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Laundry Room

Summary: Peter and reader are friends but Spider-Man pays a visit and spies on her while she does laundry which may lead to accidentally exposing his identity.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Warnings: Brief swearing & possible kissing

A/N: hi loves! this is my first ever Tumblr written fanfiction and i have a lot of mixed emotions about it?? it seems to go a little fast paced and it’s obviously not my best work but idk it’s whatever. i also wasn’t really planning on / having ideas for a part 2 but if you want one i’d be open to writing one :) hope you enjoy! ♡

Word Count: 1554

It was a cool Friday evening in Queens and Y/N was doing some laundry in the laundry room of her lovely apartment complex. Nobody in her building seemed to use it so she had it all to herself, letting her playlists from her music library softly play through her speakers as she folded her t-shirts. She seemed to be running out of clothes to wear despite the gazillion outfits she had tossed in the back of her closet and left to rot in neglect.

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sunshine boy

i’ve had this queued forever, & i’m finally releasing it to the world. if you want a part two lemme knooow!

pairing: peter parker/reader

warnings: angst angst angst!!


peter parker reminded you of sunshine.

if you were honest with yourself, he was sunshine, all kindness and soft curls and a sweet word for anyone who needed it. you’d known him since freshman year, the stumbling, quiet sweetheart of a boy occupying the locker next to yours since the very first day. the brightness and warmth he exuded led to the unconventional nickname you’d gifted him, a chuckle laced within the words at the blush it brought to his cheeks.

“i think i’ll call you sunshine.”

ever since that day the pair of you were inseparable, conjoined at the hip alongside ned and eventually - much to her reluctance - michelle. you were there for every harsh word, every tear, every cruel joke he suffered at the hands of those who just couldn’t understand your sunshine boy, couldn’t see the wonderful person tucked inside him. you hated it, spending your days alternating between cheering him up and defending him. you were lucky enough to exist under the radar for the majority of your high school days, and you used that anonymity to protect peter, keep a smile on his face. “c’mon, pete, give me a smile,” you’d plead lightly, pouting up at him. “how am i supposed to be happy if my sunshine isn’t?” it never failed to make the corners of his mouth turn up, the familiar blush spreading across his face as he mumbled for you to stop. you were the only one allowed to call him that, although it didn’t stop ned from poking at his cheeks whenever they went red at your words, teasing him. “you should’ve nicknamed him tomato boy,” he’d laugh, only furthering the other’s blush as he rolled his eyes. “real original ned, thank you,” he’d huff, although he knew it was playful.

when you discovered his secret, the reason he’d cancel on movie nights and never get enough sleep, it only set the nickname in stone. after all, who else but your sunshine boy would risk his life for others, sacrifice so that others wouldn’t have to? his spider-man persona was simply a greater reflection of how wonderful he was. it made your heart swell, already full up with love for him in ways you just couldn’t explain to anyone. if you were painfully honest with yourself, if you peeled back the layers of your friendship with peter, you’d know exactly how to explain the butterflies you’d get around him, or the fact that the sight of him upset, a frown gracing his usually cheery face, made you scramble to lift his spirits. you’d been in love with him ever since he’d tripped into his locker that first day, fumbling over his words as he tried to introduce himself.

you’d never tell him though, resignedly making yourself content with just being there for him. you couldn’t risk losing your sunshine boy, couldn’t fathom life without him loudly complaining about english lit against your shoulder, or stealing the last of the popcorn as you rewatched star wars for the billionth time. he was simply too important to you, and you refused to ruin what you had together. your silly heart could settle. and so you settled, admired him from a distance, and felt yourself falling deeper and deeper in love.

the only other person who knew was michelle. that girl could read you like a book, observant to a fault, really. you’d sworn her to absolute secrecy, and she complied, even though she constantly pushed you to tell him. “you can’t just pine forever, you know,” she said one day, flicking through the pages of a novel as you searched through your locker. “it’s not healthy.” you rolled your eyes at her fondly, shaking your head. “you don’t understand. it’s complicated, em.” the nickname only makes her snort, knowing you were simply trying to get her to drop the subject. and yet, her words rang around in your mind awhile, making you think. could you really keep your love for peter hidden forever? you were determined to try.

your sophomore year made that impossible.

