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A lot of you were asking what was featured in our @peoplemag appearance this week so I thought I would share! They featured this DIY reindeer sign that Jose & I made last year. This was in our historic downtown rental.. Raise your hand if you remember that house! 🙋🏻 [if not check out the #LMBrental hashtag for a glimpse] anyways we are so honored to have been featured & so grateful for all of your love & support you have shown us. You can find this project on the blog to see how you can make your own: - link in my profile or just google “DIY reindeer sign Liz Marie blog” to find it. Also, this tabletop tree? I simply hung Christmas tags on it for ornaments.. Cheap and easy idea! Thanks again for all your kind words on my announcement a few photos back.. Means a lot and I can’t say it enough, you guys are the best & all of your kind words motivate me to keep sharing. ❤️🎄 by lizmariegalvan