Their first kiss? Well...

…They would be standing outside of the shipping container. After pointing out Polaris and revealing to Lizzy that *she* is his North Star, Red would protect her from having to reply to him by describing in animated detail the stories behind various constellations they can see. She would turn her head to glance at him out of the corner of her eye every now and again. He would be pointing to one star cluster, then another, his voice dramatically raising and dropping in cadence.

God, he loved to be alive. She would admire that in him…and a part of her would envy that about him. She would want to feel the passion for living that he feels so keenly…the desire to experience what he does would burn within her like starfire.

His voice would eventually fade, the sea breeze whisking it away across the waves. He would drop his gaze thoughtfully to hers, his head tilted to the side. Her lips would be slightly parted, her eyes searching his. They would be standing close enough to feel the heat radiating between them. A sudden gust of wind would whip by them. She would shiver, and he would notice. Solicitous, he would murmur how they should go back and he would press his hand against her arm to lead her inside.

As they would be about to turn, her hand would find his wrist, fingers light, almost hesitant–almost. But there would be enough pressure to give him pause. He would stop moving and look down at their hands. He would watch as her fingers encircle his wrist–a touch from her, as intimate as a kiss. A breath would escape his lips. His eyes would dart to hers, questioning.

She would lean closer, eyes sliding away from his. His lips would meet her temple in a chaste way. They would stand that way for a heartbeat. Maybe two. Then she would move, tilting her head in such a way that his mouth would be closer to her cheek. Her heart would be pounding–no doubt his would be too. But he would think that this has gone far enough, farther than he would have wanted for tonight. Because she is vulnerable. Because she is raw. He doesn’t want to complicate matters between them. Their situation is already convoluted enough. But she would tighten her grip on his wrist and her eyes…those marvelous eyes would flicker to meet his.

A questing. An invitation.

A new kind of heat would suddenly flare and glow between them. Because he is invited, he would lean closer and his lips would meet hers for the first time. Softly. Gently. They would shift and his hands would find her waist, hers would find his chest. The kiss would tentatively deepen for a moment before they part to look at each other. Her eyes would glitter like the stars burning above them. His smiling mouth would work soundlessly for a moment before he murmurs in a gravelly voice, “Well.”

Well, indeed.

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Aram and Liz - Similar not Same.

There was a discussion on Tumblr a while back on this very issue. Aram getting betrayed by Elise is in my opinion a completely different than Tom betraying Liz. Both situations are similar, yes. But they are not the same.
Elise and Tom had completely different motivations.
Elise was purposely inserted in Aram’s life to collect information. Tom on the other hand was supposed to be Liz’s bodyguard from a one arm distance.

Elise initiates a relationship with Aram only to gain access to Post office. Tom started a relationship because he liked Liz. Possibly loved.

Let’s not forget Tom betraying 3 very powerful, sociopathic criminals to be with Liz.

I wish the writers make Liz and Ressler really talk (heart to heart) because even if Liz now is with Tom, she and Ressler are close friends. Ressler was her partner, he helped her when Tom left, and he had done so much for her. Their interaction now seemed to be restricted deliberately - as if it’s prohibited. It just doesn’t make sense and make Liz’s character as someone who only comes when she needs something and takes everything for granted without any appreciation.

What the Blacklist can do to get back on track

(Note: I am a Lizzington shipper, but I’m going to let this whole ‘shipping’/’is he her father? is he not’ thing take a back seat for now.)

Dear Blacklist Powers That Be:

As I’m sure you’re aware, your fourth season of The Blacklist is off to a rocky start, ratings-wise. Your fall finale, which promised your longtime audience BIG ANSWERS, only managed to pull in 5.8 million total viewers and a mere 1.21 million in the 18-49 demo. Hate to say it, but that’s abysmal. The Blacklist now has the lowest ratings “in the demo” among any NBC show. And, on top of that, many of your longtime fans are frustrated for one reason or another.

Bottom line: if something doesn’t improve, and fast, The Blacklist could be looking at either a cancellation or a short fifth season as its send-off.

“Great,” you’re probably thinking. “Thanks for telling us what we already know, but giving us no help on how to fix it.”

Well, PTB, I do have some suggestions on how you can fix it that have NOTHING to do with past plotlines or whatever current ones you’ve got cooking up. (No doubt, they’re all winners!)

1. You need a breath of fresh air.

Do sort of like what you did for the post-Superbowl episode. Have a “procedural-heavy” episode that literally anybody could watch without context, and rope in a top A-lister to guest star. Say, for instance, Hugh Laurie.


Iffy viewers will tune in; Hugh Laurie fans will tune in; and random people who are just curious about what Hugh Laurie is doing on the Blacklist will tune in as well.

