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Old Timey Paper Boy Voice: Hey Mistah, hey Mistah! What exactly is Liz anyways? She gots a Pokemon headband and a corresponding colah palette, but I don't know if she's sposed tah be a gijinka for sure or nuhtin'.

I like to think she’s just a nerd who wears a tacky accessory related to something she likes because she thinks it makes her stand out.

You know that when Samar Navabi walks into a room alone to face a crime boss and his high-powered attorney, she is going to command that room.

I was struck again by how much more interesting she is than the supposed female lead. 

I love Samar, not trying to take cool points away from her and transfer them, she and Liz have different characteristics, but shouldn’t we get a similar feeling when Liz walks into a room? ‘Wow, she’s cool, she’s confident, she’s smart, she’s halfway interested in doing her job, she actually wants to be here.’

I get Liz wanting normal after 3a. I get it. But it’s also boring. This is a tv show. They gave her the most boring fantasy in the world - “walking in the park” - okay. That’s nice. I hoped she would get that with a halfway decent guy in the end. Emphasis on the end. Like, last episode, the end.

Apparently they opted for another direction. Just give her the fantasy life with Tom right now and then she’ll have nothing left to strive for and just look like she’s bored all the time. 

okay so i wanna play more guys?? m/f or m/m ships work honestly, so here are some faces i’ve been wanting to play:

  • avan jogia
  • tom holland
  • chris evans
  • sebastian stan
  • alfie enoch
  • jeremy allen white
  • nat wolff
  • nick robinson
  • kj apa
  • john krasinski
  • hunter parrish
  • jeffrey dean morgan
  • dev patel
  • josh hutcherson
  • so many others tbh

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