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Hockey Players as chips

Connor McDavid - Orginal pringles or ‘Chip McPringle’

Jonathan Toews - sweet potato chips

Auston Matthews - family size bag of chips

Mitch Marner - Kids Sized bag of chips

Kris Letang - sea salt kettle cooked

Brent Burns - barbeque

Logan Couture - extra salty

Matt Martin - Honey Barbecue

Tyler Seguin - Spicy

Jamie Benn - Sour Cream & Onion

Jack Eichel - Ruffles

Still Some Good In The World - Stiles Stilinski

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WARNING: May be triggering to some. Abuse, depression, swearing.

Summary: (Y/N) is having a hard time. Her friends, family, and grades all seem to be slipping from her grasp. But all it takes is one person who cares to keep her from slipping even further into darkness.

I walk down the hall; my mind elsewhere. I try so hard not to think about last night, but I can’t help it. The memories are as fresh as when I was living it. My dad, stumbling around and smashing things, yelling at me and my mum. And then, when I went to go seek comfort from my friends, they have a go at me straight to my face. They keep saying that I’m too dumb to be taking too many days off school, but some days I can’t drag myself out of bed. They wouldn’t understand. Yeah, my grades have been slipping, but nothing drastic. And I don’t think it has anything to do with the time I’ve had off. More so to do wi-

“You ok (Y/N)?” I snap out of my daze to see Stiles from the year above standing there. I had advanced into his English class and we were partnered for a project at the start of the year. 

“I-uh.” Quickly, I adjust my face into the biggest smile I could give. “Yeah, I’m great! Just a lot of tests coming up!” I giggled. He half smiled, still not fully believing me. 

“Okay, well if you want I can help you study? What class is it for?”

“Maths.” I sigh. 

“Yeah? Awesome, well I’ll see you at the library then. Period 3?” He asks and I nod. I continue walking to my class. Why is Stiles so nice to me? He’s always been there for me, even though he barely knows me. I shrug off the thought and head to class.

“Hey girls!” I say as I sit down with Trish and Liz. They look at one another, giggle slightly and roll their eyes. 

“Hey (Y/N).” Trish says in a nonchalant tone. “Anyway, Liz. I asked Lydia Martin and she said I can plus one you to hers.”

“Whats this?” I ask, curious. 

“Lydia Martin’s party.” 

“Oh, when is it?”

“It’s invite only, sorry.” 

“But you just sa-”

“She’s not taking in anymore plus ones. Sorry hun.” Liz cut me off and fake frowned. 

“Wow. What the hell has got into you two?” 

“If only you actually cared what was going on with us.” I furrowed my brows at Trish. 

“(Y/N), you completely ignored our calls and everything over the weekend.” 

“Well, I wasn’t having the best time. You guys out of everyone should know that.” 

“That’s another thing.” Liz starts. “If you’re home life is THAT bad, then where are all your bruises and stuff, huh?” 

“You’ve gotta be kiding me”

“We don’t believe you, (Y/N). We think you just want more attention - as always.” 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I slam my books on the table and stand up, grabbing everyones attention away from their snack. “Don’t talk to me ever again.” 

“Wasn’t thinking about it, hun!” Liz calls out as I rush off. I bump my shoulder against people but keep running, tears blurring my vision. I hear someone calling out to me but I keep on moving towards the girls restroom. I swing the door open and make sure no one is inside any of the stalls before I break down crying. I stand in front of the mirror, my head facing the ground, tears pouring from my face. I hear a knock on the toilet door and regain myself. 

“Who is it?” I try my best not to let my voice falter, but I couldn’t help the squeaks that came from my mouth. 

“Its Stiles. Please come out.” 

“Stiles, please just go away.” 

“I didn’t want to have to do this but…” The next thing I know, the door swings open and there he stands. He looks at me for a second, unsure of what he is to do next. I start to sob again and he rushes over, wrapping me in his arms. I was too tired to fight it. I wrapped my arms around him and sobbed into his chest. He stroked my hair and calmed me. The sound of his heart beat seemed to soothe me better than anything before. Once I had stopped crying Stiles pulled away and wiped my tear stained cheeks. “Do you want to tell me whats wrong?” 

I don’t know why I trusted him so much, but I let everything come out. From my dad to my friends to my grades. He sat there in silence, making sure to listen to everything I said. Once I had finished he looked me in the eyes and looked as if he was in deep thought. “If you want, I can get my dad to look into your family for abuse. He’s the sherrif, so he can convict him for a long time. Or if you don’t want that, you can always stay with me. I can even help you study and get your grades back up! As for your friends, Lydia and I are really close. How about we show them up? He nudged me and wagged his eyebrows. I chuckled along with him until I grew confused. 

“Stiles… why are you doing this? Like, you barely even knew me and you came after me. You’re helping me more than my supposed best friends of 7 years.”

“Well, I believe that in this world there is a lot of bad. Some of the bad things, I can’t do anything about. But, if I can, I will. If I can bring even a little bit of good into the world, then it was worth it.” I smile up at him and embrace him in another hug. “So about this party…”

I walk into Lydia’s with my arm wrapped around Stiles’. I was wearing a super pretty dress that Lydia actually gave me earlier in the day when Stiles asked her for advice. He told her about the situation and she happily invited me back to do my hair and make-up too. However, I politely declined as I knew exactly what look I wanted to do. My gold smokey eye matched my golden heels and purse which contrasted against my tight fitting black dress. When I strut in, a bunch of people looked in awe, not only at how different I looked from my normal self, but that I was with a senior. As confident as I looked on the outside, I didn’t feel it on the inside which I guess Stiles could sense. He leant over and whispered into my ear, “You okay?” 

“Yeah, think I need a drink if I’m honest.” I giggled nervously. 

“Be right back.” Stiles laughed as he went to get me a cup of punch. I wondered over to a photo on the wall of Lydia when she was young and smiled. She looks so happy with her family. 

“What are you doing here?” I turned around to see Trish and Liz in utter shock. “You weren’t invited. Remember?” I opened my mouth to speak before someone cut me off. 

“Actually, I invited her. It is my party after all.” My head snaps to see Lydia standing there with her hand on her hip. 

“Oh, hi Lydia! We were just joking around.”

“Sure you were. Beat it.” She said and they quickly sauntered off. 

“Thank you for that.” 

“Oh, no problem! It’s a hobby of mine to be honest. Confronting bitches I mean.” She laughs. 

“Woah, did I miss something?” Stiles walks back over.

“Not much. I’ll see you around (Y/N).” Lydia leaves with a wink. I blush and turn back to Stiles. I grab the drink and take a large gulp. 

“Slow down there.” He jokes as I finish skulling the drink. 

“Come on Stilinski. It’s dancing time!” I say after a wave of confidence rushes over me. I drag him by his hand and we start to sway to the music. “Stiles, I like you. Like, you don’t even know how much. Its such a weird feeling, but when I’m with you I feel… safe? Do you get what I mea?” I ask, confused about what I’m feeling. 

“Yeah, I think I do.” He whispers. We stare into one another’s eyes and slowly stop dancing. Suddenly, my lips are on his and I feel a burst of passion in my chest. I pull away and blush when I see how big his smile is. I throw my head back, laughing, and begin to dance stupidly with him. It was one of the best nights of my life. 

Hey, so I feel like this needs major editing which I will do ASAP. However, I have like 3 eps of Rick and Morty to catch up on! Choices, choices.