This is exactly what happened with me and 30 Rock. I was watching an episode of The Office, when I saw a promo for 30 Rock featuring Condolezza Rice. I was like “WTF? Why would Condy be on 30 Rock? I gotta watch this, if only to find out.” And, thus, my love affair with 30 Rock began. I watched the shit out of that show, via Netflix, syndication, and live broadcasts.

You need some new viewers, and the best way to do that is to bring in the proverbial “big guns,” as it were. As that one guy on Jurassic Park said, “Spare no expense!”

2. Make crossovers with “Redemption” simple.

I’m not excited about Redemption, and I don’t plan to watch it. So, when it comes time for the inevitable crossover(s), don’t make me have to slog through Redemption’s episodes or episode synopses so that I can understand what the hell is going down on “The Mothership.” Same goes for any new viewers of Redemption, who don’t want to slog through 4 seasons of TBL just to understand what the spinoff is all about.

The simpler, the better.

3. Stop acting like your viewers are stupid.

Granted, I say this as a die-hard fan who spends hours of my free time analyzing, critiquing, and enjoying this show. But, even your more casual fans aren’t stupid. True, I called the Lotte Verbeek’s character being Katarina ~twist~ in Cape May, but that’s because I have too much free time on my hands. 

But, when you said that “Twitter would explode” following the S3 finale, it didn’t. Even the most casual of casual fans saw the whole “Liz isn’t really dead, and Mr. Kaplan probably helped her fake her death” thing coming a mile away. Even the whole “Kirk/Darth Vader” moment was predictable as well.

Then this most recent episode, when you said that “nobody would know what Red was up to with holding that doctor hostage.” No, I guarantee you people knew EXACTLY why – to use her and her cure as leverage over Kirk, so that Red could convince Kirk to leave Liz, Agnes, and himself alone.

Please, it’s really insulting when you say, “Nobody will guess it!” Because, trust me, somebody will, and likely already has.

Instead say something like, “It’s got a lot of twists and turns. We’re really excited to share it with you.” It’s much less insulting to your viewers, yourself, and plus it gets people excited that YOU’RE excited about it.

4. (And this is really just a pet peeve of mine) Widen your scope.

Ninety percent of the “Blacklister cases” are set on the Eastern Seaboard (New York, obviously; Washington DC, etc.), which I get. NY is your primary filming location – it’s easy to pass it off as Cuba or Houston or whatever.

But, you do realize that the South, Midwest, and West also have criminals, right? When was the last time The Post Office crew went anywhere west of the Mississippi River? When was the last time they went to a foreign country that wasn’t an industrial site or something?

Your locations are getting to be repetitive. There are only so many warehouses and backwoods locales I can take. Where are the mountains? Where are the prairies? Where are the swamps? Where are the deserts?

Plus, filming in a city like, say, Denver would create buzz. People in Denver would be like, “OMG. They’re filming a TV show here. I better watch it. I wanna see what they do with it.”

Again, I realize this might not be practical. But, even if you can’t film in cities like Denver, Santa Fe, Portland, Nashville, or St. Louis – at least set some of your stories there. Have Liz go home to Nebraska. Have Red drop through Kansas City to enjoy some barbecue. Seriously, in four years, the crew hasn’t been to Las Vegas once? I mean, there’s got to be all sorts of criminal activity going on there, if the Oceans movies have taught me anything.

Honestly, it’s starting to feel like the whole middle and west of the country doesn’t even exist in this fictional world.

In conclusion

Despite my annoyance with this show, I truly am a big fan, and I am eager to see what happens to all these characters I love. There are many like me, who are frustrated with how the team has handled this show recently, but we are willing to keep tuning in and offering our advice, even if it never reaches you.

Thank you and regards,


I’m trying my hardest not to care about shipwars in the Blacklist fandom, but I have to admit that it is ruining the show for me.

I feel the need to defend my babies, but I loathe getting into an argument, especially on this website.

 I am proud to say I have never send hate to anyone.

And you know, I’m part of a lot of fandoms, but I have to say, this one is THE WORST. People are incredibly mean and angry, at both the characters and the actors.

WTF people ? Why do you feel this need to hate on other people like that ? For a TV show ?

I too, have my NOTP, in every show I watch, but you can scroll through my blog for hours, you will never find out who they are. Because I only focus on the positive.

Your hate and rants about other people’s ships is ruinning the fandom.

And the actors… for God sake, just leave them be ! You don’t like how they act, fine, stop watching the damn show ! But you can’t hate on people like that. Seriously. Stop.

I love Megan Boone. I love every actor on this show. I do not like every character though, but do you see me hate on them ??? Nope.

For fuck’s sake, grow up.