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Arzaylea confession

Not saying Arzaylea cheated (even though everything points to that) but for Luke to dump her, Michael, Ashton, Calum, Liz, Lauren, Rena, Nia, Casey, Iain, Mitchy, Crystal, Roy, Mariah, Brian, Alexa, Annemarie, KayKay, and many more to unfollow her, and for Halsey to call her and her friends embarrassing, she obviously had to do something bad. It’s sad her little fans would rather believe everyone just turned their back on her for no reason rather than realize she’s a piece of shit.

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While I was in the hospital, without my iPad, I created some concept sketches of some background characters from the TOME web series, with new designs if they were implanted in the TOME RPG Kickstarter game. I later scanned them and inked and colored them in Flash. I tried my best to honor the original designs from the web series while making something unique and new for the new-continuity public’s views. So, here ya go.

Justin and Bailey were one of the funniest characters to draw. I didn’t really give them much change except with some attire adjustments. There designs were based off of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, so I decided to give them modifications based on two characters inspired by both shows; Star Butterfly and KO from OK KO! (Niosi is a regular on that show).

Cloudzahng’s design was one of the coolest. I used the whole “YOU STOLE MY CLOUDSONG” reference to make him appear as a punk rocker type get up. Maybe his huge sword could be a metallic guitar as well as a lethal weapon. I also amptied it up by giving him a boss tattoo that says “Zhang” in Chinese characters. Rallybot was modeled after her VO’s, Liz Losey’s character, Rahleigh, and as such, I tried to make the character as close to Rahleigh’s design while still making her Mechanical. I think I really topped it off with the third wheel tail, and the one wheeled feet. Didn’t want her to have roller skates since Skeight’s new continuity design already has that logged in.

Dijiri’s change was me pretty much changing his species and giving him pupils. Reason for that is because, I see that when Niosi caricatured David Smith (artist on TOME; Dijiri’s actor) for the show, they made him look like a Ninja Turtle. And CrikeyDave is known for drawing furry art as well as his comic series, MaiZ, which focused on a lot of animal-based characters so I figured to make it a strange nod reference to his work and his appearance by making him a kangaroo. Bubb’s was pretty much making his body more humanoid. But he still expresses his Morphological abilities. I also gave him bubble wands allowing him to generate slime bubbles, since the characters’ design was based off of blue slimey bubbles.

Boxerkahi didn’t receive much change either. I didn’t want to implant any Boxer Hockey reference in there, as the character is a tribute to said comic, but try to make him his own thing. I thought it would be an interesting idea if the character was made a Kickboxer to show more of his abilities. I think I only saw him kick one character though. I also gave him visible eyes using Saturndiva as a reference. Thorment was funny to draw. I read some comments in the TOME YouTube page on how his outfit beard a similarity to a certain prejudice group so I figured to change it up by giving him a nightcap and making his clothes a super sweater. I also implanted some devilish like features such as curved horns, and thought it would help express his creepy nature by showing his outright smile and have him have a crazy eye.

Pawneeko was a fun guy to draw and a good way to work around. He was a con artist trying to scam players into buying mini games, so I figured to have him dress like a businessman for the occasion. I used Reigen Arataka (played by Niosi) as reference for the body type; as there both characters who are frauds at their jobs. I think I really did a nice touch on his pose. I kinda wished he had hair though. It would be sweet. But I think I did okay.

Thank you and hope you guys enjoy the designs.


Voiced & edited by me!

Comic drawn by Zack!

Idea by Liz!

Regarding Chris “Kirbopher” Niosi

This post has been ten years coming.

Now, let me preface this by saying that I know for a fact that very few people like Kirbopher, but because of the state of the animation and voiceover industries, no one has the courage to say it without looking like a drama stirrer. I have no attachment to any industry, although I used to date an animator/storyboarder. Every time the conversation of Kirb being an awful, disgusting person comes up online, several people chime in and a friend of mine and I have gotten followers because of it. Hell, I even hung out with Egoraptor and his friends, and we spent hours that night dragging Kirb for all he’s worth.

And yeah, haha, Kirb’s bad, funny joke, but no, it’s not just his art quality that’s (subjectively) not very great. Kirb is one of the most selfish, abusive people I have ever met. He is part of why I have no memory of the year 2011. This isn’t going to take the traditional form of a “callout” post, rather, I will be dissecting two chat logs and an email sent to me by him.

Some background: I met Kirbopher through Bryon “Psyguy” Beaubien, who I have called out previously, alongside their mutual friend CrikeyDave. I have also called out Kirb’s ex, Liz Losey. Here is the post, I recommend reading it for further context, as I remember her abuse very well, on top of Kirb’s part in it. I understand if you stop believing me at this point, but please understand that SuperPsyguy’s whole group of friends were either abusers or abuse victims. Kirb stayed for the longest out of all of them. Guess which one he was?

Anyway, I will explain the story through these logs. Thank you for listening.

