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Do you have the full cast lists for LND LOndon and Australia?

Instead of pulling out programmes I’m going by the internet. London:

  • Mr. Y: Ramin Karimloo (alt. Tam Mutu)
  • Christine: Sierra Boggess (replaced by Celia Graham)
  • Raoul: Joseph Millson (replaced by David Thaxton)
  • Mme Giry: Liz Robertson
  • Meg Giry: Summer Strallen (replaced by Haley Flaherty)
  • Fleck: Niamh Perry (replaced by Tracey Penn)
  • Squelch: Adam Pearce
  • Gangle: Jami Reid-Quarrell (replaced by Charles Brunton)
  • Gustave: 2010: Jack Blass / Harry Child / Tyler Fagan / Alexander Hockaday / Richard Linnell / Charlie Manton / Kaisun Raj
  • Gustave 2011: Edward Bracey / Jack Costello / Daniel Dowling / Connor Fitzgerald / George Littell / Harry Polden

Ensemble 2010: Derek Andrews, Dean Chisnall, Helen Dixon, Lucie Downer, Paul Farrell, Charlene Ford, Chris Gage, Lucy van Gasse, Celia Graham, Simon Ray Harvey, Jack Horner, Erin Anna Jameson, Pip Jordan, Jessica Kirton, Louise Madison, Janet Mooney, Colette Morrow, Ashley Nottingham, Tom Oakley, Mark Skipper, Jonathan Stewart, Tim Walton and Annette Yeo.

Ensemble 2011: Nick Blair, Dale Branston, Abigail Brodie, Kieran Brown, Nick Crossley, Natalie Edmunds, Chris Gage, Lucy Van Gasse, Mirela Golinska, Daniel Gourlay, Simon Ray Harvey, Grace Holdstock, Lucinda Lawrence, Vanessa Leagh-Hicks, Louisa Lydell, Lisa Mathieson, David McMullan, Colette Morrow, Ashley Nottingham, Mira Ormala, Rae Piper, Alexa-Jayne Robinson, Andrew Rothwell, Simon Storey, Tim Walton and Zara Warren.

And as for Melbourne and Sydney, I don’t have as exact cast lists, but roughly:

  • Mr. Y: Ben Lewis
  • Christine: Anna O’Byrne
  • Raoul: Simon Gleeson
  • Mme. Giry: Maria Mercedes
  • Meg Giry: Sharon Millerchip
  • Fleck: Emma J. Hawkins
  • Squelch: Paul Tabone
  • Gangle: Dean Vince
  • Gustave: Jack Lyall / Kurtis Papadinis / George Cartwright Bush / Trent Heath / Lachlan Kelly

Ensemble: Andrew Broadbent, Renee Burleigh, Colin Dean, Andrew Dunne, Giordano Gangl, Stephanie Grigg, Erin Hasan, Matt Holly, Ben Hudson, Erin James, Adele Johnston, Claire Lyon, Kristy Mackenzie, Matthew McFarlane, Jessica Mechielsen, Meredith O'Reilly, Adam Rennie, Lisa Reynolds, Pharic Scott, Kathryn Sgroi, Ellen Simpson, Tod Strike and Brendan Yeates. 

Let’s all gather around to appreciate this perfect screenshot.
Madame Giry is so done with everything, Carlotta is secretly judging Giry’s tush, Piangi has no clue what’s going on whatsoever, Firmin looks as if all his dreams have just died an Andre is throwing some really bitchy shade at Christine.
I love it!

Love Never Dies Video Master Sheet

I thought it best to compile all the videos I’ve uploaded from LND into one place, so people will know what’s up and what’s not.

NOTE: There is NO released footage of ‘Beneath a Moonless Sky’ or 'Once Upon Another Time’ from the London production. Please do not ask me to upload it; it does not exist. If another video is released (and I know there’s at least one other out there), then I will post it. Thank you.

'Til I Hear You Sing’

'Beauty Underneath’

'Devil Take the Hindmost’

'Bathing Beauty’

'Before the Performance’

'Devil Take the Hindmost (Reprise)’

'Ah Christine’

'Gustave, Gustave’

'Please Miss Giry, I Want to Go Back’ Part 1

'Please Miss Giry, I Want to Go Back’ Part 2