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Ditch Prom! 

Sometimes you have a dream for a shoot and then all the pieces fall together and it turns out better than you dreamed. That was this shoot. I wanted to tell the story of two kids going to prom but deciding to “ditch prom” and have their own night of adventures in New York City. 

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I could not have done this shoot without my AMAZING models, Adjua & Faith, and my talented producer Eliza Hoyland.

August 2014 - NYC


Betty-Venture: Day 1

San Francisco -> Mendocino 

Its time I start sharing my images from an epic road trip I did last fall from San Francisco to Santa Fe in an old ambulances, AKA Betty. They are some of my favorite images I made last year so its weird it has taken me so long to share. I hope you enjoy coming along on my adventure, AKA #Bettyventure.

October 2015