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The Brat Pop Sounds and Futuristic Disco Western Style of HOLYCHILD

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New music genres are usually a) ephemeral, and/or b) hilariously desperate. But once in a while a group comes along and introduces one with a snazzy name and a little bit of substance. Take HOLYCHILD (@holychild), who affectionately call their songs brat pop.

“It’s essentially sarcastic pop music, which is talking about the role of genders in our culture, and our culture’s obsession with fame, beauty, money, age, youth and health,” says lead singer Liz Nistico.

Hey, if you’re going to give your songs a never-before-heard description you might as well make it catchy. That’s the way Liz is approaching the group’s style too, referring to their current look as “futuristic disco western.”

“I didn’t really grow up with that much money, and my mom always said, ‘It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it,’” says Liz. “Things will come in and out of our lives, and it’s just like, ‘All right, how are we going to put this together and make it look cool?’”

That works just as well for Louie Diller, the group’s other half.

“Liz is our de facto stylist,” he says. “She collabs with a couple stylists in L.A., and the three of them just kill it. I mean, it’s so nice to have ‘em because I just sit there and they just hand me the coolest f—ing clothes in the world and tell me to wear ‘em. And I happily oblige.”

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