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Number 1 Fan (Peter Parker)

Fandom: Marvel/Spider-man

Prompt/Summery: “I heard you were my number one fan!”

Warnings: nah

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(Y/N)’s POV

“Did you see that Spider-man video on youtube?!” Liz Allen said in gym class on the bleachers with her group of friends. I was sitting from a distance from her group with my sketch pad on my lap. Ironically, I was drawing Spider-man. He has been the number one talk at Midtown High. I continue drawing while trying to ignore Liz’s conversation.

Until a kid Ned said, “Peter knows Spider-man!” I look up to see Peter looking at Ned like he was crazy. Peter turned back to look at Liz, but his eyes quickly looked into mine. I felt my whole face turn red, so I looked back down at my sketch pad.

You see, I have had a crush on Peter since 6th grade in middle school when he commented on my art work in science class. We ended being lab partners, but I don’t think he recognizes me. I’m practically a nobody.

“I-I mean, through the Stark internship which I’m not supposed to talk about!” Peter said while also looking at Ned like he was going to murder him.

“Well, maybe you could invite him to Liz’s party,” a girl said next to Liz. “Right, Liz?”

“If you want to come Peter, you guys are invited,” Liz said. On that note, the bell finally rang. I quickly get up go change in the locker room.

My next class was Chemistry, with Peter! I sat down at my lonley table in the back of the class. Next think I know, the teacher pulls down a seating chart for the class on the screen. Thankfully I was at the same table, but I wasn’t going to be alone. I was with Peter Parker. I could feel my hands shaking from nerves.

I watch Peter walk into the class, look at the screen, and look at me. My face turns into a cherry again. I look down at my drawing of spider-man and start touching up on it. I heard him sit down next to me. He starts getting out his stuff for class. “Hey, (Y/N)! We get to be partners again!” Peter exclaims.

My head shots up to look at him. “You remember me?” I ask quietly.

“How could I not? You’re amazing at drawing and science. Like, look at the Spider-man drawing, it’s amazing!” he smiles.

“O-oh! Well, thank you! Uh, you’re amazing, too. A-at science, I mean,” I say. I can’t believe he remembers me! I always thought I was an outsider that no one payed attention to.

He laughs at my awkwardness, “Thank you, as well. Uh, h-how much do you like spider-man?” Peter wonders.

“Oh gosh, a lot. H-he’s just so cool! He’s so different from the other superheroes. I don’t know! He’s so fascinating! It’s always so awesome to watch him climb on walls and swing from his webs. Plus, he’s always watching over the city!” I rant. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock your ear off.”

Peter chuckled, “You couldn’t knock my ear off. Ned talks way more. Ya know, I could give that drawing to Spider-man himself if you’d like.”

“What? Oh no, it’s fine. He doesn’t need to see this, There are plenty of other artist he could find on google,” I say closing my sketch book and putting it on my lap.

“He would love it, (Y/N)! I’ll tell him you’re his number one fan!” Peter suggests. I open my sketch pad up to the drawing of Spider-man. I sign my name at the bottom and right a little message. I tore out the page and handed it to Peter.

“Here, he can have it,” I said blushing.

Peter smiles at the drawing and puts it in his bag. “So, are you going to Liz’s party tonight?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t really belong at parties,” I say fumbling with my pencil.

Peter nods understanding, “Well, I would love for you to come! With me, maybe? And my friend Ned, so it’s not so awkward. Plus, I’d like to hang out with you sometime.”

My eyes felt like they could pop out of my head. I was shocked. Peter Parker wanted to hang out with me. “Me? Y-you want to hang out with me?!” I ask.

“Why not? You seem like a lot of fun,” Peter smiles. That was the last thing he said to me before class started because the teacher walked in the room to start the lesson.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. My crush wanted to hang out with me. I thought he didn’t know who I was, but he wants to be my friend! I went home and screamed into my pillow while kicked my legs as if I was swimming in a pool.

I changed my clothes from skinny jeans, a baggy shirt, and black converse to a lilac, flowy dress with white Keds. I touched up my makeup and brushed my hair about 10 times before walking out the door with my mother taking me to the party.

