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…a second chance, a ray of light and a way home.

I’m Not Her (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 846

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: So in this imagine the reader is Liz Allen’s sister. I thought this would be a cool concept :)

You were eating peanut butter straight out of the jar, sitting on the couch home alone when you hear a knock on your door. You open it to see Peter Parker-wait what? What was your crush doing at your doorstep?! Sure you had talked to each other before but why-how? Peter freaking Parker was standing right in front of you, how did he even know where you lived? He looked really nervous and it was showing as he stuttered out his words.“Uh-hey, is Liz home? Y/N, what are you doing here? Did I get the wrong apartment?” 

As those words left his mouth, you could literally feel your heart sink to the floor. You could have just curled up into a ball on the ground, right there in front of him and sobbed for hours. This could not be happening. Not Peter, not the one guy you’ve been crushing on for years now. Why was it always Liz people wanted, never you. On the rare occasions that people do find out you’re her sister, they just use you to get closer to her. No one actually seemed to care about Y/N Allen, apart from your best friend. 

But you couldn’t act all weird and emotional in front of Peter, that wasn’t fair to him. So you just put on a fake smile, pulled yourself together and pretend like those words didn’t kill you on the inside. “Peter? um-no, you didn’t get the wrong apartment. This is where Liz lives. She’s not here right now, but she should be home soon if you want to come in?” You offered but your noticeably quieter voice betrays your attempt to hide your emotions. 

Peter didn’t seem to notice however (thank god)  as he smiled back at you and accepted your offer. “Sure, uh yeah I can, I can do that.” He mentally cringed at his awkwardness and followed you inside the apartment. He was also wondering what you were doing in Liz’s apartment, he didn’t know you two were friends?

 “So…are you and my sister seeing each other?” You couldn’t help yourself, you just had to know for sure. I mean, why wouldn’t she date someone like Peter? He’s smart, a nice guy, hot as hell yet also adorable at the same time. Oh man you were in too deep.

“Oh-no, no we’re just, we got paired together for an assignment. We aren’t going out.” His cheeks were a bright red, obviously embarrassed at the accusation. “Oh.” You were shocked, maybe you did have a chance with Peter after all. You had to try anyway. “Wait did you say your sister? Liz is your sister?” The surprised expression he wore was the usual face people had when they found out you, the nerdy Y/N was related to the queen of midtown Liz Allen.

“One of midtown highs greatest kept secrets.” You chuckled nervously and moved to the couch to resume eating from your peanut butter jar.”If only she knew I was Spider-man.” Peter thought, awkwardly following and taking a seat beside you. 

He turned towards you all of a sudden, seeming to look really confused at this situation.“How come she’s never mentioned having a sister before?”

“Liz has a very high status at midtown, that she couldn’t possibly risk losing by being seen talking to or people even knowing that her sister is a nerd.” You mumbled out with obvious hatred in your words as you put another spoonful of peanut butter in your mouth. “I’m used to it though, she’s been ignoring me in public since the first grade.” Peter looks at you with sympathy in his eyes, he knows what it’s like to be an outcast. 

“Well, she sucks.” He blurted out, his eyes widening after releasing he just insulted your sister. “I didn’t mean it like that-”

“No, thank you. Everyone, they all praise her like she’s this amazing person but she doesn’t even talk to her own sister in public because she doesn’t want to risk losing her popularity? I mean, who does that? You’re one of the first people to actually listen to me. Gosh, I could literally kiss you right now.” Your eyes widened and your heart started beating super fast, did you actually just say that? What the heck is wrong with you oh my god. Peter obviously heard what you said because he wore a similar shocked expression on his face.

“What?” He stuttered out with wide eyes. oh no this was not happening!

You had to save yourself now! Just act like you didn’t say anything, like you did not just tell him you wanted to kiss him. So, you pretended to be oblivious to what he was talking about. “Hmm?” 

Now Peter just look really confused, what was even happening right now. You decided to change the topic of conversation quickly before things got weirder. “Do you wanna watch star wars with me?” You asked hopefully, trying desperately to save yourself from embarrassment. 

