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The Impostor!Red Theory is basically confirmed

All props to @eaglechica19 for her original theory. Go check it out. (PS - don’t open this up on mobile; it will crash the app.)

Along with @reddybear56, I too believe in the Impostor!Red theory more than ever, thanks to last night’s finale. This is the only way to reconcile the inconsistencies that Raymond Reddington is Liz’s dad but our Red is not, and has never lied to her. I think more stuff in S4 only further confirmed this.

(To clarify, when I say ‘Raymond Reddington,’ I mean Liz’s biological father who died the Night of the Fire; and ‘our Red’ means James Spader’s character who was introduced to us in the pilot episode.) 

Operating under the assumptions (as TPTB said multiple times) that Red never lies to Liz and that the Liz-Paternity question was answered in last night’s episode, this can only mean that our Red is an impostor.

Unless the DNA test was tampered with, or the sample from the shirt belonged to someone else, that’s the only way both of the aforementioned ‘assumptions,’ which TPTB have confirmed, can be true.

If I may, @eaglechica19, summarize your original theory just so I can write it out, streamlined, in front of me. Perhaps this will help other people too. Really, I think a lot of confirmation for the theory came from S4c.

(Again: Raymond Reddington = character before the Night of the Fire; and our Red = James Spader’s character)

  • According to Kaplan’s memories and Katarina’s diary, Katarina had an affair with an American named Raymond Reddington
  • In Kaplan’s flashbacks, we see Katarina having sex with Raymond Reddington in a car (or at least, that’s who she tells us it is), and we get a quick glimpse of him; he appears to be played by a different actor and not James Spader. However, when Kaplan meets “Raymond Reddington” later in the shadows – which, chronologically, was maybe a year after the Night of the Fire – he IS played by James Spader 
  • Again, in Kaplan’s flashbacks, we find out that Raymond Reddington believes Liz/Masha is his kid and abducts her, forcing Katarina to follow him to America, leading to the famous Night of the Fire
  • In Liz’s flashbacks in 2x10, we hear her mother arguing with “Raymond” about Liz/Masha and the Fulcrum
  • Thanks to Liz’s memories and Red’s scars, we know that our Red was there the Night of the Fire; Red’s conversation with Ghost!Katarina confirms that he chose to save Masha rather than Katarina, confirming that, at the very least, he was in their lives at this point in time
  • In the S2 finale, Liz remembers shooting and killing her father when he and her mother argued the Night of the Fire; Red confirms that her father is dead and, per TPTB, Red does not lie to Liz
  • Based on all this evidence, we know FOR SURE of four people who were there the night of the fire: Liz’s biological father, who is Raymond Reddington according to the DNA test; Katarina; Liz/Masha; and our Red. Liz’s father died from the gunshot wound and his body was likely still in the house when it burned down.
  • Kirk is like super-convinced that “Raymond Reddington” had a thing with/for Katarina; once Kirk finds out he himself is not Liz’s/Masha’s father, he automatically wonders whether “Raymond Reddington” is
  • The real Raymond Reddington being Liz/Masha’s dead father, yet our Red being alive only makes sense under the Impostor!Red theory

Again, all props to @eaglechica19 for her very hard work on this theory, and all the additions she’s made in these past few episodes.

Unless the writers have lied to us, or have changed their minds, this is the only thing that makes sense.


“Lately, I find the truth has become so elusive, often imaginary. But, in the end, it’s all that we’re left with, isn’t it? What is real, what you can taste and touch and feel. The words that pass between us as we look each other in the eye are all we have to hold onto. The truth. I hold it dear.

TBL: Retconned Kaplan

There is a subject of contention among The Blacklist fanbase – Kaplan’s ‘turning’ against Red b/c of her affection for Liz (because she was once her nanny). I would like to argue that the whole thing is definitely a retcon.

A very long meta below the jump.

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Lizzington Fan Fiction Prompts Master List w/Stories (UPDATED)

This Master List is a collection of every Lizzington fan fiction prompt so far with their accompanying fanworks.  The prompt list was compiled as a joint effort between me, redandlizzie and some great submissions by fellow Lizzington shippers.  The works included in this list were created for the expressed purpose of fulfilling the prompt; works that predate the prompts were not included.  All prompts are still open for fulfillment (the more fic the better!).  If you know of a prompt response that is published and has not been included here, please reblog with a link.  Note: The fics suggested previously have now been added! 

Many thanks to tiny-but-fierce27 for helping with research and formatting!