I could feel my palms going sweaty from nerves. I wiped my hands on the seat of the car. My mom asked me questions like, “Why have you decided to go to a party? Have you made new friends? Is there a boy?!” Mom questions like that. Once my mom dropped me off at Liz’s house and left, my heart dropped to my stomach. I felt like I didn’t belong. I slowly walked to the door and opened it to see a lot of people with red cups and food in their hands.

I stepped in, closed the door, and looked around the house. It was a big, beautiful home. Liz must be lucky! I looked to my right to see the kitchen with inside the house, Peter and Ned. I took a deep breath and walked over to Peter. Ned instantly saw me and nudged Peter’s side. Once Peter saw me, his eyes grew, and I don’t understand why.

“Hey, Peter, Ned,” I slightly smiled.

“H-hey, (Y/N)! You l-look amazing!” Peter said blushing.

I blushed as well looking down at myself, “Oh, well, thank you! Nice hate, Ned!” I said.

“Thanks (Y/N)! I think it compliments me!” Ned says smiling.

I giggle at his reply. I look around to see lights glowing around the house. It felt very awkward standing here with no conversation flowing. “Well, I’m going to get myself a drink. Seeing that there is no drink in the kitchen, ironically. Be right back,” I said backing away into the crowd of animals. I turned around and zipped through the crowd.

Once I found some soda, I headed back to the kitchen. Sadly, Peter had disappeared leaving Ned by himself. “Ned, where did Peter go?” I ask.

“O-oh! He want to.. the.. bathroom! Yeah! It might take him a while,” he replied awkwardly.

I nodded slowly, “Okay, well, when you see him, tell him to meet me in the living room.” I walk over to an empty couch, sat, and waited.

After a few hours, I grew bored. I texted my mom to come pick me up. I knew I shouldn’t have come to the party. I was basically stood up. Obviously Peter and I weren’t on a date, but he invited me to the party and didn’t even hang out with me. It didn’t seem like hung out with Ned either seeing as that Ned was in an empty bedroom this whole time.

I rode home in silence. I knew if I spoke, I would start crying. I walked to my room with tears forming in my eyes. I was just a loser a party. I sat on my bed and quietly cried. I grabbed my sketch book off of my desk and started to doodle.

Next think I know, I heard a tapping on my window. I wiped the tears away and walked over to my winder to see Spider-man. The Spider-man!

I open my window and slide it up. “Is this the residence of (Y/N)?” he asked.

I blushed and cleared my throat, “T-that’s me!”

“Can I come in, please?” Spider-man asked. I stepped away from my window to let him crawl in. He does and enters into my room. He was wearing his iconic suite with a backpack on his back.

“How did you find where I lived?” I asked folding my arms and sitting on my bed. Spider-man sat next to me.

“My friend Peter Parker. He’s a cool guy,” he says.

I nodded. I didn’t know what to say. I was being incredibly shy. “So, uh, w-why are you here?” I wonder.

Spider-man pulled out a folded piece of paper from his backpack. I started to feel my face go hot. He opened up the paper to reveal my drawing I gave to Peter. “I heard you were my number one fan! This is also really amazing! Thank you so much!”

“It’s nothing really. It’s just a sketch,” I said.

“Well, I think it’s one fantastic sketch,” he said putting the drawing back in his bag. “So, uh, how come you’re all dressed up?”

I frowned and looked down at my lap. “I was at a party. Peter actually invited me, but stupid me thought he wanted to really hang out with me. Don’t tell him this, but I really like him. I know he likes Liz because of the way he looks at her. I won’t ever compare to her, but I thought this could be a chance to open myself. I guess not,” I explained. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I don’t even know you.”

“Well, Peter is a jerk for stooding you up like that. I’ll talk to him. Don’t worry, he’ll come around,” Spider-man says taking my hands in his. “I gotta go, okay? I’ll visit again soon!” He stands up and crawls back out my window. I stood up as well to watch him shoot webs from house to house flying across the sky.

(A/N): Part 2?? Let me know!

Still Some Good In The World - Stiles Stilinski

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WARNING: May be triggering to some. Abuse, depression, swearing.

