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Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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On the Down Low

First one shot! I’m really nervous! If anyone has any constructive criticism, please give it to me, I really wanna do my best. I tried really hard and I feel like everyone is OOC, but I’m working on that. It was hard to write but I hope I did well and that the person who requested this really likes it! Here we go!

tag : @harrisonholland

request : can you write an imagine where peter and the reader are best friends, and both are secret superheroes?

Y/N = Your Name

Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Y/S/N = Your Superhero Name

Words : 1560



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Y/N Y/L/N was an ordinary teenage girl, although very much a huge nerd. She’s best friends with Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, some of the biggest geeks she knows and loves them for it. Her life was just school, homework, sleep, and the occasional Star Wars movie here and there.

Oh, and she also squeezes in a bit of saving the world into her schedule.

Y/N is known as one of the ‘vigilantes’ seen around Queens, New York, with the ability to turn invisible, alongside the infamous Spider-Man; Y/S/N.

No one knew, and no one would ever know. Especially not her two best friends. It’s dangerous as hell, and they would not be able to handle it, especially not Peter.

“Hey nerds, close your mouths, you’ll catch flies,” Y/N said while she sat down at the lunch table across from Peter and Ned, “What did Liz get a new top?” Y/N joked.

“No, she’s just never worn it with that skirt.” Ned sighed dreamily.

“Yeah.” Peter smiled lazily.

“That was a joke, Ned, and the fact that you know and have the capability to tell by this point really concerns me.” Y/N shook her head both.

“You guys are losers.” We heard from the other side of the table. Our heads turned to see Michelle Jones with a book in her hand and an unimpressed look on her face.

“Then why do you sit with us?” Ned squinted his eyes.

“‘Cause I have no friends.” Then went back to reading her book.

“Nice talking to you too, MJ.” Y/N laughed bitterly, “Anyway, don’t forget about the decathlon meeting after school today. Nationals is coming up.”

Y/N got a, “Yeah,” and “Got it,” before both boys went back to gawking Liz Allan, before ultimately ending up choking on flies. You told them about the flies, but they didn’t listen now did they.

“A particle is moving along a parabola y2= 2x + 3 in such a way that its x-coordinate is increasing at the constant rate of 3 units per second. At what rate, in units per second, is its y-coordinate changing as it passes through the point (3, -3)?” Liz read a sample question.

“-1.” Michelle answered quickly.

“That’s right,” Liz smiled, “When plutonium -239 decays to-”

“I gotta go.” Both Peter and Y/N said while looking down at their phones. Both heads shot up and looked at each other, “Why do you have to go?” They said in unison once again.

“That’s a bit creepy, don’t you think?” Cindy said from across the table.

“Yeah, it’s like their programmed to say the same thing like robots.” Abe chimed in.

“Or twins,” Ned jumped in, “It happens a lot, it’s freaky.”

“Hah, yeah funny, but I’m going to go now. So, I’ll see you guys for the last practice tomorrow.” Y/N jumped up from her chair and started fast walking towards the door of the classroom.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go too.” Peter said wide eyed and proceeded to do the same.

“What, no! You guys can’t leave, we need to be prepared!” Liz’s exclaimed, but they only fell on deaf ears, “Ugh. What could they possibly be doing that’s so important?”

“They’re probably getting freaky on the down low. Nasty nerds.” Michelle shook her head.

Y/N Y/L/N was now her alter-ego; Y/S/N, jumping from building to building to get to the ATM robbery that was taking place in Queens.

Perched on top of a building, Y/N watched as the robbers stuffed money from the ATM’s into large black bags, planning on how to stop them.

Y/S/N found her way down and used her powers to go unseen. She made her way into the bank and stood behind the only robber who had a gun.

Leaning against the only ATM machine that hadn’t been broken into, at least not yet, she cleared her throat loudly.

“What was that?” The armed robber turned to Y/N’s direction, but wasn’t able to see her.

While the four guys’ attention was turned to her, Y/N saw the one and only, Spider-Man enter the bank.

“Oh hell no.” Y/N growled. It’s not like they were enemies or anything, there was just some sort of competition with the two being new heroes and having different styles and ways of saving the day.

“Hey guys,” Spider-Man said, as the armed robber aimed at him, and shot soon after, although it was easily dodged, “Woah, here, let me hold that for you, buddy.”

Spider-Man shot a web and pulled the gun from the robber’s grasp, only for one of the other men to take a swing at him, which he caught and was able to send him flying across the room.

Y/N became visible and began to help Spider-Man despite her discontent, but, however, didn’t fail to voice it.

“I was here first Spider-Boy!” She yelled over the punches and kicks being thrown, “I had this handled.”

Y/N blocked a kick from a particularly large man and socked him in the face, sending him to the ground painfully.

