liz art

i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please


Based off Halloween sprays and me friend @survivor-vivian2289 that made me fond of this ship(I guess it’s also a get well soon thingamabob)

☆It’s not my otp but I don’t mind drawing or seeing content of this ship☆

Make Me Wanna Holler: acrylic, graphite, charcoal on canvas/linen. 30x30x1.5

I reworked this canvas completely because it wasn’t saying what I was feeling. Inspired by The Marvin Gaye song Inner City Blues, that dropped in 1971. From the album What’s Going On.

I remember the times well. Carrying signs, protesting in the streets. How is it that we still have to fight for basic freedoms in our land of the free…

46 years and we are still throwing our hands up in the air…