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Kairi E3 Fest: Day 1 - Favorite Kairi Moment

It’s probably no one else’s favorite moment, but I love when Kairi leaves the island in KH2. The moment when Kairi decides that no. This is it. She has HAD IT with waiting around for her boys to show up and she is NOT letting some redheaded creep and his rubbery sackmonster entourage threaten her. So she does the only thing she can: she takes advantage of the first way to get off the islands she’s found in a year and runs headfirst into a swirling vortex of dark energy that could kill any normal person

But Kairi doesn’t care. Her boys are clearly in trouble. Her family is in trouble. And for the first time, she gets to fight for them

For the first time, Kairi is free. And she did it all on her own

Kairi E3 Fest: Day 3“Playable Kairi” OR “Why you love Kairi”

Alright! Last day and last chance t make some noise, so I’m celebrating with all of the reasons I love Kairi

  • She’s the girl who was there from the start. The old friend who didn’t take anyone’s garbage, who worried about her best friends, and who was always unfailingly kind
  • She’s the girl who spread happiness. The little girl who gave flowers to a total stranger and whose sense of gratitude overrode her fear of monsters
  • She’s a Princess of Heart, whose light shines brighter than any other and who can hold back even the most overwhelming darkness
  • She’s the girl who was so important that, like Sora, others were created from her being and others were inspired by her being
  • She’s the girl who survived being thrown into the stars, and who will continue to survive due to her bravery and will

I love Kairi because she’s more than just a girl. She’s a hero and a princess. She’s proof that kindness and courage are just two sides of the same coin. THAT’S the person I want to see more of

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This phenomenal art by the talented Liz Anna Kozik

Kairi E3 Fest: Day 2 - KH3 Wishes

I’m well aware that my standards for KH3 Kairi are so unrealistically high that there’s no doubt I’m going to be disappointed, but we really need certain developments

A Kairi that fights, both for her friends and for herself because she won’t be left behind and she won’t let others be left behind as well

A Kairi that is physically imposing, but not at the cost of her femininity. A girl that makes pink dresses with frills and a flowery blade absolutely terrifying through the sheer force of will emanating from her

A Kairi whose actions have just as much consequence as the boys, who contributes just as much, if not more than everyone else in the final battle through her own agency, her own choice

A Kairi whose light shines with such ferocity that those on her side tremble in awe and those against her are blinded

A Kairi who takes the title of “princess” and uses it to become a fearsome leader who, through charisma and bravery and action, motivates all who come in contact with her

A Kairi who’s a hero because she worked harder than anyone else to be one

That’s what I want from KH3

I was bored and this happened 

I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must have been having the whole camp on her shoulders, specially during wars where if she had been faster, stronger, wiser, better maybe there would’ve been less corpses

I’m glad she’s not alone anymore :)


This year, I made you a little project I’d like to call “Daybreak Daydreams”, a series of comics based on the adventures of our avatars in KHUx. There’s four of them now, but I might make more throughout the year if interesting stuff happens. It’s also relevant considering KHx just ended

So let’s start off with Comic #1 - In Over Your Head

These’ll be going up one an hour, and then I’ll probably post all of them to DA later

Either way, Happy Birthday, pal! I hope it’s a great day and that you like these wacky little shorts