Summary: (Y/N) is having a hard time. Her friends, family, and grades all seem to be slipping from her grasp. But all it takes is one person who cares to keep her from slipping even further into darkness.

I walk down the hall; my mind elsewhere. I try so hard not to think about last night, but I can’t help it. The memories are as fresh as when I was living it. My dad, stumbling around and smashing things, yelling at me and my mum. And then, when I went to go seek comfort from my friends, they have a go at me straight to my face. They keep saying that I’m too dumb to be taking too many days off school, but some days I can’t drag myself out of bed. They wouldn’t understand. Yeah, my grades have been slipping, but nothing drastic. And I don’t think it has anything to do with the time I’ve had off. More so to do wi-

“You ok (Y/N)?” I snap out of my daze to see Stiles from the year above standing there. I had advanced into his English class and we were partnered for a project at the start of the year. 

“I-uh.” Quickly, I adjust my face into the biggest smile I could give. “Yeah, I’m great! Just a lot of tests coming up!” I giggled. He half smiled, still not fully believing me. 

“Okay, well if you want I can help you study? What class is it for?”

“Maths.” I sigh. 

“Yeah? Awesome, well I’ll see you at the library then. Period 3?” He asks and I nod. I continue walking to my class. Why is Stiles so nice to me? He’s always been there for me, even though he barely knows me. I shrug off the thought and head to class.

“Hey girls!” I say as I sit down with Trish and Liz. They look at one another, giggle slightly and roll their eyes. 

“Hey (Y/N).” Trish says in a nonchalant tone. “Anyway, Liz. I asked Lydia Martin and she said I can plus one you to hers.”

“Whats this?” I ask, curious. 

“Lydia Martin’s party.” 

“Oh, when is it?”

“It’s invite only, sorry.” 

“But you just sa-”

“She’s not taking in anymore plus ones. Sorry hun.” Liz cut me off and fake frowned. 

“Wow. What the hell has got into you two?” 

“If only you actually cared what was going on with us.” I furrowed my brows at Trish. 

“(Y/N), you completely ignored our calls and everything over the weekend.” 

“Well, I wasn’t having the best time. You guys out of everyone should know that.” 

“That’s another thing.” Liz starts. “If you’re home life is THAT bad, then where are all your bruises and stuff, huh?” 

“You’ve gotta be kiding me”

“We don’t believe you, (Y/N). We think you just want more attention - as always.” 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I slam my books on the table and stand up, grabbing everyones attention away from their snack. “Don’t talk to me ever again.” 

“Wasn’t thinking about it, hun!” Liz calls out as I rush off. I bump my shoulder against people but keep running, tears blurring my vision. I hear someone calling out to me but I keep on moving towards the girls restroom. I swing the door open and make sure no one is inside any of the stalls before I break down crying. I stand in front of the mirror, my head facing the ground, tears pouring from my face. I hear a knock on the toilet door and regain myself. 

“Who is it?” I try my best not to let my voice falter, but I couldn’t help the squeaks that came from my mouth. 

“Its Stiles. Please come out.” 

“Stiles, please just go away.” 

“I didn’t want to have to do this but…” The next thing I know, the door swings open and there he stands. He looks at me for a second, unsure of what he is to do next. I start to sob again and he rushes over, wrapping me in his arms. I was too tired to fight it. I wrapped my arms around him and sobbed into his chest. He stroked my hair and calmed me. The sound of his heart beat seemed to soothe me better than anything before. Once I had stopped crying Stiles pulled away and wiped my tear stained cheeks. “Do you want to tell me whats wrong?” 

I don’t know why I trusted him so much, but I let everything come out. From my dad to my friends to my grades. He sat there in silence, making sure to listen to everything I said. Once I had finished he looked me in the eyes and looked as if he was in deep thought. “If you want, I can get my dad to look into your family for abuse. He’s the sherrif, so he can convict him for a long time. Or if you don’t want that, you can always stay with me. I can even help you study and get your grades back up! As for your friends, Lydia and I are really close. How about we show them up? He nudged me and wagged his eyebrows. I chuckled along with him until I grew confused. 