suddenly the only thing peter knew how to talk about was liz allen, the gorgeously long legged captain of the decathlon team. every day it was something new, and it drove you insane.
“liz looked at me today!”
“liz asked to borrow a pencil!”
“liz liz lizlizliz.”
you couldn’t be angry with him, you had no right to be - he didn’t know how you felt. even ned grew tired of him constantly chattering about the girl, constantly pushing him to talk to her. he’d refuse every time, his shyness and insecurity bubbling to the surface. it made your heart hurt, honestly, because peter was amazing. liz allen would be lucky to have peter parker, anyone would,  he was sunshine. still, you buried your feelings and tried your best to stay supportive, knowing that peter’s happiness was ultimately more important. if liz allen made him happy, then so be it.

homecoming rolled around quicker than you expected, and with it came shattering news: peter had summoned up the courage to ask liz. she’d said yes, and with that simple word your heart broke. you’d known it was inevitable, and you silently berated yourself all the way home for being so emotional. peter wasn’t yours, as much as you wished it, and he was happy.

 over the course of the week leading up to the dance you grew distant with your friends, isolating yourself in your studies because it was better to be alone than to hear peter gush about liz, or feel mj’s pitying stare. you didn’t even want to think about homecoming, let alone go, and peter was shocked to hear you say so on the day of the dance. “but you have to go, (y/n)! it’ll be fun,” he begged, and even his best pout couldn’t change your mind. he wouldn’t let it go, nagging you about it until you snapped.

“i’m not going, peter!” you sighed, frustration lacing your voice. “you’d have fun though! you can’t just stay home! what’s stopping you?” he shot back, his own frustrations at your objections rising. “because i can’t! alright? i can’t do it, i can’t go and watch you happy with someone else,” you finally blurted out, words tumbling one over the other before you could stop them. the look on his face made you realize just what you had said, dread creeping up into you as you stepped back. you couldn’t face him, turning and quickly pushing past people in an effort to hide your mounting sadness. it was the first time your sunshine boy had ever looked at you like he was going to break your heart.

you practically ran all the way home, trapping yourself in your room before you let the tears fall. you couldn’t believe you’d said that, you’d ruined everything you’d worked so hard to protect. and as you curled up amidst your blankets, muffling your sobs into your pillows, you knew that he wasn’t your sunshine boy anymore. he wouldn’t ever be again.


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Number 1 Fan (Peter Parker)

Fandom: Marvel/Spider-man

Prompt/Summery: “I heard you were my number one fan!”

Warnings: nah

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(Y/N)’s POV

“Did you see that Spider-man video on youtube?!” Liz Allen said in gym class on the bleachers with her group of friends. I was sitting from a distance from her group with my sketch pad on my lap. Ironically, I was drawing Spider-man. He has been the number one talk at Midtown High. I continue drawing while trying to ignore Liz’s conversation.

Until a kid Ned said, “Peter knows Spider-man!” I look up to see Peter looking at Ned like he was crazy. Peter turned back to look at Liz, but his eyes quickly looked into mine. I felt my whole face turn red, so I looked back down at my sketch pad.

You see, I have had a crush on Peter since 6th grade in middle school when he commented on my art work in science class. We ended being lab partners, but I don’t think he recognizes me. I’m practically a nobody.

“I-I mean, through the Stark internship which I’m not supposed to talk about!” Peter said while also looking at Ned like he was going to murder him.

“Well, maybe you could invite him to Liz’s party,” a girl said next to Liz. “Right, Liz?”

“If you want to come Peter, you guys are invited,” Liz said. On that note, the bell finally rang. I quickly get up go change in the locker room.

My next class was Chemistry, with Peter! I sat down at my lonley table in the back of the class. Next think I know, the teacher pulls down a seating chart for the class on the screen. Thankfully I was at the same table, but I wasn’t going to be alone. I was with Peter Parker. I could feel my hands shaking from nerves.

I watch Peter walk into the class, look at the screen, and look at me. My face turns into a cherry again. I look down at my drawing of spider-man and start touching up on it. I heard him sit down next to me. He starts getting out his stuff for class. “Hey, (Y/N)! We get to be partners again!” Peter exclaims.

My head shots up to look at him. “You remember me?” I ask quietly.

“How could I not? You’re amazing at drawing and science. Like, look at the Spider-man drawing, it’s amazing!” he smiles.

“O-oh! Well, thank you! Uh, you’re amazing, too. A-at science, I mean,” I say. I can’t believe he remembers me! I always thought I was an outsider that no one payed attention to.

He laughs at my awkwardness, “Thank you, as well. Uh, h-how much do you like spider-man?” Peter wonders.

“Oh gosh, a lot. H-he’s just so cool! He’s so different from the other superheroes. I don’t know! He’s so fascinating! It’s always so awesome to watch him climb on walls and swing from his webs. Plus, he’s always watching over the city!” I rant. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock your ear off.”