Peter’s smile was wide after hearing his favourite movie. “I’ll always say yes to star wars.”

When Things Fell Apart


*Y/n finds out Luke cheated on her in an unsurprising way, leaving her destructive* 

Not requested. 

“Hey y/n!” Liz exclaimed over the phone and I smiled, thinking how long it has been since I last spoke to Liz. 

 Since coming back home and Luke continued touring it meant things were difficult to maintain. I missed seeing Luke everyday and visiting his family when we could, so phone calls meant a lot at times. "Liz, how are things?“ I asked, genuinely interested since the last few months have been filled with dull moments of watching Netflix and working alone. 

 "Yeah things have been good, we were all wondering when you last spoke to Luke.” There was a long pause as I tried to think it through, when did I last speak to Luke? 

 "Well, I think it was probably a couple of days ago before their first show in the US?“ I questioned myself and I heard a sigh on the over end. "Is there a problem?” I ask, concerned about Luke for a second. 

 "Oh it’s no problem, he’s just answering his phone and we just wondered if he had been on the phone to you.“ She was distracted, I could tell and immediately I pulled out my phone seeing my favourite picture of me and Luke. It was during our first night at his family’s house, when I was so nervous to be there but his family treated me as their own. Liz was generous to me and we spoke all about my home life and growing up. I shake the thought so I can concentrate on calling Luke.

 "I’ll give him a call now and get back to you as soon as I can, bye Liz.” She hangs up and I put my house phone down and go to our room and call Luke. Hearing the endless rings I start feeling anxious. Suddenly the ringing comes to an end, I hear a tired groan but my heart lifts. “Luke,” I begin, hoping he is feeling up to a chat, unsure if its in between shows. 

 "Y/n? Is that you?“ He asks with a groggy voice, I instantly felt bad realising I woke him up. 

 "I’m so sorry for waking you Lukey.” I sigh, bringing my knees to my chest. 

 "No no I was awake, I’m just surprised you wanted to talk to me.“ My mind goes blank as I think back to our last conversation. We didn’t fight or have an argument so why wouldn’t I want to speak to him? 

 "What do you mean?” I ask as I go down the stairs to make myself a drink. There was a pause on Lukes end and I heard a lot of movement going on, then a few murmurs and Mikes voice. Then silence and a loud sigh, making me feel a bit more uneasy than I possibly did before. 

“You, you haven’t seen the news?” He was awkward, I could tell. 

“Why would I have seen the news?” I asked, he knew I wouldn’t have. He paused as I walked away from the kitchen and to the living room, not taking this silence well I pulled a cushion to my chest and grabbed my laptop. 

 "Y/n, there’s something I’ve got to tell you.“ He began and I felt incredibly scared. 

 "What? Did you kill someone, cheat on me?” I let out a dry laugh but Luke remained silent, my laugh died down as I heard a sigh. 

 "Y/n I’m so sorry-“ I stopped him from continuing. 

 "You cheated on me?” I whispered, trying not to let it set in, scared if I admitted it then it would be true. “No just forget it Luke!” I started to yell, now feeling vulnerable to this. “You’ve been gone one month! One month Luke! You couldn’t control yourself for more than one month?!” I was screaming at him, uncontrollably sobbing. 

 "It wasn’t like that!“ He yelled back, his voice breaking as he did so. 

 "Who is she?” But before he could answer I looked it up on my laptop. As the various pages pull up tears fall freely from my eyes. The one person I had suspected all along, he said they were just friends, that they didn’t get to see her often so when they went to the states they had a laugh. “How long have you and Arzaylea been doing this?” I asked, demanding an explanation as I scrolled through an article.

 "It was a mistake, a really stupid mistake.“ He tried to explain himself but I didn’t want to hear it. 

 "Forget it Luke, just call your mum. She wants to chat.” With that I hung up the phone, throwing it across the sofa and sobbing into my cushion as I read the articles. 

 'Luke and y/n over?’ ‘Y/n remains silent on this spotting’ 'Is this the end of the most loved couple?' 

 I slammed the laptop lid shut and tried not to think too hard about the whole thing. Getting up I ran to my room seeing all the pictures of us together, I couldn’t take it. Grabbing each one I slammed it against the counter, seeing the glass smash and cut my skin but not caring. He was a liar, a complete cheat and obviously didn’t care about a genuine person.

 Luke Hemmings was dead to me.

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Callum: I found you finally…
Liz: Mhm-
Callum: Drunk a little too much?
Liz: Uhm…what? 

Callum giggled softly looking at his friend. They’ve been looking for her for hours and there she was, half dead on a bench in front of the building. 

Callum: It’s better if I walk you home Liz.
Liz: Maybe he’s only late…


Tyler: You and your family are dead to me Rowan. I don’t want to hear of any of you anymore.
Elijah: What does it mean dad?!
Tyler: Exactly what I said.
Rowan: You can’t be serious. Liz and him have nothing to do with what happened between us! 
Tyler: Do you think I care?
Rowan: Oh, how could I forget that you never do.
Tyler: I’m done here. Elijah, we’re going home.

Liz: What… what does it mean? Elijah?

#99: Pregnancy Series | You Go Into Labor | Part 1



Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes

You’re Horny

He’s Protective Of Your Bump

Baby Shower

Baby Nurseries

Last Scanning Before Birth

Birth Classes

Trying To Induce Labor


”Watch out, pregnant belly coming through!” Luke yelled with joy and laughter in his voice as he walked through the door to his old home, Liz coming into the entrance with a smile. ”Good to see that you guys actually made it.” She smiled with joy, ruffling Luke’s hair as he placed a gentle kiss to his mother’s cheek, giving you and a hug afterwards as you walked behind him.

”Luke felt daring.” You chuckled and rubbed your hand up and down your belly, ”It’s a good thing that the hospital is closer here than at your apartment.” Liz joked, looking over at her son shaking her head. ”What , we really wanted to come.” Luke shrugged as he took of his coat and yours, hanging it up.

Yes, it was daring of your guys to be at Liz house instead of being home, but you guys didn’t seemed to care. Luke wanted to visit his family at home for a whole weekend with almost every single of his family member each year, and this year shouldn’t be any less different.

Walking into the hallway, you were met by the familiar faces of Luke’s grandparents, aunties, uncles, a few cousins, Celeste, and Luke’s dad. ”She’s getting fatter each time I see her.” Luke’s uncle said with a smile and clapped his hand on Luke’s shoulder, a smile appearing on Luke’s face as he nodded. ”When is she pressing that kid of yours out?” ”On Wednesday hopefully.” Luke answered, placing his and yours bag on the floor and watching as you took a seat on the couch with Celeste.

”Ben, I think I forgot some groceries, do you mind driving to the store?” ”Mum, I’m not in a car.” Ben answered with an eyebrow lifting, catching Luke’s attention, ”You can just borrow my car.” ”Dude, it’s your new one? I’m not gonna be the one to ruin that.” Luke rolled his head by his brother and laughed, Jack joining them. ”We could all tag along, I’ve always wanted to see how well you drive Lukey.”

Liz looked between his sons curiously with eyebrows raised, ”If you guys wanna..” She mumbled, looking over at you talking to Celeste, ”But remember.” ”I know mum.” Luke stopped Liz from saying anymore, wigging his eyebrows at her. Liz looked at her sons hesitating before letting out a sigh and nodded her head, watching as Luke walked towards you before placing a small kiss to your bump before mumbling out a goodbye, the three of them sprinting out to the parking lot afterwards.

“Are they cooking dinner now?” You asked, your head leaning towards the kitchen to look over, Celeste nodding her head. ”I should go help.” She mumbled with a small smile, putting her phone on the cushion next to her.

”I wanna join.” You said spontaneous, standing up from the couch with her, ”Are you sure about that?” She referred down to your belly, looking up at you curiously, ”Trust me, I’ve got control of this.” You giggled which made Celeste nod her head with a laugh before the two of you walked in between Liz and her mother, approaching the sink and starting to make the vegetables for the dinner that was on the menu tonight.