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Happy b-day to three people who have really taught me a lot about art, people and life: Michael J. Ruocco, Rebecca Sugar and Liz Losey. All talented and wonderful people in different ways, who all had a major impact on me.

What they taught me was to think more about improving myself. In line with the theme of that, I woke up early this morning and drew three pictures for them in succession (on the left side): Randy the Dodo for Mike, Amethyst for Rebecca and Neuge Notothen for Liz…but upon looking at them, I realized the drawings could be better and that the three of them deserved better. So, I went ahead and did a second pass (on the right side) which I think all look significantly better.

Happy birthday to you guys and thank you for all you’ve done for me, even if you don’t know it. Keep being the same wonderful people I admire.

A little over two years ago, I had just graduated from school and was in a really dark place. I wasn’t sure how well I was going to survive in the world as an artist, real-life drama was stressing me out and I was kind of losing sight of who I was for a little while. Then I started talking to Liz on a constant basis. It started with bantering back and forth about Dragon Ball Z nostalgia, then moved onto watching “The 90’s Are All That” practically every night and before I knew it, we were talking for hours and hours every day. She was one of the few people I could talk to that was genuinely invested in the work I did and sympathized with how I was feeling at the time.

During that summer, I was also playing with the idea of doing TOME as a webseries, to which her simple words of “do it” gave me the swift kick in the ass I needed to just jump right in and make the damn thing. Since then, she became not only the script supervisor, the font manager, inker/colorist for all the official art, and maintainer of the ask-kirb blog, she also became a constant maintainer of quality over the show. If it weren’t for her, the show would not have evolved and grown nearly as much as it has. The most recent episode in particular I give HUGE credit to her for being as well-received as it was.

That’s only a tiny bit of the inspiration she’s given me. Over the past two years, I’ve gotten to know the real Liz. The person that maybe most people don’t really they know, or the person they know in a limited capacity. She’s been through more rough shit than most people can even fathom, and through all of it, she’s persevered. She’s been treated like garbage by people and by life for so long…and finally, around the time that I got to really know her, she started a life for herself that is really worth admiring.

She works two jobs non-stop and puts her all into them, kicking ass and taking names. She’s sweet and adoring to animals. She’s a creative soul with stories and characters she’s wanted to bring to life for so long, which I personally connect to. The ones pictured above from her story “Copacetic” are only a few of many that I’ve grown to be a fan of. Life has been unfair to her for so long, and for what a truly wonderful person she is, she deserves to be treated with respect and love and comfortability that’s eluded her. Her friends and roommates are all great people that help give her that respect, love and comfort she’s been long overdue for.

I once likened her to a phoenix. Not because of her association with the color red and her fiery personality, but because no matter how shitty things get, no matter how much life throws her for a loop and what hardships present themselves, she powers on through it. She’ll look like she’s down for a bit, but then she’ll rise from the ashes and light up the god damn sky. People admire her for her aggressive personality and brutal honest, which IS to be admired, but those who know her really know her should and do admire her for just how incredible of a person she is in general.

On that same note, she’s made ME a better person. When I graduated from school and we first started bonding when we were depressed, she has been through so many different, more worldly life experiences that a sheltered chump like me could barely even imagine, that just listening to her and learning from her…has really changed me for the better. I’ve learned a lot more about self-control, loyalty, understanding, perspective, hard work and how to get shit done in the last two years than I probably have in my entire life. Her motivating and compassionate spirit just constantly inspires me to do better and better; she deserves nothing less than the best in return for how hard she works.

I could go on and on, but it’d take up the length of an entire blog, so I’ll simply say…Happy birthday, Liz. Never stop being who and what you are: amazing.

Once an innocent boy, seeking a true friend… Found more than he asked for, now, fearing his own end. I am tellin’ you that- This young man has left us, leaving a mere shell. In his place a hero at the edge of heaven or hell. Now the rules are written out on this stone wall. All the trials by fire, put me at their beck ‘n call. I am tellin’ you that- Fears and paranoia must be discarded. Heroes don’t ask questions, this game isn’t for the faint-of-hearted! My skeletons have escaped my closet and they’re out to let you know. So be aware, and beware the oncoming answers to truths we never sought but we simply had to know!HEROES DON’T ASK QUESTIONS  Performed by: Tetrimino + ShadyVox  Composed by: Weston Durant and Matt Mukerjee  Lyrics by: Christopher Niosi  Arranged by: Matt Mukerjee, Kristopher Salada, Blake Swift, Mitchell Cairns, and Michaela Nachtigall  Edit, Mix, and Master Engineering: Matt Mukerjee  Produced by: Matt Mukerjee  Album Illustration by: Mike Luckas  Logo Design by: Weston Durant  Album Art Edited by: Liz Losey Download the album from our official TOME bandcamp page! “Heroes Don’t Ask Questions” comes with 3 bonus tracks, including an off-vocal instrumental and a chiptune & acoustic version as well!