“Stiles… why are you doing this? Like, you barely even knew me and you came after me. You’re helping me more than my supposed best friends of 7 years.”

“Well, I believe that in this world there is a lot of bad. Some of the bad things, I can’t do anything about. But, if I can, I will. If I can bring even a little bit of good into the world, then it was worth it.” I smile up at him and embrace him in another hug. “So about this party…”

I walk into Lydia’s with my arm wrapped around Stiles’. I was wearing a super pretty dress that Lydia actually gave me earlier in the day when Stiles asked her for advice. He told her about the situation and she happily invited me back to do my hair and make-up too. However, I politely declined as I knew exactly what look I wanted to do. My gold smokey eye matched my golden heels and purse which contrasted against my tight fitting black dress. When I strut in, a bunch of people looked in awe, not only at how different I looked from my normal self, but that I was with a senior. As confident as I looked on the outside, I didn’t feel it on the inside which I guess Stiles could sense. He leant over and whispered into my ear, “You okay?” 

“Yeah, think I need a drink if I’m honest.” I giggled nervously. 

“Be right back.” Stiles laughed as he went to get me a cup of punch. I wondered over to a photo on the wall of Lydia when she was young and smiled. She looks so happy with her family. 

“What are you doing here?” I turned around to see Trish and Liz in utter shock. “You weren’t invited. Remember?” I opened my mouth to speak before someone cut me off. 

“Actually, I invited her. It is my party after all.” My head snaps to see Lydia standing there with her hand on her hip. 

“Oh, hi Lydia! We were just joking around.”

“Sure you were. Beat it.” She said and they quickly sauntered off. 

“Thank you for that.” 

“Oh, no problem! It’s a hobby of mine to be honest. Confronting bitches I mean.” She laughs. 

“Woah, did I miss something?” Stiles walks back over.

“Not much. I’ll see you around (Y/N).” Lydia leaves with a wink. I blush and turn back to Stiles. I grab the drink and take a large gulp. 

“Slow down there.” He jokes as I finish skulling the drink. 

“Come on Stilinski. It’s dancing time!” I say after a wave of confidence rushes over me. I drag him by his hand and we start to sway to the music. “Stiles, I like you. Like, you don’t even know how much. Its such a weird feeling, but when I’m with you I feel… safe? Do you get what I mea?” I ask, confused about what I’m feeling. 

“Yeah, I think I do.” He whispers. We stare into one another’s eyes and slowly stop dancing. Suddenly, my lips are on his and I feel a burst of passion in my chest. I pull away and blush when I see how big his smile is. I throw my head back, laughing, and begin to dance stupidly with him. It was one of the best nights of my life. 

Hey, so I feel like this needs major editing which I will do ASAP. However, I have like 3 eps of Rick and Morty to catch up on! Choices, choices.


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Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: Fluff, Rebel!AU
Word Count: 5.1k

“When you look back at this moment, what are you going to remember? The time you sat alone at the bar while your friends partied, or when you were taken on an adventure?”

You were dragged into an club by your friends in hope to increase your social life. Instead you find yourself sitting at the bar drinking alone. But everything changes when a handsome stranger pulls you into rebellion for a night. 

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anonymous asked:

Any general or random Bundy facts?

- He was left handed.

- He loved all animals and would often brought rescued animals to Liz home.

- He was very athletic and his favorite sport was skiing. 

- He loved pizzas, hamburgers and a good steak accompanied with a glass of wine. Also, his favorite beer was Mickey’s.

- His first car was a 1933 Plymouth Coupe.

- He bought his first VW in 1966, the ‘58 model.

- Graduates Bachelor of Science in psychology in 1972. He was one of the top student according to one of his former professor, Ronald Smith. He studied the following courses : animal learning, deviant development, deviant personality physiological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology and statistical methods.

- According to Carol Booth, he was obsessed with cleaning.

I’m Not Her Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1569

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Hey so a part two to this was requested and here it is! I hope you guys like it because I kind of love it. You can read part one here

Liz eventually came home that night to work on the assignment with Peter, but she didn’t know that you were both friends now and especially didn’t know about your feelings for the boy. It had been a few weeks since you’d first hung out with him and you’d been talking to each other almost everyday. It felt nice to be close to him, even if you were just friends and hoping that one day you’d be more than that.