”I love how you still manage to be so fresh about doing stuff without getting tired of the gigantic belly.” Celeste laughed as she looked at you while you had your head over the sink and cutting potatoes into a bowl next to you, a small chuckle coming from your side. ”It doesn’t bother me much.” You shrugged, ”But this hair does.” You added and blew up towards the hair that kept on falling down from your face. ”There’s elastic bands in my purse, you can borrow one if you want.”

You send Celeste a small smile before nodding your head and letting go of the potatoes, drying off your hands in the wash cloth and walking towards Celeste’s purse, but just as soon as you bent down, a sudden odd feeling ran down your abdomen and water started to drib down your leg.

”Oh no.” You stated to yourself, catching everyone’s attention and making their faces go into pure shock, yourself not looking better. ”Shit.” Liz literally exclaimed in a shout, walking towards her phone. ”Y/N, I think your water just broke!”

”You don’t say.” You almost moaned as you clutched yourself to your stomach, a sudden harsh painful feeling hitting your abdomen and back. ”Y/N, go change your leggings while I’m calling Luke okay, we’ll help you through it.” Celeste suggested as she walked fast towards your bag, taking out another pair of black leggings and returning it to you and following you out to the bathroom before shutting the door.

”Why the hell isn’t he picking up!?” Liz literally yelled more to herself and Luke’s voicemail than the few others that were in the room, a frustrated hand going through her hair.

”Liz, he’s driving for god sake, what do you expect, one look away from the road and he could kill himself with Ben and Jack!” Andy fired back before he stood up from the chair to approach her, placing his hands on her shoulders to make her steady before getting her full attention. ”All we have to do right now is to make sure that we count the seconds between Y/N’s contractions, and measure it with the due time until she starts to develop. Now, Celeste, you go get your phone so you can count in between, I will go outside to try to contact the other boys with uncle, and you’ll stay here and show your full support for Y/N. Understand?”

Liz stood amazed by Andy’s sudden handle of the whole situation, nodding her head furiously, the both of them and Celeste and Luke’s grandparents looking over at the door from the bathroom that was now opened, you coming out with face red and eyes at the point of being tearful.

”It hurts like hell.” You managed to murmur in a tiny voice, making Liz’s heart almost breaking at this point before she looked up at Andy, the both of them nodding their heads before Andy grabbed his phone, giving you a small gentle hug before he disappeared out with Luke’s uncle.

”I know sweetie, I know this won’t help but it will only get worse by now.” You nodded your head along as your hands were in a tight grip around your stomach, Liz walking towards you before grabbing your hands and pulling you towards the couch, Luke’s grandmother approaching you with a blanket and Celeste taking a seat next to you with her phone on the timer app, ready to count everything that was going to happen now.

If you had expected to be in hell at a certain point of your life, this would be it. These pains were far by what you could compare to period cramps; these were a bloody nightmare, making it hard for you to even speak without groaning. And you knew that time was ticking, the contractions kept on coming in a rapier pace you could barely follow along, and you barely noticed when Andy came back into the room with Luke’s uncle. Liz looked up from kneeling down in front of you with hope in her eyes.

”Jack answered, but they’re stuck at the highway and have no clue when it will be normal again.” ”This isn’t good at all.” Liz started to panic again, Luke’s grandmother holding your hand as you leaned your head against your lap trying to breathe normally and forgetting the pain.

”Liz, there’s less than 6 minutes now between each contractions.” Celeste looked up at Liz with wide eyes and Liz copied her before looking over at her mum in fear, the two of them nodding their heads. ”Y/N, I know Luke isn’t here, but the baby is literally pressing out of you now, we have to go to the hospital as fast as possible.”

Yet, to what Liz had expected, you shook your head repeatedly. ”I’m not going anywhere.” You stated with your head down in your lap and small sobs coming from your lips. ”I’m not going anywhere without Luke.” Liz moved up from kneeling down in front of you, running a hand through her hair yet again. ”But Y/N, you can’t deliver in here it’s not safe for you at all!”