“Didn’t look like you were doing anything when I got here.” Spider-Man grunted, blocking a punch.

Webbing another guy in the face, he swung himself into the man’s body to have him slam against the bank’s wall.

“I was gonna get to it, did you not hear me clear my throats for suspense?” Y/S/N swooped down to knock the third man down with her leg and found him unconscious.

As the fourth and final robber tried to escape, Y/S/N grabbed onto Spider-Man’s hand to have him swing her around and tackle the man, but not without an accidental kick sent to his face, courtesy of yours truly.

“God damn it! Can’t you watch where you’re going?” Spider-Man clutched his eye, “Do you have toes made of titanium or something?”

“Oh, don’t be such a wussy, Spider-Boy,” Y/N sneered and walked to him, “Don’t you take on tons of bad guys a week?”

“Spider-Man. It’s Spider-Man. Not Spider-Boy or Spiderling, I’m Spider-Man.” He exclaimed desperately, eyes on his suit widening.

“Mhm,” Y/S/N hummed and adjusted her mask, “Well, I’ll see you around, preferably not when I’m fighting crime, on my own, where I’ve got everything handle-”

“I get it, don’t get in your way. Only as long you don’t get in mine.”

“Mhm,” Y/S/N shook her head and started mumbling, “Thank God I’m not friends with someone like you in my everyday life.”

He could be Flash Thompson for all she knew.

Spider-Man heard her mumbling and couldn’t help but agree with her for once.

“So, what was going on yesterday? Why’d you leave so suddenly?” Michelle questioned Y/N at her locker.

Y/N sighed and shoved her backpack into the locker, grabbing the books she needed for the next couple of classes, “Nothing, MJ. Family stuff, but don’t worry; I’ll be there for Nationals.”

“Uh huh, like I believe that,” Michelle took a step closer to Y/N once she’d closed her locker, “What are you hiding, Y/N?”

Y/N sighed for the second time, “I’m telling you, it was just family stuff. I promise you, now can we go to class?”

“Mhm.” Michelle turned on heel and started to walk ahead of Y/N.

“Great, I made the most annoyed and unimpressed girl in school even more annoyed and unimpressed.” Y/N mumbled to herself, jogging forward to catch up with her.

Their silent walk was interrupted when Y/N made an abrupt stop when she saw Peter at his locker with Ned. He had a huge bruise on his eye, right where Y/S/N had kicked Spider-Man yesterday.

‘There’s no way little Peter Parker is that annoying ass Spider-Boy. Not my best friend.’ Y/N thought, ‘He did leave at the same time as me though, and has been acting so weird lately. The Stark Internship may not even be a real thing at all!’

Oh, Y/N Y/L/N had been wrong about Peter Parker not being able to handle the danger and shock, but she won’t be wrong when she says that he won’t be able to handle her foot up his ass.

‘He didn’t even tell me! Well, I never told him… but still!’ Y/N shook her head of the thoughts and settled to talk to her best friend about it tonight.

“So, you and Peter,” Michelle started, “Something’s happening, huh?”

Y/N head shot over in her direction, eyes wide. There was no possible way Michelle would know about Spider-Man and Y/S/N.

“You nasty nerds have been getting freaky on the down low, right?” Michelle shrugged, “Not judging, there always has been sexual tension anyway.”

Y/N out a breath she didn’t know she was holding before she rolled her eyes, “We aren’t ‘getting freaky’ on the down low. Peter is my best friend, practically my brother.”

“That’s what they all say,” Michelle shook her head, “Until they start the nasty.”

“We did not ‘start the nasty’!” Y/N exclaimed and started walking away from her friend, only to hear her shout the words for everyone in the hall to hear,

“Is it kinky?!”

Thank you @fionnfanatics for helping me with the translation, I owe you everything !

The news wasn’t good in England, and it hadn’t been for several months. The British government was doing anything they could to avoid panic, but even the civilians could feel that a war was coming. Hitler’s Germany had guaranteed Poland that they would not overrun the country, which seemed to be confirmed come summer. Yet the people knew that was just dust in their eyes. It was just a matter of time, weeks or maybe even days. At the end of august 1939, the British Army; in their houses, at their parent’s home or with their wives, thought that this summer was their last peaceful one for a long time. Everybody savoured each moment and wondered if this was the last time they would wake up next to their wives, eat their mothers home-made food and talked about the next football game with their fathers.

