure AU)

For my darling Liz ( @caprelloidea ) and one of my favourite stories she has ever written.

I love you so friend and cherish your friendship so much. You’re one of the most wonderful, talented, endlessly creative, generous and giving people I have ever met. Sunshine itself! I am so glad you’re my friend and I hope you have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday! <3

 if  you  asked  a  sixteen  year  old  archie  andrews  where  he’d  be  six  years  from  now,  he’d  probably  mumble  something  along  the  lines  of  part  time  football  player,  full  time  musician.   he’s  always  been  a  multi-faceted  guy  (  between  short  lived  hobbies  &  the  various  activities  he  found  himself  being  pushed  into  by  his  old  man  from  the  time  he  could  grasp  a  screwdriver  ),  so  it’s  unexpected  that  someone  with  so  much  promise  wound  up  working  at  a  mid-level  paper  supply  company  in  scranton,  pennsylvania  –––  of  all  places !   the  story  is  simple,  really.   archie,  forever  ruled  by  the  heart,  followed  his  high  school  sweetheart  to  college  after  graduation.  a  romantic  gesture  at  best,  though  maybe  not  so  wise  in  hindsight  as  they  broke  up  three  weeks  into  freshman  year.

 after  that,  archie  tried  the  whole  college  thing,  he  really  did,  but  nursing  a  broken  heart  coupled  with  being  so  far  away  from  his  loved  ones  just  ruined  the  whole  experience.   so,  he  made  a  deal  with  his  father.   if  fred  let  him  transfer  to  the  local  community  college  back  home,  he’d  help  out  with  the  family’s  construction  business  in  his  spare  time.   life  was  pretty  mundane  until  one  fateful  day  two  years  ago.   andrews  construction  secured  a  big  job,  remodeling  an  outdated  office  building  that  just  so  happened  to  be  home  to  a  certain  paper  company.   fred  made  friends  with  the  warehouse  guys  &  somehow  convinced  the  head  of  department  to  talk  to  the  regional  manager  about  his  twenty  year  old,  fresh  out  of  community  college,  minimal  work  experience,  son.   one  week  later,  archie  found  himself  clocking  in,  the  newest  employee  of  the  dunder  mifflin  scranton  branch.   though  his  position  was  initially  temporary,  he  later  proved  himself  &  has  just  recently  been  promoted  to  the  sales  department  –––  a  permanent  position  for  a  permanent  employee.   it’s  not  his  dream  job,  but  until  archie  figures  out  what  exactly  that  is,  it’ll  have  to  do.


  • BETTY COOPER — he’d  save  the  receptionist.   just  wanted  to  clear  that  up.



dear video game developers, i am small and arachnophobic, please will you just let me live

(info in the captions)

posy hawthorne is the mum of the office. married to a police officer, content in life, posy enjoys life as the office administrator. it’s a social job, and one that ensures she gets to help others out. surrounded by these youngsters, she’s made sure to let everyone know that she’s always available for chats, or advice  …  she’s been working at dunder mifflin for a couple of years now, after all  !  stop by her desk for a friendly smile and a caring heart  –  posy’s stocked up her drawers with every office supply needed, as well as some very necessary items to get everyone through the working day. chocolate, snacks, pain relief, band-aids, a pack of cards, you name it  …  she’s got it. she hates to see her fellow colleagues down in the dumps, so come find posy if you’re in need of a hug.


betty cooper  :  posy showed the youngest cooper sister around the office on her first day, and from then on, the two have been good friends. besides, posy’s determined to play matchmaker for cooper and andrews  !

raphael santiago  :  he’s been a presence at the office as long as she has, and her ultimate food guru. raphael brings in the greatest treats for them all to snack on in the break room, and in return, she bakes him some cookies and cakes out of gratitude. a friendship formed on food is a solid one.
          + …  more to be added  !

Today is the Birthday of One of my Top Favorite Graphic novel Artists, Mr. @radiomaru/Bryan Lee O'Malley, the Creator behind the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ series, as well as 'Lost at Sea’ & 'Seconds’. And here are his Creations Celebrating this Occasion, Raleigh and the Cat with Birthday Hats, Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers all Fancied-up Holding a Delicious Birthday Cake, and Katie w/ a Gift, Hazel holding the Garlic Bread(cuz “Bread makes you Fat”), and Liz being Mysterious here. And for the Record, It was a Difficult Task Drawing the 'Seconds’ characters in my Style, and I don’t know how Bryan and the Fan-Artists do It here & the Book.
I’ll always Remember the Time I got my First Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novel back in 2012 at the Barnes & Nobel in the Monmouth Mall, and I bought the Rest of the Series at the Barnes & Nobel in Different Locations and then saw the live-Action movie on Thanksgiving Night in the same Year. And I Think the Best Place to Find your Favorite Graphic Novels, is at Barnes & Nobel!

So, Happy Birthday Bryan, and Keep Creating!!!

this picture of sebastian stan was the most “not easily conquered barnes” thing i and um several other people ever saw. it just needed a few touch-ups! i, because of who i am as a person, was unable to resist, and so.

many thanks to @voltager for allowing me the great honor of putting sebastian stan in her shirt. here is a Bonus, Just For Her: