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  • me (dating a girl named liz and also taking a delicious lasagna out of the oven): hey anyone want some liz on ya? well you can't, she's mine. hahahaha. okay liz you can go home now I only dated you to make that joke

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Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: Fluff, Rebel!AU
Word Count: 5.1k

“When you look back at this moment, what are you going to remember? The time you sat alone at the bar while your friends partied, or when you were taken on an adventure?”

You were dragged into an club by your friends in hope to increase your social life. Instead you find yourself sitting at the bar drinking alone. But everything changes when a handsome stranger pulls you into rebellion for a night. 

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Any general or random Bundy facts?

- He was left handed.

- He loved all animals and would often brought rescued animals to Liz home.

- He was very athletic and his favorite sport was skiing. 

- He loved pizzas, hamburgers and a good steak accompanied with a glass of wine. Also, his favorite beer was Mickey’s.

- His first car was a 1933 Plymouth Coupe.

- He bought his first VW in 1966, the ‘58 model.

- Graduates Bachelor of Science in psychology in 1972. He was one of the top student according to one of his former professor, Ronald Smith. He studied the following courses : animal learning, deviant development, deviant personality physiological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and statistical methods.

- According to Carol Booth, he was obsessed with cleaning.

I’m Not Her Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1569

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Hey so a part two to this was requested and here it is! I hope you guys like it because I kind of love it. You can read part one here

Liz eventually came home that night to work on the assignment with Peter, but she didn’t know that you were both friends now and especially didn’t know about your feelings for the boy. It had been a few weeks since you’d first hung out with him and you’d been talking to each other almost everyday. It felt nice to be close to him, even if you were just friends and hoping that one day you’d be more than that.

It was a Saturday night and your mum was forcing you to go to a party with your sister because she’s “Worried that you aren’t having a social life.” She should be thankful i’m not doing drugs or knocked up, not worried that I stay inside too often! You had to go even though you would rather be doing literally anything else.

Walking out to the living room ready to go, you are stopped by an over dramatic gasp leaving your sisters mouth. She stood up quickly from her seat, eyes wide as if she just saw the worlds biggest spider. “There is no way you’re going like that.”

Your eyebrows furrowed, crossing your arms as you just stared at your sister in bewilderment. Who the hell does she think she is? ”Excuse me?”

She made her way over to you, looking appalled by your outfit choice. ”You can’t wear that to a party, not that you’d know since you’ve never been to one before.” Rolling your eyes at her words you scoffed, this was typical of Liz, she loved to make you feel like shit. “Well sorry i’m not little miss popular like you.”

Ignoring your comment she grabbed you by the hand, practically dragging you along with her. “That’s it, I’ll pick out your outfit.” Your eyes widened at her words, there was no way that was going to happen. “No no no no no. Please no.” You dramatically held onto the nearby couch, clinging on for dear life until she yanked hard enough for your grip to loosen. You groaned as she dragged you into your room, sighing in defeat when she practically threw you onto the carpet.

You rubbed your shoulder in pain from the fall, that was definitely going to bruise.”Do you have any decent clothes in here?” She yelled out as she rummaged through your closet, throwing items of clothing behind her. You were not looking forward to cleaning that up later.

“Uh huh!” She grinned as she pulled out a short black dress that she’d brought you for Christmas one year and you’d never worn. And for a reason too, it was short and too revealing for your liking. “No way am I wearing that.”

“Oh come one.We’ll be here all night otherwise.” She looked annoyed at you, impatiently tapping her foot with her arms crossed. Sighing in defeat you slowly nodded your head.“Fine.”

Liz let out a squeal that hurt your ears as she threw the dress into your face. “Yay you’re becoming a woman!” 

 “Oh shut it Liz.” Rolling your eyes at your sister you walked to that bathroom to get changed. Slipping on the dress, you had to admit it made you feel really pretty. You shyly walked out of the room, your sisters eyes lighting up.“You look so pretty sis.”

A smile appeared on your face, maybe she wasn’t the worst sister after all? “Thanks, I guess.”

Parked outside the house you could here the music blaring and could see a few drunk teenagers stumbling around the front lawn. Already you wanted to go home, this was a bad idea. Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of your sisters voice. “Now remember, get out of the car a few minutes after me. I can’t have people know that I came with you.” She was applying a fresh coat of lipstick before shoving the tube into her purse. Ignoring her comment you muttered out a “whatever” before she got out and slammed the door behind her.

You were tempted to just drive off and leave her there to find her own way home, but you knew better than that. After waiting a few minutes like she instructed, you got out locking the car behind you, nervously making your way to the party. You wished your friend was here but she couldn’t go since she was working, you’d just have to face this one on your own.

