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Why Spider-Man Homecoming is by far the best adaptation of them all: an excerpt of a novel by me

Tom Holland’s adaptation of this well-loved character did an AMAZING job at showing what it’s like to be a teenager yearning for adult privileges, getting them, and then realizing how much responsibility is actually entailed. The movie conveyed how this cognizance is especially jarring when you’re a young know-it-all, suddenly learning the hard way that being an adult can be scary and overwhelming. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker reminded me of how I felt not too long ago; I found myself wishing that I could turn back time just to savor every moment of being a care-free kid again, because being abruptly pushed into the real world with the expectation that I already knew what I wanted to do with my life was absolutely terrifying. I still sometimes feel this way whenever life becomes extremely uncertain and a jumbled mess. This version of Spider-Man is BY FAR the best because it realistically shows a young adult going through the highs and lows of high school (without it being super cringey), while exploring his morality as a superhero with kickass powers. Kudos to Marvel for another perfect casting of a character, and bless Tom Holland for being the perfect Spidey/Peter Parker!

Spider-Man: Homecoming

First off: woah.

That movie was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic.

And, while I have been looking forward to it for over a year, I didn’t think that it could really live up to my expectations.

But it did! It had Ant-Man level humor throughout the entire thing, and still had an action movie vibe. It was so great to see a superhero who isn’t really “super” yet, one that’s just getting started and is still learning the ropes.

Now: I should probably note that while Zendaya was featured in so so so much of the promotion, she probably has 10 minutes total screen time. However; there is a 100% chance that she will be an incredibly important character in the upcoming movies. Her lack of screen time did disappoint me a little bit, but knowing she has much more to do in the future makes me feel better.

The best part: the cast. The cast absolutely made this movie. Having such a diverse group of characters, as main and as background characters, was incredible. This movie manages to be super funny, but still have serious moments. There were times where I was literally hyperventilating from laughing so hard.

So go see it. Please.

This movie absolutely needs to do amazing, and it absolutely deserves to do amazing.