It was a Saturday night and your mum was forcing you to go to a party with your sister because she’s “Worried that you aren’t having a social life.” She should be thankful i’m not doing drugs or knocked up, not worried that I stay inside too often! You had to go even though you would rather be doing literally anything else.

Walking out to the living room ready to go, you are stopped by an over dramatic gasp leaving your sisters mouth. She stood up quickly from her seat, eyes wide as if she just saw the worlds biggest spider. “There is no way you’re going like that.”

Your eyebrows furrowed, crossing your arms as you just stared at your sister in bewilderment. Who the hell does she think she is? ”Excuse me?”

She made her way over to you, looking appalled by your outfit choice. ”You can’t wear that to a party, not that you’d know since you’ve never been to one before.” Rolling your eyes at her words you scoffed, this was typical of Liz, she loved to make you feel like shit. “Well sorry i’m not little miss popular like you.”

Ignoring your comment she grabbed you by the hand, practically dragging you along with her. “That’s it, I’ll pick out your outfit.” Your eyes widened at her words, there was no way that was going to happen. “No no no no no. Please no.” You dramatically held onto the nearby couch, clinging on for dear life until she yanked hard enough for your grip to loosen. You groaned as she dragged you into your room, sighing in defeat when she practically threw you onto the carpet.

You rubbed your shoulder in pain from the fall, that was definitely going to bruise.”Do you have any decent clothes in here?” She yelled out as she rummaged through your closet, throwing items of clothing behind her. You were not looking forward to cleaning that up later.

“Uh huh!” She grinned as she pulled out a short black dress that she’d brought you for Christmas one year and you’d never worn. And for a reason too, it was short and too revealing for your liking. “No way am I wearing that.”

“Oh come one.We’ll be here all night otherwise.” She looked annoyed at you, impatiently tapping her foot with her arms crossed. Sighing in defeat you slowly nodded your head.“Fine.”

Liz let out a squeal that hurt your ears as she threw the dress into your face. “Yay you’re becoming a woman!” 

 “Oh shut it Liz.” Rolling your eyes at your sister you walked to that bathroom to get changed. Slipping on the dress, you had to admit it made you feel really pretty. You shyly walked out of the room, your sisters eyes lighting up.“You look so pretty sis.”

A smile appeared on your face, maybe she wasn’t the worst sister after all? “Thanks, I guess.”

Parked outside the house you could here the music blaring and could see a few drunk teenagers stumbling around the front lawn. Already you wanted to go home, this was a bad idea. Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of your sisters voice. “Now remember, get out of the car a few minutes after me. I can’t have people know that I came with you.” She was applying a fresh coat of lipstick before shoving the tube into her purse. Ignoring her comment you muttered out a “whatever” before she got out and slammed the door behind her.

You were tempted to just drive off and leave her there to find her own way home, but you knew better than that. After waiting a few minutes like she instructed, you got out locking the car behind you, nervously making your way to the party. You wished your friend was here but she couldn’t go since she was working, you’d just have to face this one on your own.

Entering the party you were overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Teenagers grinding up against each other, some having conversations whilst sipping their drinks and you could definitely smell weed in the air. You weren’t judging these people for their choices, you just personally weren’t into this sort of scene. You just preferred staying home and reading books in bed whilst snuggling up to your cat.   

Your eyes searched the room for a familiar face as you made your way through the crowd. Your eyes caught sight of your sister who was sipping from her cup whilst flirting with a boy you couldn’t see. Wanting to know who it was, you moved closer only to stop in shock when you saw that it was Peter Parker. An uneasy feeling stirred up in your gut, your sister was flirting with your crush. And just when you thought you stood a chance with the boy. Little did you know this was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

A gasp escaped your lips, your hand covering your mouth as tears uncontrollably fell down your face. Only a few meters away from you stood your sister with her lips on Peter’s. A loud sob escaped your mouth causing a few people to look over at you, including Peter. 