Entering the party you were overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Teenagers grinding up against each other, some having conversations whilst sipping their drinks and you could definitely smell weed in the air. You weren’t judging these people for their choices, you just personally weren’t into this sort of scene. You just preferred staying home and reading books in bed whilst snuggling up to your cat.   

Your eyes searched the room for a familiar face as you made your way through the crowd. Your eyes caught sight of your sister who was sipping from her cup whilst flirting with a boy you couldn’t see. Wanting to know who it was, you moved closer only to stop in shock when you saw that it was Peter Parker. An uneasy feeling stirred up in your gut, your sister was flirting with your crush. And just when you thought you stood a chance with the boy. Little did you know this was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

A gasp escaped your lips, your hand covering your mouth as tears uncontrollably fell down your face. Only a few meters away from you stood your sister with her lips on Peter’s. A loud sob escaped your mouth causing a few people to look over at you, including Peter. 

You sprinted out of the party and ran to your car, crawling inside as the tears fell endlessly. Your heart was so broken, you’d never felt pain like this before. Just for once you thought someone would like you better than your sister, that someone would choose you over your sister, just once! You were prepared to leave, not caring now that your sister would be left here, she could find her own way home.

As you were putting on your seat belt you heard a knocking on the window, looking up you saw Peter standing outside your car wearing a worried expression. You sniffled, thinking whether or not you should talk to him, after all he did break your heart he just didn’t know it. “Please Y/N, let me explain.”

The pleading tone in his voice caused you to reach over and unlock the passenger door to let him inside. “Okay, then explain.”

He sat beside you, shutting the door behind him. His words came out rushed and fast, like he knew that he fucked up. “Look what happened back there, it wasn’t what it looked like.”

“Oh really?” Sarcasm dripped from your voice, did he really think you would fall for that line?

“Y/N I was just making friendly conversation with Liz and then out of no where she kisses me. I didn’t kiss her. As soon as I realized what was happening I pushed her off of me only to see you running off into the crowd. I didn’t want that to happen and I swear I don’t have feelings for your sister.” The honesty in his voice made you want to believe him, but it was so hard to when people were constantly choosing your sister over you.

“How can I believe you?”

He took your hands in his, looking into your eyes as he spoke the next words. ”Because, these past few weeks I’ve spent getting to know you have been some of the best weeks of my life. I can’t open up to many people like I can with you, I mean, the fourth time we hung out I told you I was Spider-man.”

You let out a chuckle at that last part, it was true, he must really trust you then. It confused you though, after what you just saw how could you trust him? “What are you trying to say Peter? Because I just saw the person I’ve liked for years kissing my sister and all I can feel is hurt. I just want for once someone to love me and not her!” You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt a tear drop on your arm.

Peter grabbed your cheeks as he leaned in closer to you, causing your heart to skip a beat. “But I do! I love you, I don’t even like your sister. Y/N, I choose you, I want to be with you.” There was dead silence for a few seconds, you were trying to process what he just said.

“I-I can you say that again?”

“What? That I love you?” You shyly nodded, needing to hear him say that one more time.

“I love you, Y/N.” You wasted no time in closing the distance between you, pressing your lips against his. It was perfect, it just felt right like this is where you were meant to be. Pulling away you just smiled, resting your forehead against his.

“Want to get out of here?” You let out a giggle at his question, pulling apart to start the car. “God yes.”

You drove off with Peter that night, holding hands as you drove into the city, not caring how Liz was going to get home, she’d manage.


…a second chance, a ray of light and a way home.

ALMOST got through the weekend visit to my dad without talking about politics. We just got into a pretty deep conversation about perception and how I think my dad needs to expand the news sources he views. He keeps believing pretty extreme views because he’s “never seen evidence to contradict it” when really he just needs to expand on what he’s seeing. So much news exist in a vacuum these days, it’s crazy.

Never Again (Smut)

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Pairings: Sebastian Stan X Reader
Word Count: 3K
Summary: There is some tension in the air surrounding you and Sebastian, so you decide to logically solve this problem
Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Daddy kink

A/N: This is my very first smut so any criticism is appreciated at this point. I would like to thank @sickyaoi for the smut help. Requests open! Thanks for reading :)
You and Elizabeth had been hanging out for the past few days, just relaxing and catching each other up on your lives since Civil War came out, she had been working on a few other projects and you had  been finishing a few long overdue paintings.

“We should see if the guys want to hang out”  Elizabeth offered, grabbing another dress of yours and putting it over herself to see if it would look good on her.

