liz martins

Hockey Players as chips

Connor McDavid - Orginal pringles or ‘Chip McPringle’

Jonathan Toews - sweet potato chips

Auston Matthews - family size bag of chips

Mitch Marner - Kids Sized bag of chips

Kris Letang - sea salt kettle cooked

Brent Burns - barbeque

Logan Couture - extra salty

Matt Martin - Honey Barbecue

Tyler Seguin - Spicy

Jamie Benn - Sour Cream & Onion

Jack Eichel - Ruffles

It’s been a long time coming, but my first illustrated book was just published today by 47 North! It’s Scott Meyer’s Off to Be the Wizard and one of the first Kindle in Motion animated e-books available on Amazon.

You can check it out here with other interior animation samples!

Huge thanks to my AD Tyler Freidenrich, as well my family, friends, and mentors who saw me through my first book. Love you all!


Carlotta and the severed head. Cause her facial expressions! 

  1. Michele McConnell, Broadway, 
  2. Corinne Schaefer, Hamburg, 
  3. Liz McCartney, Broadway, 
  4. Eva Malmgren, Copenhagen, 
  5. Rosemary Ashe, West End, 
  6. Shan Cothi, West End, 
  7. Lara Martins, West End, 
  8. Rachel Anne Moore, Hamburg, 
  9. Kim Stengel, US tour. 


JUNE HAS ARRIVED (technically 7 days ago, but who’s counting?) and I’ve got a special thing planned for this month. I’m opening up commissions and this month’s theme is STYDIA! Anddd as a special treat, the first 10 people to order will get an 8.5x11 print shipped to them for FREE!

Commissions are going for $25 a piece! Be sure to head on over to my Stydia Commissions page to order and for more details!