”I don’t care the slightest, all I need right now is Luke.” Your sobs had turned into a more aggressive manor, trying to breathe normally through the contractions and the tears running down your cheeks at this point. ”This is madness.” Liz mumbled to herself, swearing under her breath, ”We need Luke, NOW!”


Sun was peeking through between the trees that was surrounding the areal of yours and Calum’s house, the small spaces between each tree letting the sun strike through an lighten up the white kitchen of yours and Calum, the sun warm and making everything look like crystals.

If this had been months ago, this time of the mornings would have been considered hell to you, but for the past two months, waking up before 9AM would be a normal morning routine, letting you see the sun stream up from the ocean not far away from your house behind the trees, hearing the birds tweeting and no cars outside. Everything was quieter in the mornings.

Stirring the spoon your fingers were wrapped around, a small sigh came across your lips as you looked out in the garden. Everything had been feeling odd today. From the exact moment your feet had touched the warm floor in yours and Calum’s bedroom, you knew this day would be different than others, but how, no idea. The Braxton hicks had been there as well, from the exact moment you woke up, being the course of you waking up.

Grabbing the mug from the counter in front of you, you removed the spoon from the boiling water to place it in the sink, taking a small sip from the warm tea, letting it float down your throat and heat up your body as you looked outside, the sun warm in your face.

Normally, Calum would be down with you in the kitchen at mornings, singing small parts of the songs that were playing on the radio in a faint distant, and even though he hated mornings and just wanted to sleep, he woke up with you to make sure that everything was under control. Yet today, when he was ready to stand out of the bed, you had stopped him, thinking that it would be better if he got some sleep since he had come home last night after a night with the boys. He admitted he had been drinking a little bit, enough to be tipsy, but not wasted as fuck like he used to. And when he started to drink, he would turn into a heavy sleeper. And that was the main reason for you to let him stay.

Grabbing a bowl from the cupboard and some milk and cheerios from the fridge, a small laugher came across your lips in thought as you placed the small bowl on your stomach, filling it up with milk and cheerios and grabbing a spoon from one of the drawers, starting to dig in the foot with your belly as a table. Seeing Phoebe from friends doing it had given you the idea to do it, and it was almost a process every morning for you to eat from your stomach, it was great to just walk around and eat with your own homemade table in front of you. Though, there would be some slippers where the baby would either kick or have hiccups, making the whole belly shake and the bowl to almost fall down, but you always managed to catch it.

Just as you were about to take another spoonful of cheerios, a sudden weird, different, and odd feeling ran down the part of your back, making your whole body stiff and face expression changing to a pale one. Normally, you would shrug something similar to this off, but this was different. Way different and it was getting more and more painful.

By the sudden harsh feeling, a shock came across your face which made you drop the bowl from your stomach, the sound of glass crashing on the marble floor and shocking you even more, a mix of milk and cheerios attacking the floor around your feet.

“Oh no.” You mumbled to yourself as your hands moved down to your belly, but you weren’t sure at all what was happening. This felt just like the Braxton hicks, but this was just with a lot more force. Brushing off the sudden action, you moved down to collect the broken class but was stopped when the feeling of water running down your leg appeared making your eyes go wide before a squeal came from your lips.


Even though you were yelling with force, there was no respond at all. “He can’t be sleeping now, Jesus Christ.” You mumbled, feeling lifting yourself up from the floor to grab the counter, and a few minutes after, the same harsh contraction hit your body, making your legs turn into jelly. “Calum!” You yelled again, yet there was no answer from the boy sleeping upstairs.

“This can’t be happening.” You reached up so you could grab your phone from the counter even though it felt like it was possible to reach, but you managed to push it down to you since your back were now resting against the cupboard of the counter, unlocking your phone fast and dialing Calum’s number.

Waiting for him to pick up the phone was nerve-racking to say at least, almost at the point of you not believing that he would ever answer. “Calum, please.” You mumbled, expecting his voicemail to fill your ears soon, but before you could hear it, the phone on the other line hung up which made you shocked, but your shock was replaced with joy as you heard the sound of marching footsteps sprinting down your stairs and before you knew it, a breathtaking Calum was at the end of them, in his boxers with mat hair and out of breath, looking down at you wide eyed.

“What the hell happened in here?” He asked shocked as he saw the mess, trying to avoid the glass and milk with his bare feet before he approached you, wrapping his arms around you to pull you up before helping you over to a chair so he could clean up the mess. “The baby is on its way. Now!”

Calum stood frozen by the sudden new, peeking his head up from the counter, “You’re not joking right?” He asked in a quiet voice, almost believing that you weren’t true about your words. “I’m, I’m not joking at all.” You said almost aggressively as another contraction hit you, making Calum’s eyes go wide as he realized what situation he was in.

“Oh my god, I’m not prepared for this!” He exclaimed loudly, startling you and making your eyes go wide. “Of course you are, you idiot!” You yelled back and watched him as he tried to collect all the glass and drying off the milk with a towel. “Get your shit together, call Joy, and drive us to the hospital, it’s easy Calum, we’ve been practicing this!”

“I think I’m about to faint.” Calum mumbled to himself in panic as he looked around in confuse, wanting to get his phone , and the bag, and make sure that you were okay on the same exact second. “I think I need to lie down.” He suddenly exclaimed, tumbling towards you in a pale faced confused manor, collapsing next to you on the couch, his face just as pale as yours now. The two of you staring at each other and Calum’s eyes mixing between being shut and open.


Michael’s fingers were ghosting in a peaceful and tickling but calming manor around the crown of your hairline as your head were resting right beside him on the couch, a blanket dragged over you and a pillow under your head to rest next to him. Michael on the other hand weren’t tired at all, and it wasn’t like it was over noon, but it had been a long day for you with having to deal with packing the bag for the hospital with Michael. It was enough for you to suck out all of your energy, leaving you on the couch to sleep on while Michael caressed your head, shoulder and arms. It was calming and protective, knowing that he was right beside you and keeping an eye on you.

Michael’s other hand were wrapped around the greenish noticeable can of beer, lifting it up to his lips a few times to drink the cold nice and cooling liquid, a small laugher coming from his lips from whatever entertaining thing that was on the TV in front of him.

Everything was peaceful.

Until Michael felt something unusual on the cushion.

His eyes went wide as he looked down beside you, both feeling and noticing the couch turning from the light color to a more dark one, making his eyebrows lifting before he leaned his hands over to touch it, the wetness around it making him more confused than ever. Had you wet yourself again?

Before Michael could wake you up, you had woken up by yourself with a sudden moan, tearing Michael’s eyes away from the stamp next to you guys and eyeing you up and down as you started to scratch your eyes. “Y/N what is going on?” He exclaimed quietly to remain the calmness in the room, “It hurts.” You groaned quietly, moving the blanket away from you to get a better hold of your belly.

“Y/N, what hurts?” Michael asked, placing the can on the coffee table in front of you guys before he moved on the cushion so he could get a better look at you, his eyebrows furrowing in both panic and worry. “My belly. Or under it. It hurts. Like hell. Can’t even describe it.” You managed to spit out before another strangled but quiet moan escaped your lips, making Michael’s eyes even wider than before. “How is the pain?”

“Like something is stabbing me in the stomach. It’s painful like hell, even worse than period cramps.” Michael nodded his head understanding, before directing you to sit up in front of him, your hair a mess and the t shirt you were wearing of his hanging loosely around the massive belly, the down part of the t shirt wet. “Y/N, this is not the time to freak out so remain calm. Your water just broke right before and what you are feeling are contractions. What you have to do now is to breathe just like we did in birth class and remain calm.”

You nodded your head by Michael’s words and started to breathe with him, “So the baby is coming out now?” You asked timidly, still dazed from the nap and probably not even fully awake, watching as Michael nodded his head to make you understand. “The baby is moving around so it’s ready for you to press it out. That’s the reason why it hurts so much.” “How can you remember all of this?” You asked, starting to breath with him when another contraction passed by, hitting every nerve in the lower part of your body, your limps feeling numb and the feeling almost killing you.