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A typical father daughter relationship - spy version

the running away from home and not calling => Liz fakes her death

Daddy finds the no good boyfriend in the room=> Daddy points a gun at boyfriend, daughter points gun at dad, big brother points gun at sister.

Get out.
Tom: I was out, remember? You’re the one who brought me back in.
Get out.
Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear.
Liz: I came home, and Tom was here.
He’s back in your life.
Liz: He is not in my life.
I understand what it’s like to be drawn to something that is unhealthy, to a part of yourself that you are afraid of. But I want you to remember what your life really was with him, and imagine all that it could be without him.

Daddy tells Daughter hubby is no good => Daughter punches a hole in his carotid artery for sending goon to gut husband.

Why the hell was he in my house?! Tell me!  You know him!  Why is my husband dying in a hospital right now?!
The truth is, despite your feelings, your husband doesn’t matter. Zamani did you a favor, Lizzy.
Now, you know I just punched a hole in your carotid. Best chance, one minute before you pass out. So here’s how it’s gonna work. You tell me how I find Zamani and make this right, or I let you die right here. Understand?
Yeah. But if I die you’ll never know the truth about your husband.
You know nothing about my husband.

Daddy teaches Daughter a lesson about manners. Lesson: please

Either you accidentally dialed the wrong number or you’re calling because you’ve hit a dead end. So, which is it?
Barnes got away, and the trail’s dried up.
You g-men are top shelf. Let me guess. Ressler slipped on a banana peel?
Do you know how to find him?
I’m not a gumball machine, Lizzy. You don’t get to just twist the handle whenever you want a treat.
[HANGS UP] [She calls again]
We can’t keep doing this little waltz.
Don’t hang up.
I’m listening.
The reason Barnes is still out there is because I let him slip away. And it’s only a matter of time before he kills again. So, please, I need your help.
Ah, music to my ears. What was that last part again?
I need your help.
All you had to do was ask.

Daddy is offended by daughter’ speaking to him disrespectfully: 

Liz: I know what you’re trying to pull, and it’s not gonna happen.
What I’m trying to pull? Is that how we speak to each other now As if I’m some kind of cheap, dime-store confidence man?
Bank robber, embezzler, thief. 

Daddy consoles daughter when her heart is broken (even if he was the original cause of the heartbreak)

I know this song. When I was a little girl, I had these terrible nightmares. I remembered flashes of of fire and smoke. God, so much smoke. My dad would lay in bed with me and hold me in his arms and hum that song. He’d tell me I was safe– that everything was gonna be okay. You spent days building that damn thing. You knew about the song. My father. You knew I’d find out the truth. And you wanted me to know that everything is going to be okay.
You’re going to be okay.

Daddy tells Daughter sometimes we fall for the wrong people, and even though she is mad at him, she should have come to him:

You should have come to me.
I didn’t need to.
Look around you, Lizzy.
We found Fitch because of Tom.
It wasn’t worth it Not if the cost was you, here in this Filth.
I couldn’t do it. I told you I could kill Tom, but after you left, I just After all the lies and everything he did to me, I told myself I was using him, that I was finally in control.
When you love someone, you have no control. That’s what love is. Being powerless.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Daddy tells the good for nothing boyfriend he is never to see the Daughter again

You are never to see her again.
Yeah. I got it.
I don’t think you do. Look at me. You are never to see her again.

then warns him again not to marry his Daughter.

You will not marry her.
Why? Because I didn’t ask daddy’s permission? Is that really why you called me here? Or did you just want someone to play go fish?
You married her over my objection once. It will not happen again.

Daddy scolds Daughter for taking unnecessary risks not brought on by him =>  Daughter taunts him if he is going to suspend her phone privileges.

You all right?
Yeah. Fine.
What were you thinking running after a killer alone without backup?
Are you scolding me?
Yes. Yes, I’m scolding you. That was foolish, Lizzy. You could have been-
Exactly that. Killed.
What are you gonna do? Ground me? Take away my phone privileges? 
You were right about The Deer Hunter– he was a man.
And a woman. We were both half right.
Together, we were right.
I have the Fulcrum. Tell me what it is, and I’ll tell you where to find it.
I’ve already told you what I can. To elaborate would place you in grave danger.
I don’t need your protection.
Oh, I think you do.

Daddy calls that Daughter is jealous of another daughter:

If she is in danger, we will protect her, either from Berlin or you.
Who told you she’s my daughter?
You have no right to have anything to do with that girl, not since the night you abandoned her.
I’m touched.
You just upended your ex-wife’s entire life. I’m not gonna let you do the same thing to her.
As a rule, I consider jealousy to be a base emotion. But in this case, it’s quite endearing.
 Oh, God. I am not jealous.
I assure you, Lizzy, my quest to find this young woman will in no way compromise our relationship.
“Our relationship”?

but then admits it to friend in slumber party => spy version, admits it while locked in a room with shot friend and infected with a deadly virus.

I had it all figured out. I was gonna have a baby And a husband. And then he showed up. 
You know everyone talks about it, right? They don’t want to bring it up with you. Why you?   Who is he to you? 
Reddington is…. The bane of my existence. And yet, here he is, trying to reconnect with his daughter? Trying to find her? And I find myself feeling possessive. Possessive of him, jealous of the girl he’s trying to protect. And if that’s not embarrassing enough, that’s exactly how he predicted I’d feel.

Daddy and Hubby threaten one another:

Mind if I sit?
No, go right ahead. Visiting someone?
A friend. He died today.
I, uh, came here to see my father-in-law. But I I-I didn’t get here in time.
Oh, my. I’m terribly sorry. It’s hard to not say goodbye. I have lost so many people. Never seems to get any easier.
I don’t know what I’m gonna say to my wife. I’ve been sitting here for I don’t know how long trying to figure out how to tell her. My wife and her dad, they had something…. He took her in when she was and raised her as a single parent. She’s gonna be heartbroken.
Yes. It’ll undoubtedly take some time. But I’m sure she’ll be fine. He’ll always be there with her, standing in the shadows to keep her safe. Laughing with her in the light. Watching through her eyes all those who get close. He’ll always be there. She will be fine.
I hope you’re right.
I know I am.

Yet Daddy knows boyfriend will regret hurting Daughter, because he loves her:

Well, that simplifies matters. Just the three of us. Tom, put the gun down before you do something you’ll deeply regret. I’m the one you want. Make the right choice, Tom. But make it fast. Because when I get over there, I’m gonna take that gun away from you.

Daddy dismiss the help of boyfriend 

Dembe: He’s insisting.
Tom: Where’s Liz? I can’t reach her.
I can’t help you with that.
I can keep her safe. I can help her disappear.
Your assistance is not necessary.

then accepts it without as much as a thank you.

He’s agreed to confess his sins to the US government, including the ones he committed on behalf of the Cabal to frame Agent Keen. Cooper and Tom Keen are holding Karakurt in a cabin near Lake Yvonne. I can have him in the city within the hour.
Cooper and Tom?
He tried to tell you, Donald. You didn’t listen. Apparently, you have a disregard for Tom Keen that exceeds even my own

Daddy gets mad when Daughter risks her life for his:

You can never do that again.
You’re welcome.
I’m serious. You can never do that again. Promise me.
We took down dozens of wanted criminals, recovered millions of dollars in stolen property, and saved innocent lives.
I’m not talking about that.
You. You’re talking about you. Wow. You are so damaged. You can’t accept help from anyone. Has anyone ever helped you? Is that why you are the way you are? Because you don’t feel deserving of it? Is that why you can’t be vulnerable for a second? I risked my life for you because I care about you. Deal with that. And when someone does something nice, you’re supposed to say, “Thank you.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.
But never do it again.

Daddy fears Daughter is a criminal like him

I never wanted you to be….Like me

Daddy brings Daughter little presents from trips::

=> spy version: the next name on the Blacklist

Therefore, we’re back where we began. Me speaking with you.
Well, then. Welcome back. Where have you been, anyway?
Out and about.
Did you bring me anything?
Yes. The next name on the blacklist.

or a guava pastry

What are you doing here?
I brought you a souvenir. What’s your feeling about guava?
Oh, you’re in for a treat.

Daddy buys her an apartment 

Daddy offers his life for hers.

Daddy lays the law down.

I’m not going to beg you to allow me the privilege of helping you.

the boyfriend certainly seems to think Daddy is the father:

That mean Reddington’s your dad?

Maybe he’ll be walking you down the aisle.

Because I didn’t ask daddy’s permission?

but at the end Daddy walks the bride down the aisle, a proud papa => spy version, Daddy gives the groom a gun to defend the bride AKA the daughter.

and eventually acknowledges son-in-law is a good father to his grandchild:

You’re Elizabeth’s husband and Agnes’s father.

and finally both son-in-law and daughter use Agnes as a bargaining tool, a typical strategy with grandparents.

You want me to accept your offer to help with Agnes, then you need to accept my help with this. So, tell me about Alexander Kirk.

That’s not how this works. We have an understanding I let you into Agnes’ life and you let me help bring down Kirk.

May I see your new apartment?
Not yet. Maybe someday.

May I come up and see her?
If you’ll do something for me.
Name it.
When I thought you’d killed Mr. Kaplan, I felt responsible. Not just responsible. I felt complicit.
It wasn’t about you. She made her choice. Her. Not you.
Yes, but she did it for me. Can’t you see that if you hurt her, you’re hurting me? I will help you stop her, but I will not let you hurt her. Now I need you to look me in the eye and tell me you won’t harm her.
I can’t do that, Elizabeth.
Then you can’t come up.

Daddy bails son-in-law out of trouble that he helped create

Why did you do it? You don’t want me to be with Tom, but you saved him.
People say youth is wasted on the young. I disagree. I believe wisdom is wasted on the old. All you can do is part with it, but very few will take it. Least of all, the people closest to you. They want no part of it. No matter how often I warn you about Tom, you seem intent on discovering those perils for yourself.

Daddy dispenses advice to son-in-law:

Don’t do it.
There’s nothing left to do.
We needed the money to get to Kirk. We got it. We have no use for her anymore.
If you kill her, the answers you’ve been looking for your entire life will die with her.
What are you talking about?  My mother.
Yes. Which is why I didn’t want you involved.
Why didn’t you tell me?
You have a child to raise, Tom. If you start asking questions, it will put her at risk, it will put you at risk.
But her son is dead. She told me that herself.
Christopher Hargrave went missing when he was only 3 years old.
Christopher Hargrave. Is that my name?
Susan Hargrave genuinely believes her son is dead.
So, she has no idea who I am? What, did somebody fake my death and hide me from her all these years? Why would anybody do that?
Listen to me, Tom. Susan Hargrave has many secrets. Some of them concern you. If you want answers, you must conceal your true identity.

Leave the past in the past, Tom. Nothing good will come from digging up secrets.

and Daddy realizes son-in-law was really the son of a good friend. Oops. good thing he heals well.

Tom is very good at what he does.

You’re Elizabeth’s husband and Agnes’s father.

Now if he could find a way to heal the rift with his daughter……

how about the truth Red dearie? Like you she holds it dear.

He might be Liz’s biological father, or not. But she is his daughter and for Raymond Reddington that is what matters

When Things Fell Apart


*Y/n finds out Luke cheated on her in an unsurprising way, leaving her destructive* 

Not requested. 

“Hey y/n!” Liz exclaimed over the phone and I smiled, thinking how long it has been since I last spoke to Liz. 

 Since coming back home and Luke continued touring it meant things were difficult to maintain. I missed seeing Luke everyday and visiting his family when we could, so phone calls meant a lot at times. "Liz, how are things?“ I asked, genuinely interested since the last few months have been filled with dull moments of watching Netflix and working alone. 

 "Yeah things have been good, we were all wondering when you last spoke to Luke.” There was a long pause as I tried to think it through, when did I last speak to Luke? 

 "Well, I think it was probably a couple of days ago before their first show in the US?“ I questioned myself and I heard a sigh on the over end. "Is there a problem?” I ask, concerned about Luke for a second. 

 "Oh it’s no problem, he’s just answering his phone and we just wondered if he had been on the phone to you.“ She was distracted, I could tell and immediately I pulled out my phone seeing my favourite picture of me and Luke. It was during our first night at his family’s house, when I was so nervous to be there but his family treated me as their own. Liz was generous to me and we spoke all about my home life and growing up. I shake the thought so I can concentrate on calling Luke.

 "I’ll give him a call now and get back to you as soon as I can, bye Liz.” She hangs up and I put my house phone down and go to our room and call Luke. Hearing the endless rings I start feeling anxious. Suddenly the ringing comes to an end, I hear a tired groan but my heart lifts. “Luke,” I begin, hoping he is feeling up to a chat, unsure if its in between shows. 

 "Y/n? Is that you?“ He asks with a groggy voice, I instantly felt bad realising I woke him up. 

 "I’m so sorry for waking you Lukey.” I sigh, bringing my knees to my chest. 

 "No no I was awake, I’m just surprised you wanted to talk to me.“ My mind goes blank as I think back to our last conversation. We didn’t fight or have an argument so why wouldn’t I want to speak to him? 

 "What do you mean?” I ask as I go down the stairs to make myself a drink. There was a pause on Lukes end and I heard a lot of movement going on, then a few murmurs and Mikes voice. Then silence and a loud sigh, making me feel a bit more uneasy than I possibly did before. 

“You, you haven’t seen the news?” He was awkward, I could tell. 

“Why would I have seen the news?” I asked, he knew I wouldn’t have. He paused as I walked away from the kitchen and to the living room, not taking this silence well I pulled a cushion to my chest and grabbed my laptop. 

 "Y/n, there’s something I’ve got to tell you.“ He began and I felt incredibly scared. 

 "What? Did you kill someone, cheat on me?” I let out a dry laugh but Luke remained silent, my laugh died down as I heard a sigh. 

 "Y/n I’m so sorry-“ I stopped him from continuing. 

 "You cheated on me?” I whispered, trying not to let it set in, scared if I admitted it then it would be true. “No just forget it Luke!” I started to yell, now feeling vulnerable to this. “You’ve been gone one month! One month Luke! You couldn’t control yourself for more than one month?!” I was screaming at him, uncontrollably sobbing. 

 "It wasn’t like that!“ He yelled back, his voice breaking as he did so. 

 "Who is she?” But before he could answer I looked it up on my laptop. As the various pages pull up tears fall freely from my eyes. The one person I had suspected all along, he said they were just friends, that they didn’t get to see her often so when they went to the states they had a laugh. “How long have you and Arzaylea been doing this?” I asked, demanding an explanation as I scrolled through an article.

 "It was a mistake, a really stupid mistake.“ He tried to explain himself but I didn’t want to hear it. 

 "Forget it Luke, just call your mum. She wants to chat.” With that I hung up the phone, throwing it across the sofa and sobbing into my cushion as I read the articles. 

 'Luke and y/n over?’ ‘Y/n remains silent on this spotting’ 'Is this the end of the most loved couple?' 

 I slammed the laptop lid shut and tried not to think too hard about the whole thing. Getting up I ran to my room seeing all the pictures of us together, I couldn’t take it. Grabbing each one I slammed it against the counter, seeing the glass smash and cut my skin but not caring. He was a liar, a complete cheat and obviously didn’t care about a genuine person.

 Luke Hemmings was dead to me.

Long awaited Part Two /// Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight 

#158: Baby Series | Crawling For The First Time

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Pregnancy Series Masterlist

First Night Home With The Baby


Diaper Changing

Bath Time

Bottlefeeding His P.O.V

You’re Insecure About Your Body After The Birth

Walks In The Park

Your Baby Laughs For The First Time

Doctor Visits

Baby’s First Word


“I don’t think I’ll ever get my son back.” You commented while embracing a bowl of mashed potatoes in your arms, your back resting against the fridge and your eyes glued to William, Luke and Liz. Andy chuckled lightly by your words and nodded his head agreeing, a happy smile on his lips. “It’s the first grandchild in the family, Liz can’t control her emotions! She literally didn’t talk about anything else than you guys visiting this morning.” Andy took out a few dressings made for the Sunday lunch and placed it on top of the dinner table that was set. You sighed softly with a smile on your lips and placed the bowl in the middle, watching as Luke tickled William on the belly while Liz recorded it. The second you stepped inside the entrance of Luke’s family home Liz was right in his heels, not even caring about the flowers in his hands but William resting on his hip. They instantly took over the carpet she had bought specially for him and meanwhile Luke joined her you went into the kitchen to help Andy with the food. “By every single day he looks more like you.” Liz admired and placed her phone back in her pocket, laughing softly when he wiggled his legs, almost like if he was trying to pull himself up or something. Luke watched him with furrowed eyebrow, his eyes widening when William started to crawl towards Liz. She clapped her hands excited and looked over at Luke curious, “You never told me he had learned to crawl.” “That’s because this is the first time he is crawling.” Luke stated shocked and Liz’s eyes widened in surprise and looked down at William as well. “Y/N!” Luke yelled loudly to get your attention, the volume of his voice making you drop the bowl of salad you were supposed to place on top of the table. The bowl crashed instantly when it connected with the floor and a squeal left your lips. “Oh my god.” You exclaimed shocked but Liz kept waving her hand for you to approach them. “It doesn’t matter it’s a cheap bowl from IKEA come on Y/N he’s crawling!” Both you and Andy hurried towards them, you stopping when your knees touched Luke’s hair to look down and see William use every single muscle in his body to crawl towards his grandmother. A hand came up to your mouth surprised, Liz’s smile growing even bigger when William reached out for her. “William you did it, and not just in my house but for the first time ever!” Liz cheered excited, lifting him in the air and pulled him into her side.


