liz and tyler

  • friend:*tells me something cool about themselves*
  • me:WHAT omg how did i not know this about you!!!!
  • friend:i've told you this three times already and this has been your response every time

I’m sORRY.


Life is classified. There is always so much that goes unsaid.

-Gallagher Girls, Ally Carter


Human Stelena visions

Elena -I love to hurt the Salvatores- Gilbert is back!

Damon doesn’t even want to be friends with you girl


Denzo playing pool

Caroline throwing her jacket at Enzo’s face

Steroline mini conversation

Enzo talking about sex dreams and people ripping their clothes off

The traveler taking Liz’ body

Traveler/Liz killing Matt

The Other Side

Kol freaking Mikaelson

Grams and Bonnie

Matt and Vicki

Someone hijacked Tyler’s body and now he’s working for Markos


Life On Mars S02E07 - Sam: You know they’re going to have to arrest you. So why did you call me? Gene: Because if this goes the way it looks like it’s going, I want you to lead the investigation. Sam: You need my help. Gene: Just be the picky pain in the arse you normally are and I should be fine. 


I cant even express how relieved i am that Michael is okay. Now that the storm is gone i really think they should take a break, so they don’t feel pressured. It is best to take good care of them now so it does not happen anything like it happened to 1D


Elena didn’t shed a tear for Stefan

Damon wanting everyone back

Caroline snapping Luke’s neck

Bad ass Mama Forbes

Stexi and Dalaric


Gas leak + Delena on a suicide mission = Mystic Grill

Julian,Markos and the travelers are dead

Lexi dying as a hero

Bonnie & Grams

Luke and Liv

Tyler, Enzo, Stefan and Alaric (and Elena of course)coming back

But all humans and Tyler as a simple werewolf?

… meaning Caroline is the only vampire left?

Damon being stuck on the Other Side

Stefan to Caroline: “I lost them both”

Steroline hug

Damon’s goodbye to Elena and Bonnie’s goodbye to Jeremy

Bamon holding hands and waiting for the end