liz cruz

Some things I noticed about the last scene:

1) Liz sets up the meeting with Red to give him the Fulcrum, but also to get the truth. Toms story about Reddington giving him the passports sounds far-fetched but it’s reasonable considering how high-quality they were and how they were traced back to Red in 1x06.
Basically: Liz is giving Red the benefit of the doubt. She knows Tom is a liar, and even if his story makes sense, she knows Red isn’t going to lie to her.

2) She clearly asks Red “for the dignity of a yes or no answer.” She knows that, if true, Red would either give her a roundabout answer or try to explain himself. She already knows how he’s going to react. She knows how much he cares.

3) When she backs off, Red follows her in her body language. As she moves away, he moves closer in an attempt to explain. Also, he does NOT start explaining, he merely asks IF he can. Because he knows that he can try, but she won’t listen. Hence why he’s asking her if she *will* listen. If she *wants* to listen. And of course, like always, she doesn’t.

4) Red pursues her initially, calling out to her, moving toward her car. But ultimately, he lets her go. He won’t cross that line of forcing her to listen or stay. He leaves her free to choose.

5) Red was willing to stand there and explain everything to her, even though he knew the clock was ticking on the Cabal and their eventual hit. He was risking everything so she would listen and they could reconcile.

TL;DR : Liz gave Red the benefit of the doubt. She trusted him more than Tom. She knew he’d try to justify or explain himself. He risked everything to do so, and let her go when she didn’t listen.

  • Christian: I'm a bad person, Lizzy, I know that
  • Liz: That is not what I am saying.
  • Christian: No, it's what I'm saying. Look, I know I don't have much of a conscience. I don't know what happened. Either I was born without it or it rotted away like some gangrenous appendage or something, I don't know. And I know I get down on you about all your speeches and stuff, I just- I- I want you to be the voice in my head that tells me right from wrong. I- I d- I want you to come home with me Lizzy. I need you
  • Liz: We have been down this road before, Christian. What's in it for me?
  • Christian: I want you to marry me
  • - - -
  • Christian: Can't you just be happy for me? Liz is the only woman I've ever been with who forces me to stop being a dick. She doesn't do it by judging me, she does it by loving me. I don't wanna go to my grave knowing that everyone thinks I'm some kinda soulless, inhumane asshole.