”Holy, since when did the bunk area turn into a playground?” Michael asked with wide eyes while scanning the area, seeing you sit with Calum and Ashton on a blanket while Luke was sitting with Alex and a toy in his hand. “Since Ashton and Luke decided to buy some presents to make the bunk area more comfortable.” You smiled and looked up, seeing Michael stand right behind you. He nodded his head understanding, his eyes tired as he had just taken a nap in the back area. Calum grinned down at Alex sitting on Luke’s lap, their eyes locking a mix of drool was drippling down his chin. “I understand that you’re in the middle of something very funny but soundcheck starts in two and we were thirty minute late last night so I think we need to step up our games.” The three nodded their heads understanding and stood up from the blanket with toys, Luke placing Alex in Calum’s arms and smiled softly. “I’ll see you in a bit bud.” Calum grinned and lifted his son in the air, placing a soft kiss to his nose before he placed him down on the blanket again. He moved down to peck your lips as well before following with the boys, grabbing a few supplements for the soundcheck before they were ready to go. You looked over your shoulder to see them disappear but your eyes widened when you turned your attention back to Alex. “Dada.” He mumbled, his legs and arms trying to function together to get forward towards you. Your jaw fell by the sight in front of you, seeing him struggle to take the first crawling steps. “Oh my god, Calum!” You almost yelled surprised, hoping that he would hear your voice even though he had left the tour bus. Two seconds later all boys were back inside, Calum being in front with wide eyes. “What is going on?” He asked almost worried, his eyebrows furrowing but that changed when he saw Alex attempting to crawl. “He’s crawling, he’s crawling come look!” You exclaimed, clapping your hands together in excitement and pulled out your phone. Calum hurried down the hallway until your back touched his legs and he leaned down and placed his hands on top of your shoulders. Alex did his very best to crawl the last bit down the blanket, smiling up at you guys when you and the boys behind you let out a large cheer. “Oh my god I am so proud of you.” You cheered and lifted him in your arms, peppering his soft cheek with kisses while Calum looked down at the two of you exciting, not even caring the slightest whether he was late for soundcheck or not.


Chatter and giggles filled the bedroom as Michael walked up the stairs to head towards the room, his hair a bit wet from the rain outside and his cheeks flushing a deep shade of red. He had been out all day, working hard at the studio for a few new songs along with Luke and now he couldn’t wait to get home to the sight of you and Celeste.  Carefully opening the door to your bedroom a smile broke on his face by the sight in front of him. You were resting on your belly with Celeste in front of you, the two of you giggling of something but he didn’t know what. “What is going on with my two girls here?” Michael grinned and leaned his cheek against the wooden doorframe. “We’re just goofing around.” You answered, watching as Celeste’s eyes lit up by the sight of her father. Michael moved away from the doorframe to take a seat on the bed, tickling Celeste on his back and earning a fist of giggles in response. “Did it rain much?” You asked after he gave you a hello kiss, his lips cold and wet from outside. “Yeah but it wasn’t much I just had to run from the car to the front door.” He smiled and leaned down as well, resting on his belly and focusing on Celeste staring at the two of you with a smile. “What have you guys been doing?” He asked and leaned forward with his hand to softly caress her hand. “We have been giggling at each other. She thinks it’s really funny when I make funny faces.” You leaned your cheek against Michael’s shoulder and smiled down at your daughter lovingly. Michael chuckled lightly by your words and pecked your forehead, his gaze never leaving Celeste as she looked between the two of you curious. In one swift movement she lifted her butt in the air, her legs wiggling as if she was trying to do something. Michael furrowed his eyebrows confused while you sat up on the bed, watching as her arms tried to wiggle with her. “Is she trying to crawl?” You asked amazed and the question was answered when Celeste attempted to crawl forward, Michael’s jaw falling by the sight in front of him. “Oh my god Celeste you’re so good at this.” You giggled and clapped your hands together, motioning for her to crawl closer. “Hold on, I need to record this.” Michael hurried to take his phone out of his pocket, the biggest smile embracing his tired face as Celeste crawled closer to you, her face all up in the camera making the both of you giggle with excitement.


