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Okay so basically we decided that it is Time™ to start writing and drawing and collaborating more, and what better time than the eve of a brand new year (lmao 2017 pls be kinder) to start? So we made a prompt list (under the cut) and we will write/draw for you!

How to participate ?

  • Send one of the following URLs an ask with a prompt listed below the cut
  • Add a pairing yourself (we are all mainly drarry but, we are open to suggestions) (we are also allowed to say no to pairings if we don’t feel comfortable with them)
  • Bold URLs are the ones that write, cursive are the artists, the others are our beta’s and inspirational sources
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  • Follow us (okay kidding this is not obligatory but it would be nice)
  • Annnnd, that’s it, really

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I’m choosing to believe Redbeard actually was a dog, and John’s nightmare just turned him into a person because he can’t make himself believe that Sherlock would be that emotional over a dog from his childhood because he doesn’t realize that Sherlock is actually the tiniest human to ever exist.

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

This is Missy (short for Melody), she’s 14 years old and comes from a rather mixed family, sometimes they’re psychic, sometimes they’re not. So her powers were really welcome. She likes making dolls because she can make it seem like the dolls are alive using her psychic powers, her special power however happens to be telepathy (and she constantly reads people’s minds on accident). She loves her camp shirt and she’s at about level 10.


dear video game developers, i am small and arachnophobic, please will you just let me live

(info in the captions)

Imagine, for a moment, Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald sending a Time Lord, thousands of years old, The Oncoming Storm, out for coffee. And he goes.

Clara Oswald learning to ride a motorbike because riding on the back of Eleven’s was fun, but she could do it so much better on her own.

Clara Oswald gaining access to the Black Archives because her world-saving antics are as renowned as *his*.

Clara Oswald grading papers on the TARDIS while casually putting out the diplomatic fires the Doctor starts on multiple worlds.

Clara Oswald seducing Jane Austen and influencing the character development of Liz Bennett. (Guess who influenced Darcy’s.)

Clara Oswald riding into this world on a leaf and soaring off of it in a TARDIS she shares with yet another woman who was supposed to die thousands of years ago, but who the universe wasn’t ready to live without. 

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tafw someone on tv needs smth done by a certain deadline and the person they're having do it is like "what if we don't get this finished on time" and the ppl in charge r like "that can't happen u just gotta have it done on time, thats it" and ur just sittin there stressing out cause like !!!! BUT WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY DON'T!!!!! YOU NEED TO TELL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AaaAaAAAaAAA -tuna (idk if this is actually an autistic thing or just a me thing so if it's just a me thing sorry aa)

I think this is just an organised person thing, though possibly made worse by hyperempathy I guess - Mod Liz


Ming-Na Wen and Iain De Caestecker share ‘hopes and dreams’ for Agents of SHIELD S4. Talk FitzSimmons’ journey, comic book May/Fitz and Ming hiding under the bed while Iain and Elizabeth filmed FitzSimmons crossing the event horizon!?

Based on this head canon thing by @amaiiko-chan@crazy-fangirl mentioned wanting an addition to the post, so here.

I wrote this in about 15 minutes, so if it’s crap, that’s why.

“Nico, can I talk to you for a sec?”

Nico’s head turned to look at Percy where he was standing a few feet away. “Sure.” He set his book down and stood up from his picnic table, excusing himself from the Apollo table.

“What is it?” he asked once they were far enough away from the dining pavilion.

“See the thing is,” Percy began, “there’s this new camper, and he’s starting to get on my nerves. He’s been following me around a lot, and as much as I appreciate his thoughts on me, I would like some time alone. Do you think you can annoy him for me?”

“And how would you say I’d annoy him, if I agree?”

“Just act like you did when you first arrived at camp.”

Nico blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Oh yeah, sorry, but you were kinda annoying.” Percy scratched the back of his head, laughing sheepishly.

“Well I mean I did have a crush on you so…”

Percy’s face flushed. “And I’m not your type, I know.” Nico snickered at this line, which Percy graciously ignored.