1. Liz punches Red

2. Liz sees Red’s tattoos

3. Red and Liz dance

4. Liz wears Red’s fedora

5. Red sees Lizzie’s thigh

6. Red is angry and frustrated and no longer in control; he holds Liz’s wrists while she tries to run and he slowly gets closer and closer until…

7. Red and Liz are alone and their vehicle breaks down leaving them stranded. 

     Dark Roads and Open Doors

8. Lizzington reversed. Red is the FBI agent and Liz turns herself in to hunt Blacklisters.

9. A story that explores Dembe’s character, preferably while also showcasing Red and Lizzie. We know the two men are close - does Dembe know why Red’s so protective of Lizzie?

10. Either Red or Liz is in need of mouth-to-mouth CPR (forget those new standards).  


11. Red and Liz get snowed in - a one room cabin.

12. Red or Liz get slightly hurt but need the other to care for him/her.

13. Liz learns the truth about the murder of Red’s family from Dembe. 

14. Red and Liz get stuck in an elevator.

15. Red trying to redeem himself with newly Dark!Lizzie seducing him back to the dark side.

16. Red’s scars: What happens when Liz learns about Red’s scars? How does she discover them?

17. Red and Liz pose as a married couple undercover (possible twist: They actually marry)

18. Why does Liz cut her hair, and how is it acknowledged by Red? (NEW)

19. Red says the following: “If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple ‘thank you’ is all I need. None of this ‘how did you get in my house’ business.”


  • Distraction (Liz wears Red’s fedora, he sees her thigh, Liz punches Red & they dance)
Yup. So My 'Red Is An Imposter' Theory Mega Post Was Basically Proven Tonight IMO

They did EXACTLY what I predicted they would do once I saw that bloody shirt…

They’re going to say Red is her father bc the blood on that shirt WILL match her DNA… (Which it WILL because that man WAS her father)…

Except the idiots won’t probably be LOGICAL and test it against the DNA they HAD to have collected when he originally turned himself in in the ‘Pilot.’ And Lizzie CONVENIENTLY threw out the DNA SHE collected in Montreal at their dinner date. (Eye roll)…


Ps - Harold only said he collected the evidence when Liz said he used to work with Red. HAROLD NEVER ACTUALLY SAID HE PHYSICALLY WORKED WITH OR MET RAYMOND 30 YEARS AGO.

It’s stupid, misleading, a cop out, and yet again WON’T give us a straight answer - that Red ISN’T her dad. He took her father’s identity after he died in the fire.

Their first kiss? Well...

…They would be standing outside of the shipping container. After pointing out Polaris and revealing to Lizzy that *she* is his North Star, Red would protect her from having to reply to him by describing in animated detail the stories behind various constellations they can see. She would turn her head to glance at him out of the corner of her eye every now and again. He would be pointing to one star cluster, then another, his voice dramatically raising and dropping in cadence.

God, he loved to be alive. She would admire that in him…and a part of her would envy that about him. She would want to feel the passion for living that he feels so keenly…the desire to experience what he does would burn within her like starfire.

His voice would eventually fade, the sea breeze whisking it away across the waves. He would drop his gaze thoughtfully to hers, his head tilted to the side. Her lips would be slightly parted, her eyes searching his. They would be standing close enough to feel the heat radiating between them. A sudden gust of wind would whip by them. She would shiver, and he would notice. Solicitous, he would murmur how they should go back and he would press his hand against her arm to lead her inside.

As they would be about to turn, her hand would find his wrist, fingers light, almost hesitant–almost. But there would be enough pressure to give him pause. He would stop moving and look down at their hands. He would watch as her fingers encircle his wrist–a touch from her, as intimate as a kiss. A breath would escape his lips. His eyes would dart to hers, questioning.

She would lean closer, eyes sliding away from his. His lips would meet her temple in a chaste way. They would stand that way for a heartbeat. Maybe two. Then she would move, tilting her head in such a way that his mouth would be closer to her cheek. Her heart would be pounding–no doubt his would be too. But he would think that this has gone far enough, farther than he would have wanted for tonight. Because she is vulnerable. Because she is raw. He doesn’t want to complicate matters between them. Their situation is already convoluted enough. But she would tighten her grip on his wrist and her eyes…those marvelous eyes would flicker to meet his.

A questing. An invitation.

A new kind of heat would suddenly flare and glow between them. Because he is invited, he would lean closer and his lips would meet hers for the first time. Softly. Gently. They would shift and his hands would find her waist, hers would find his chest. The kiss would tentatively deepen for a moment before they part to look at each other. Her eyes would glitter like the stars burning above them. His smiling mouth would work soundlessly for a moment before he murmurs in a gravelly voice, “Well.”

Well, indeed.

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