Jack had just finished his training at the end of 1938, to the great displeasure of his mother. The poor woman, daughter of a Great War veteran, tried to do everything she could so that her only son never joined the army. There was nothing she could do when he had announced, at only 18, that he had enlisted for the Royal Air Force. Nobody knew if the tears she let roll down her cheeks when she saw her baby boy in his beautiful uniform were of pride and happiness or sadness. His father had been very proud when he saw his son wearing the uniform at Christmas Eve. And Liz… Liz had jumped on him and had kissed him, without any explanations. Jack and Liz had known each other since they were kids, their whole village in Scotland knew they were made for each other, they just had to find out themselves. At the end of 1938, life was still beautiful. For these two lovers but also for the country, for the Munich Agreements was supposed to organize and keep a long and lasting peace. At the end of the summer of 1939, the tone had changed and nobody had any certainty about tomorrow. Liz was suddenly much less pleased about her best friend, who had officially become the love of her life, being in the Air Force.

This evening, when Liz left Jack to come back home, the young man felt empty, more than usual. Liz still lived at her parent’s house, two streets away from the house of Jack’s parents and in the same block as the little flat Jack had rented for a few months. They agreed to live this way knowing that they were together only for a few months and usually, letting her go this way every evening to find her again the next morning didn’t bother him. They were young, they didn’t see any problem with their story and their situation. Except that this evening seemed different. The flat seemed emptier and darker and, laying on his cold bed alone, Jack had an odd feeling. A bad feeling. The shadow of the war hung over their country and, even worse, over their happiness. He wondered if his phone was going to ring in the night or if an officer was going to knock on his door asking him to go to his base straight away. In the beginning, the young soldier lived mostly at at the military base which was just a few miles away from his village. But in the tense atmosphere, and because he was one of the only who wasn’t allowed to live with his family at the base, he was allowed to live in a flat on his own. He never wanted to let Liz go, he wanted to have her endlessly next to him, to keep her every night beside him to be sure she wouldn’t leave. But they were 20, they weren’t supposed to rush things.

Except that tonight, Jack didn’t think of anything but rushing things. The others could go to hell with their opinions. They had known each other for ages and they had loved each other just as long. He couldn’t take the risk of being sent far away without screaming from the top of his lungs how much he loves Liz. He just couldn’t risk this. And the war was coming, he could feel it in his bloodstream. When he woke up, he knew in his heart that it was now or never. And he wouldn’t let a ‘never’ tarnish their story.

“Jack, my dear, what’re you doing here? It’s seven in the morning.”

In front of Liz’s mother who was still wearing her bathrobe, hair like a mess and a cup of hot tea in her hand, Jack took a look at his watch to see that, indeed, he had come a little early. But he didn’t want to lose any time and he hadn’t slept that night so he didn’t really pay attention to the hour, he ran along the street as soon as he had seen the rising sun. His face showed the high level of stress he felt and Mrs.McCoy was almost afraid. Jack looked drawn and tired, he had dark rings under his eyes and his look showed everything he was feeling. He was almost scared. He leaned his hands on either side of the door so that they wouldn’t tremble, but also so that he could rest his body and avoid falling due to his exhaustion and his tenseness.

“I’m sorry Mrs.McCoy, I know it’s early but I really need to see Liz.“


Liz’s voice, which came from the top of the stairs as soon as she heard her boyfriend’s voice, calmed him and he let out a relieved sigh. She hadn’t disappeared, she was still here. Mrs.McCoy moved aside to let the young man enter the house and Liz met him downstairs. She wasn’t in her pyjamas, she was wearing a light dress, but her face and her hair still had the marks of her night. Jack took her hands, to check that she was really there, and brought her against him before kissing her like it was the last time. Liz was surprised by his actions but she responded to his kiss. Usually, the pilot didn’t like to show their love in public, especially in front of their parents. A little kiss when they met, when they left each other or now and then, but nothing compared to the kiss he was giving to the young women now, right in front of her mother.

“I really need to talk to you.” He said when their lips broke apart, out of breath, keeping their foreheads together as his hands held his girlfriend’s face gently.

“Is there a problem?” She worried. Every day she was scared of the moment when Jack would ring at the door and tell her that the war has been declared and he was leaving for Germany without knowing when or if he would come back.

“Marry me.”

Jack surprised himself with how it blurted out. He wasn’t a great romantic guy but he had always imagined something better for his proposal. Liz deserved better. When they were kids and they played in the back garden of this house, the little boy he used to be always put a knee on the grass and offered a piece of cake or a sweet to the little girl in front of him and he’d said that these things were a promise, his promise to always stay by her side when they would be two boring adults. Nothing happened like it had been planned and the surprise he saw in Liz’s eyes didn’t calm him.


"Marry me. Liz, I… I beg you, I love you, I’m crazy about you, marry me.”

He wasn’t able to find his words, he closed his eyes to avoid seeing Liz’s reaction, he was too afraid of the things he could read in her eyes.