“I wanted to know what was going to happen so I could be prepared. I made sure to listen more than you did in those birth classes so I can be the best partner ever at a birth.”

By the mention of birth, that was when bells started to ring in your head and fear crossed your mind. “I’m going to press her out today.” You said shocked, looking down at your belly, your hand coming up to brush it up and down. “Yeah, there’s no backing down now.” Michael said with a small smile, but was surprised when you rushed up in panic. “Michael we didn’t even pack the bag fully!” “I’ll do that in the matter of minutes okay baby, just stay calm.” He tried to direct, reaching out for your hand to intertwine your fingers but you were freaking out too much now.

“Michael we can’t wait, I have to go to the hospital like in the matter of minutes!” Now it was Michael’s turn to freeze out, looking up at you with wide eyes for seconds in thought, his jaw hanging as he looked you up and down before looking around confused.

“Michael, why are you freezing out?” You asked impatiently, standing up from the couch, yet he was still sitting with a blank face before looking up at you.

“I can’t drive.” Your eyes went wide by his sudden statement, “What do you mean you can’t drive?” You exclaimed almost loudly as the pain was starting to use more power, making you rather uncomfortable. Michael let out a small sigh before he reached over the coffee table to grab his empty can, showing it to you.  “Alcohol in the blood.” He said in an apologizing tone, but all you could do was to start to panic, mumbling out small swears and hyperventilating until Michael stood from the couch to reach out for you, stopping you in track.

“Now, calm down babe, I’m gonna call Ashton now he can drive us to the hospital okay, otherwise we will call a cap, everything is gonna be okay, I’ve got it under control.” Michael’s pep talk made you more relaxed even though that he didn’t have any shit under control, but of course you had to trust him, which was the reason why you took a seat down on the couch again and watching him as he marched over to the counter to grab his phone and dialing Ashton’s number.

“Ash, I need you to come as fast as possible, I’m not able to drive our car due to beers and the baby suddenly wanted to come out 4 days before term so we’re in a hurry.”

“Holy cow man, I’ll be right up.” Ashton said on the other line before hanging up, making Michael look over at you with a sympathetically expression, watching as the pain was starting to hurt more and more, almost at the point of killing him inside just by watching.


Ashton’s voice were filling the whole recording room as he was in the box mixing up some singing chords for the new album, using his high notes to make the music as great as possible. While you were sitting at the couch with Calum, the two of you were goofing around to kill time while waiting for Ash to be finished – the last one of the boys to record before the day was over.

”Y/N, I don’t really know how to say this but I think you have some kind of bladder problem, it looks like you have weed the couch again!” Calum exclaimed all of the sudden, making you give him an irritated glare, “I’m pregnant for god sake Calum, what do you expect!” You mumbled, looking at him irritated before you stood up from the couch, ready to leave for the toilet. It wasn’t the first time this had happened.

Calum gave you a funny look to make you smile and make sure that you weren’t mad at him, which you returned before leaving the recording room.

Just as you left, the other managers who had been listening to the recordings stood up from the chair, nodding towards Calum and the other boys before exiting the room, indicating that today’s recordings were off, Luke just had to listen to it and make sure every note was okay which were the reason why he positioned himself on the chair where the managers had been sitting before.

“I never thought your voice could go this high.” Luke chuckled as he listened to the recording tracks, Ash giving him a thumbs up from the recording booth, sticking his tongue out.

A short while after, you arrived into the room again, yet with a slight different face expression than what you had before. “Anything alright?” Cal asked just as soon as you took a seat on the couch again, a silent nod coming from you. “I never thought that I could pee this much.” You stated which made Calum furrow his eyebrows and taking a glance up and down your body before nodding his head, shrugging his shoulders.

“Is everything alright, you look kind of pale?” Your mouth mixed between being open and closed which made Calum furrow his eyebrows, he knew if you would be lying, everything was clear on you, and you didn’t look in a good condition at all. “I feel pain.. But I don’t know.. I don’t really know what kind of pain it is. I just feel like I have to take a shit.”