“So, how about it?”

“I guess I’m up for it. Who’s the little rascal?”

“Please don’t say rascal ever again, and he’s Sinclair Munley. Unfortunate name, apparently his mother was a history professor, but…”

“Percy! Hey!”

The two teens turned to look at a child running across the green in their direction. Percy paled, and Nico took a wild guess. “Is that him?” he asked through written teeth.


“Great. You can go, I’ve got this.”

Percy gave him a look that said thank you, and ran off back towards the pavilion to join the other members of the 7 who were visiting camp.

Sinclair turned to look at him run off with a disappointed look on his face, and then his eyes widened as he focused on Nico.

This was a general problem Nico di Angelo faced: young children. Although this boy looked about 10 years old, he seemed scared of him. Time to fix that.

“Hey! I’m Nico!” he exclaimed with false happiness in his voice. “You must be Sinclair, Percy’s told me about you. He also says sorry, but he had some important business to take care of. You know, prophecy things. I guess you’re stuck with me!”

The kid’s face wore an expression of shock, which then turned into one of mild amusement. “A-alright.”

“Great!” Nico linked his arm into Sinclair’s and started off in the opposite direction of the green, ignoring the snickering coming from the pavilion.

“No need to be scared of me by the way, although if I was your age I would be scared of myself.” He let out a laugh. “How old are you anyway?”

Sinclair held out two hands, and exclaimed, “I’m 9 and three quarters! I’m turning 10 in August!”

“Oh that’s great! I myself am 15, I just turned so a few months ago. So who’s your dad?”

“I don’t actually know yet.”

“Ah that’s alright! You’ll probably find out fairly soon anyways, because of the promise thing Percy made the gods agree to a few summers ago.”

Nico rambled on about random things, noticing the growing discomfort the other boy was showing. He ignored it, pushing on his fake smiles.

“You know, I think I have to go back to the pavilion to meet up with the rest of the Hermes cabin,” Sinclair said, most likely attempting to get Nico to stop talking to him.

“Oh cool, I need to go there too! i’ll just keep talking then! So i was saying…”

Nico continued to the pavilion, still chattering away. Once they arrived, Sinclair ran off, yelling over his shoulder. “N-nice to meet you, but uh, I just remembered I have a thing! Yeah, a thing! Um, bye.”

Nico dropped the act, and returned to his table, sitting down with a sigh. Such fake happiness took a lot of effort on his part, and he was glad the kid got tired so easily. 

Opening his eyes, he noticed the Apollo table and the rest of the Seven staring at him in shock. Will smirked but said nothing, as he had seen Nico when he arrived at camp, being an old timer. Annabeth continued eating her Caesar salad like nothing had happened, and Percy walked over to the table.

The two fist bumped, and Percy sighed in relief. “Thanks man, I owe you a bunch.”

“No problem,” Nico replied. “Glad I could help.”

With that, he turned to his plate and lifted a burger, ignoring the stares of everyone. He smiled to himself, and began eating.

I feel like the season 4 finale of Wentworth will be the biggest one yet. While Bea is still at the center of it, I feel like so many other characters have a stake in what happens. Bea, Franky, Joan, Allie, Kaz, Vera, Jake, and Will are all caught up in Ferguson’s plot. We gotta get some kind of answer to Sonia’s storyline which involves Liz. Maybe we’ll get an answer to whether Boomer is pregnant which involves Maxine. And maybe we’ll get a good scene between Bea and Doreen where Dor confronts her about lagging and they can finally bury the hatchet. 

This season has done such a good job of incorporating everyone into the show even though this is the biggest cast they’ve ever had. At the end of season 3 I was worried that the show would suffer with Franky gone and Joan no longer the governor. Instead Wentworth rose to a higher level that I didn’t even know existed. This show is amazing, this season has been fantastic, and the season finale looks like it’ll kill us all. I can’t wait.

And Allie Novak is alive