liz dewitt

video game aesthetic meme: [7/?] : elizabeth comstock - bioshock infinite

Elizabeth:  “Hello!  Ooh, this is wonderful!  Ooh, come dance with me Mr. DeWitt!”
Booker:  “I don’t dance.”
Elizabeth:  “Why? What could be better than this?”


“Turn in the mission and wipe away the debt.”

The Luteces as the Twinzerkers

Action skill, on hit: Become an army of two, and enter Lutecenought mode                                                                                                         Melee Override, on hit: Monologue all opponents in area and severely weaken their defences to attacks and/or plot twists

Booker Dewitt as the Trashsassin

Action skill, on hit: Become trash. Disguise yourself as a trash can and move around the battlefield undetected, ready to strike with whatever is in the can with you                                                                                               Melee Override, on hit: Eviscerate all enemies in 5 mile radius by devastating the ground you’re standing on with a legendary punch known as [PRESS BUTTON]