“But – I love you too Jack, you know that but – what happens? At this time, with the war coming we…”

“That’s the point, the war is coming and I don’t want to leave this country without having married you first.”

Liz’s body convulsed, and with a sharp movement, Jack raised his head to finally watch her. Her eyes were full of tears and he couldn’t say if she was happy or if he had just broken her. This idea squeezed his heart. With the hand he still had on her cheek, he wiped the single salted pearl which run down her face.

“Say something, anything, please.” He begged. He felt like he was going to explode. The feelings and the stress he had felt all night long, and which kept him awake were nothing next to what he was feeling right now. The world could fall apart around him right now, but she was the only thing he saw. And there was only one thing which scared him more than anything; he was scared of seeing his world fall apart in front of him due to his words.

“Oh, by the lord, say yes my girl, don’t you see the poor boy will suffocate!” Mrs.McCoy said, she had stayed in the entrance of the house all this time, being met there by her husband.

The second time Liz moved, she fell into Jack’s arms. Her arms around the shoulders of the love of her life, she squeezed him as much as she could while crying, her face hidden in his neck. He was still in the same state of stress – and he would be until he would hear the world he prayed to hear – but he wrapped his arms around her waist with the constant fear that she would disappear if he released his embrace. “Yes, of course yes, I’ll marry you.” She murmured between two sobs. And Jack relaxed. Liz released her hug and kissed him passionately. Jack thought he didn’t need to be afraid anymore, about anything, nothing could affect him, not even the war, as long as he had her.


The trip to England was so beautiful. I went to a lot of places: Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall, Hardwick Hall, Lyme park, Sudbury Hall and the Stanage Edge. I stayed in the Old Hall hotel, Buxton. It was a very cute and little town. Across the street there was a huge, romantic park where we walked a few times. Chatsworth House was a dream that came true, it was very beautiful and thinking that Pride and Prejudice was filmed there, made me crazy. I was so in love with the estate. Unfortunately they were building on the estate, so the view was not the best, but that couldn’t ruin my dream, because my dream has absolutely come true. We visited Haddon Hall and Hardwick Hall on one day. Haddon Hall was very old, but still intact and very romantic. They said it was haunted, and that gave me sometimes a weird feeling. Hardwick Hall was very beautiful too, the guides there were very kind, you could ask questions about the building and stuff. These two buildings were very beautiful and interesting with an own kind of story. The day after that day, we visited Lyme Park and Sudbury Hall, where Pride and Prejudice 1995, the BBC version, was filmed. Sudbury Hall was the inside of Pemberley and Lyme Park the outside. It was very nice. Also very romantic. The last day we went to Stanage Edge, where the part Liz on top of the world, from Pride and Prejudice 2005 was filmed. It was so stunning, but it was a high climb and very windy, I almost blew away. So respect for Keira Knightley that she stood on that stone.
Concludend: I dare say my dream has come true, I was in the clouds, my dreams, all vacation long. Unfortunately I didn’t find the real Mr Darcy, but I saw his bust and I bought a little Mr Darcy bust, so I could bring him home ;).
I really appreciated that I had my dream vacation and I will always be a Jane Austen fan!

i'm in the kind of mood where i just feel like putting both middle fingers in everyone's faces.

Like, just throwing them at people. Vigorously. With the fire of 7 suns.

So instead of doing that I will do the following:

  • finish making my coffee
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Liz-O’s Top Ten Photos from 2014 (Personal Favorites Edition!)

Photo #4: Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon (The Gospel Tour) — Pier Six Pavilion — August 10th, 2014 [x]

Before I saw Walk the Moon play their set at The Gospel Tour, I had never intentionally listened to their music because I didn’t know who they were! However, as soon as they started playing their opener, “Tightrope,” I realized two things. The first realization was that the majority of the teenagers in the crowd obviously knew way more about them than I did, so at the age of 23, I had my first personal “Wow, I feel old” moment. (It was so strange, especially since I came there for Panic! at the Disco, who have been one of MY favorite bands since sophomore year of high school. Weird.) The second realization was that their familiar melodies had been percolating in my subconscious for a while (thanks to an HP laptop commercial from 2012, according to the internet!).

Regardless of my un-hip and un-teenage status, I happily danced to Walk the Moon’s catchy tunes and super-percussive beats in-between my camera’s snaps. All four members were having equal amounts of fun on-stage, constantly aware of each other and moving all around the stage. With all of the movement, it made getting clear shots quite the challenge! However, live music is all about experiencing the music with your entire being — so I knew that I had to take advantage of the nine-song-long set by taking as many photos as I could from my fifth-row seat! Because of my obsessive approach, this photo of lead singer Nick Petricca exists, among several other shots… some of which have never been posted online… so stay tuned in the new year for more pictures, WTM fans!