You sprinted out of the party and ran to your car, crawling inside as the tears fell endlessly. Your heart was so broken, you’d never felt pain like this before. Just for once you thought someone would like you better than your sister, that someone would choose you over your sister, just once! You were prepared to leave, not caring now that your sister would be left here, she could find her own way home.

As you were putting on your seat belt you heard a knocking on the window, looking up you saw Peter standing outside your car wearing a worried expression. You sniffled, thinking whether or not you should talk to him, after all he did break your heart he just didn’t know it. “Please Y/N, let me explain.”

The pleading tone in his voice caused you to reach over and unlock the passenger door to let him inside. “Okay, then explain.”

He sat beside you, shutting the door behind him. His words came out rushed and fast, like he knew that he fucked up. “Look what happened back there, it wasn’t what it looked like.”

“Oh really?” Sarcasm dripped from your voice, did he really think you would fall for that line?

“Y/N I was just making friendly conversation with Liz and then out of no where she kisses me. I didn’t kiss her. As soon as I realized what was happening I pushed her off of me only to see you running off into the crowd. I didn’t want that to happen and I swear I don’t have feelings for your sister.” The honesty in his voice made you want to believe him, but it was so hard to when people were constantly choosing your sister over you.

“How can I believe you?”

He took your hands in his, looking into your eyes as he spoke the next words. ”Because, these past few weeks I’ve spent getting to know you have been some of the best weeks of my life. I can’t open up to many people like I can with you, I mean, the fourth time we hung out I told you I was Spider-man.”

You let out a chuckle at that last part, it was true, he must really trust you then. It confused you though, after what you just saw how could you trust him? “What are you trying to say Peter? Because I just saw the person I’ve liked for years kissing my sister and all I can feel is hurt. I just want for once someone to love me and not her!” You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt a tear drop on your arm.

Peter grabbed your cheeks as he leaned in closer to you, causing your heart to skip a beat. “But I do! I love you, I don’t even like your sister. Y/N, I choose you, I want to be with you.” There was dead silence for a few seconds, you were trying to process what he just said.

“I-I can you say that again?”

“What? That I love you?” You shyly nodded, needing to hear him say that one more time.

“I love you, Y/N.” You wasted no time in closing the distance between you, pressing your lips against his. It was perfect, it just felt right like this is where you were meant to be. Pulling away you just smiled, resting your forehead against his.

“Want to get out of here?” You let out a giggle at his question, pulling apart to start the car. “God yes.”

You drove off with Peter that night, holding hands as you drove into the city, not caring how Liz was going to get home, she’d manage.

Yesterday when I got home Liz opened the door just as I got to it and was like “welcome home!” then immediately saw a bug that was trying to fly inside and screamed and tried to hide and basically ask me what it’s like to be dating an irl cartoon character

Never Again (Smut)

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Pairings: Sebastian Stan X Reader
Word Count: 3K
Summary: There is some tension in the air surrounding you and Sebastian, so you decide to logically solve this problem
Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Daddy kink

A/N: This is my very first smut so any criticism is appreciated at this point. I would like to thank @sickyaoi for the smut help. Requests open! Thanks for reading :)
You and Elizabeth had been hanging out for the past few days, just relaxing and catching each other up on your lives since Civil War came out, she had been working on a few other projects and you had  been finishing a few long overdue paintings.

“We should see if the guys want to hang out”  Elizabeth offered, grabbing another dress of yours and putting it over herself to see if it would look good on her.

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So. Freaking. Busy.

Today, I…

  • Met with the dog trainer about Momo’s leash walking and barking
  • Found a lost puppy with no collar or tags
  • Let the puppy hang out at my place for long enough to get pics
  • Put the puppy on social media blast while the trainer took her to the shelter
  • Went to a little mountain town with Liz
  • Walked 8k+ steps
  • Met four dogs, including the sweetest pit bull EVER and a bulldog named Meatball (because of course)
  • Had some very good conversations with Liz, since she asked for tips about middle school: To have a friend, be one; bring pads with you every day; get a planner and use it; remember that everyone feels as awkward as you because adolescence just isn’t easy.

Now we’re finally home, Liz is in the bath, and I’m winding down and snuggling with my own dogs.  Between the new dog friends, and the cats we met at the pet store, their sniffers are working overtime.