With your backs forced against each other, your bums resting on the warm carpet in your living room, the TV running in the background. ”Cloe come on, the distance isn’t that far.” Ashton cheered from your behind, clapping his hands together and you rolled your eyes. ”Cloe, don’t listen to your father!” You looked over your shoulder to see Ashton glance over his as well, shaking his head by your immature act. You turned your attention back to Zack, clapped your hands together to catch his attention and make an excited face. ”Don’t listen to your mother, Zack.” Ashton mimicked just like you had seconds ago, making his voice high pitched to match yours. You smashed your back against his irritated with a giggle escaping your lips. This competition had been taking to a whole new level. It simply started out with Ashton stating that Cloe would crawl before Zack. You highly disagreed and from that the two of you were battling on who would do it first. And with Ashton’s competitive side it didn’t take him longer than five minutes to plant his ass on the carpet and place Cloe a meter away from him. Sprinting to do the same, determined not to lose the two of you were now battling against each other. “See Zack, look at this small lion you got from uncle Michael. I assure you can get it if you just use your legs and arms at the same time.” You could hear a dry laugh coming from Ashton behind you, and you rolled your arms before waving the lion in the air. Zack registered it immediately, his curious eyes staring up at you. And even if you didn’t believe your eyes he started to wiggle slowly, his body team working to make him crawl slightly towards your form, determined to get the lion. It was a high pitched laughter in satisfaction of winning that left your lips but it was overwhelmed by Ashton’s excitement behind you. “Zack was crawling first!” You argued immediately, barely getting excited about your daughter crawling as you were clearly the first one here. Ashton shook his head disagreeing and lifted Cloe in the air when she finally touched his legs, peppering her red cheeks with kisses. “Cloe was clearly the first one.” Ashton argued in matter of fact and turned around with Cloe in his lap. “No it was Zack.” You looked at him with wide eyes and pulled Zack onto your lap, his hands gripping onto the lion tightly. “You wanna make a bet out of that?” He asked with wiggled eyebrows, “Wasn’t that how we started in the first place?” You asked confused and leaned your chin on top of Zack’s head, laughing by Ashton’s reaction as he looked at you with wide eyes and his jaw hanging.

Sometimes it really bothers me that Tom Keen never had a chance to process the loss of the man that raised him.

Think about it. This was his day:

  • Liz decides she wants to get married that day.
  • She and Tom pull things together for a last-second wedding
  • Tom goes home to get his tux to find his ex-girlfriend that shot him and tried to kill him in his and Liz’s home.
  • Gina also brought Bud, who has been trying to kill Tom. Oh joy.
  • Bud forces Tom to kneel on the floor of his living room to execute him, but Gina shoots him last second instead
  • Gina leaves Tom to clean up the apartment and to bury his mentor
  • Tom goes to the church (after burying the man that raised him and had tried to kill him) to confess what happened to Liz and give her an out out of their impending marriage if she wants it
  • Liz chooses him and they start down the aisle
  • Their wedding is attacked by Matias Solomon who is trying to kidnap Liz
  • People die, the Task Force and Red fight back, Tom and Liz make a run for it to get Liz out of there
  • Matias Solomon slams into their car during the escape.
  • The car wreck causes difficulties in Liz’s pregnancy
  • Emergency c-Section for Liz
  • Agnes born, not breathing, but Nik brings saves her
  • The Keens get maybe five minutes with their newborn daughter before Kaplan comes in and Tom is left with their newborn daughter (and probably doesn’t know for some time if the plan even worked or if Liz is really dead)

That was his day. One day. Then he was a single dad trying to find a way to get his little girl and him back to Liz and keep their family safe for the next month or so, which led into the Kirk fiasco. He’s had no real time to process the fact that the man that raised him died trying to murder him in his own living room on his wedding day for having the audacity to fall in love and leave St Regis.

What made me giggle was Liz telling Sam that she would have reacted the same if one of her kids was sick. Because… no. Liz hasn’t. Aiden has an ear infection and she dragged him across open water in the wind to wyndemere just to get nik to pay attention to her and cause issues with him and Brooklyn. AND then I believe it was Aiden again who had bruises and luke I think noticed and took him to the hospital. Bruises a nurse overlooked and thought was totally normal. That was when Monica threatened to turn Liz in for neglecting her kids.

What if Sam listened to Liz and went home with scout and scout got sicker? You always check out when a baby under 1 gets a fever. Geesh

Not Dreaming

Title: Not Dreaming

Request: Where the reader is jealous of Peter’s crush on Liz and Peter later realizes that the reader likes him and boom! cute fluff?

Shipping: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cussing 

Originally posted by qothams

“Did Liz get a new top?” “No. you’ve seen that before, but it’s with a new skirt.” You rolled your eyes at the boy’s comments on Liz. “It’s just an outfit who cares? She probably just picked whatever out of her closet this morning.” Peter and Ned looked at you like you had murdered a puppy. “Who cares?!” Ned gasps. “Liz Allen is flawless!” “She’s not that good-looking.” You mumble. “Did you say something?” Peter asks. “Huh? Oh… N-no. I think I’m gonna go review my notes or whatever. We still have like 10 minutes left of lunch.” You pick up your tray and leave the table. 

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