Calum’s finger came up to press against his chin in thought as he watched you, a confused expression landing on his beautiful features. “Is it bad?” He asked, and you answered with a silent nod again, your mouth tightening as like of you were holding something bad. “Where does it hurt?” He asked, and you could barely answer now , just pointed around your stomach and back which made Cal raise an eyebrow, feeling the panic starting in his veins.

But he wasn’t sure what was going on until you started to bow down in a sitting fetus position, catching Michael’s attention as well who looked over at Cal confused, nodding his head towards you but all Cal could do was to shrug his shoulders, he didn’t wanted to believe what was going to happen was going on now.

Michael was about to stand up and take a seat next to you, but stopped as soon as a very tiny groan came from you, making his eyes go wide as he looked between you and Cal. “Y/N, are you sure that you are alright.” “Yes.” You mumbled, just wanting the pain to leave your body as fast as possible.

Calum was about to open his mouth again as he stood up from the couch, but his mouth shut closed when a small mouth closed groan appeared from your lips, watching as you leaned your arms over your belly as much as you could and putting your head in your lap.

“Oh no.” Calum exclaimed wide eyed, earning glances from the other Michael and Luke.

“What’s going on!?” Luke asked immediately, standing up from his chair and placing the guitar on the rack on the floor, walking towards you.

“If I’m correct, it seems like Y/N didn’t weed the couch.” Michael mumbled beside them as the three of them stared down at you hopeless, almost at the point of panicking. “More likely, that her water broke.”

“It’s freaking hurts!” You managed to mumble through gritted teeth, face red in a hope of controlling the contractions that had started to hit your back and abdomen, Luke and Calum looking over at the glass where Ashton was standing in the booth with his phone, clearly occupied.

The two boys sprinted towards the window before banking on the glass on the wall to catch Ash’s attention, the boy looking up from his phone with a smile until he saw the panic on Luke and Calum’s face, Michael behind them sitting next to you on the couch, helping you to try to control your breathing through the contractions.

“What’s going on!?” Ashton exclaimed loudly, Luke pressing down on the microphone button so Ash could hear them, “Y/N’s water just broke, there’s no freaking time to waste now!” Ashton stood shocked for some seconds before realization hit him, making him put his phone in his pocket before he almost threw the headphones from his head, sprinting towards the door, but just as soon as he grabbed the handle, he couldn’t get the door open.

“What’s happening?!” Calum yelled on the other side of the door for Ash to hear. “It’s fucking stuck, it’s locked or something!” Ash yelled back which made panic stream down Luke, Calum and Michael’s backs, the three of them looking at each other in panic.

“What do you mean freaking locked?!” Luke asked aggressively, walking towards the door and grabbing the handle, getting no luck of opening the door. “I mean locked as in someone might have been locking this freaking door by accident and I don’t have a key, nor have any of you guys!”

“This is not good at all.” Michael mumbled, wrapping an arm around your shoulder in a form of protection, the pain not getting any better. “Ash what the hell are you doing?” You managed to exclaim, clearly not listening to any of their conversations, just trying to breathe through the pain that was going through and numbing your whole body.

“Nothing to worry about babe, Michael will just take care of you until I get out of this freaking box, Calum can you grab your phone and measure the time between each contraction, if there’s less than 4-5 minutes, you’ll have to go to the hospital without me.” Calum nodded his head furiously before fishing his phone out of his pocket before sitting next to you on the other side of the couch, Luke looking lost for a second before he seemed to find a solution to this mess. “I’ll go find one of the managers, they might have a key.”

“Ya think?!” Ashton said irritated, his hands pressed against the glass that was separating you guys, pouting and standing helpless as he watched you trying to breathe through the pain with Michael’s instructions, Luke sprinting out of the recording room and down the hallway to find help as fast as possible.



Avery walked back from the gym to Miss Liz’s home. The Domme had already told him that she was spending the evening with Ginger, which did not trouble Avery. He felt that Ginger likely needed that time more than he did if he were honest. Suddenly he heard someone cough and looked around, “Oh hey!” he greeted with a grin, “I didn’t expect to see you out and about.”