liz x ben

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Hello! Might I please request headcannons for the triplets finding out about their dad had an affair and that they have a little sister (15/ 16 years old, I'm thinking)? Keep up the awesome work! :)

thanks so much anon!! here you go!!

  • Sadly enough, it’s at Han’s funeral that they all find you. Your mother had told you who your father was, and you’d seen in the paper that he had died, so you wanted to see him for yourself, just once. 
  • Yea he paid child support all those years (you could never quite needle out of your mom what he did for a living), but you’d never actually seen him.
  • You’re in the line for the viewing, in some nice looking black jeans and a hoodie, both hands shoved into your kangaroo pouch, looking at him. 
    • You think you’re talking to yourself quietly, but Leia catches the tail end of it.
    • “Dad? I guess? I dunno that feels weird. I guess just Han? It doesn’t matter anyway, you’re dead, haha.”
  • You go to shake hands with them (Leia and the triplets), when Leia delicately asks what you were saying to the casket. You decide to just tell her the truth, because what’s the harm?
    • It turns out, Kylo’s anger. He’s pissed. He just slaps a hand over his mouth, his knuckles white from gripping so hard. He bounds out of the church as Leia leads you over to a chair, sitting you down to get the details. 
    • Ben goes after him, only to find him in the reception hall, tearing the cheap tablecloths the church keeps on hand and throwing a couple of full water bottles against the walls. Ben tries to calm him down, but all Kylo can do is babble about his father and how much of an asshole he is, how could he do this to mom, who the fuck is this girl? are they going to have to house her now? is she gonna be around? why didn’t he fucking tell anyone he had another kid.
  • Matt’s the first one to make contact. He asks you about your interests, how school is, what kind of friends you have. You balk at first, because now all of a sudden you have three older brothers and you don’t know what to do. But you push through, because they’re all you have of your dad. Matt fills you in on Han, what he was like and such. He also gets into some really nerdy stuff, as is his type.
  • You slowly warm up to Matt, then Ben follows. He shows you how to pick up guys and girls, takes you out, offers to let you do illegal stuff with him (”that’s what’s cool now, right?”). He’s a mechanic, so for your birthday (and Christmas, because it was expensive, he reminds you) he built you a car. 
  • Kylo is the absolute dead last person to finally speak to you. It’s almost four months after the funeral, and his mom asks him to pick you up from school (Leia made sure she was friends with your mom; she wanted to be involved). He asks in a deep voice if you need anything before he drops you off at the Solo-Organa household. You tentatively say no, but your stomach gurgles in protest. Kylo heaves a sigh and jerks his car into the nearest fast food place. Next thing you know you’re sitting in a Burger King with a behemoth in all black, devouring a couple trays of fries. He’s done being mad and moody, so he asks you questions. It turns out you have the same taste in music and art. He compliments you on your taste, and from there it’s a four hour long conversation about music and art and literature. 
    • It’s also an opening into your dead father’s world.