Peter chuckled, “You couldn’t knock my ear off. Ned talks way more. Ya know, I could give that drawing to Spider-man himself if you’d like.”

“What? Oh no, it’s fine. He doesn’t need to see this, There are plenty of other artist he could find on google,” I say closing my sketch book and putting it on my lap.

“He would love it, (Y/N)! I’ll tell him you’re his number one fan!” Peter suggests. I open my sketch pad up to the drawing of Spider-man. I sign my name at the bottom and right a little message. I tore out the page and handed it to Peter.

“Here, he can have it,” I said blushing.

Peter smiles at the drawing and puts it in his bag. “So, are you going to Liz’s party tonight?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t really belong at parties,” I say fumbling with my pencil.

Peter nods understanding, “Well, I would love for you to come! With me, maybe? And my friend Ned, so it’s not so awkward. Plus, I’d like to hang out with you sometime.”

My eyes felt like they could pop out of my head. I was shocked. Peter Parker wanted to hang out with me. “Me? Y-you want to hang out with me?!” I ask.

“Why not? You seem like a lot of fun,” Peter smiles. That was the last thing he said to me before class started because the teacher walked in the room to start the lesson.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. My crush wanted to hang out with me. I thought he didn’t know who I was, but he wants to be my friend! I went home and screamed into my pillow while kicked my legs as if I was swimming in a pool.

I changed my clothes from skinny jeans, a baggy shirt, and black converse to a lilac, flowy dress with white Keds. I touched up my makeup and brushed my hair about 10 times before walking out the door with my mother taking me to the party.

I could feel my palms going sweaty from nerves. I wiped my hands on the seat of the car. My mom asked me questions like, “Why have you decided to go to a party? Have you made new friends? Is there a boy?!” Mom questions like that. Once my mom dropped me off at Liz’s house and left, my heart dropped to my stomach. I felt like I didn’t belong. I slowly walked to the door and opened it to see a lot of people with red cups and food in their hands.

I stepped in, closed the door, and looked around the house. It was a big, beautiful home. Liz must be lucky! I looked to my right to see the kitchen with inside the house, Peter and Ned. I took a deep breath and walked over to Peter. Ned instantly saw me and nudged Peter’s side. Once Peter saw me, his eyes grew, and I don’t understand why.

“Hey, Peter, Ned,” I slightly smiled.

“H-hey, (Y/N)! You l-look amazing!” Peter said blushing.

I blushed as well looking down at myself, “Oh, well, thank you! Nice hate, Ned!” I said.

“Thanks (Y/N)! I think it compliments me!” Ned says smiling.

I giggle at his reply. I look around to see lights glowing around the house. It felt very awkward standing here with no conversation flowing. “Well, I’m going to get myself a drink. Seeing that there is no drink in the kitchen, ironically. Be right back,” I said backing away into the crowd of animals. I turned around and zipped through the crowd.

Once I found some soda, I headed back to the kitchen. Sadly, Peter had disappeared leaving Ned by himself. “Ned, where did Peter go?” I ask.

“O-oh! He want to.. the.. bathroom! Yeah! It might take him a while,” he replied awkwardly.

I nodded slowly, “Okay, well, when you see him, tell him to meet me in the living room.” I walk over to an empty couch, sat, and waited.

After a few hours, I grew bored. I texted my mom to come pick me up. I knew I shouldn’t have come to the party. I was basically stood up. Obviously Peter and I weren’t on a date, but he invited me to the party and didn’t even hang out with me. It didn’t seem like hung out with Ned either seeing as that Ned was in an empty bedroom this whole time.

I rode home in silence. I knew if I spoke, I would start crying. I walked to my room with tears forming in my eyes. I was just a loser a party. I sat on my bed and quietly cried. I grabbed my sketch book off of my desk and started to doodle.

Next think I know, I heard a tapping on my window. I wiped the tears away and walked over to my winder to see Spider-man. The Spider-man!

I open my window and slide it up. “Is this the residence of (Y/N)?” he asked.

I blushed and cleared my throat, “T-that’s me!”

“Can I come in, please?” Spider-man asked. I stepped away from my window to let him crawl in. He does and enters into my room. He was wearing his iconic suite with a backpack on his back.

“How did you find where I lived?” I asked folding my arms and sitting on my bed. Spider-man sat next to me.

“My friend Peter Parker. He’s a cool guy,” he says.

I nodded. I didn’t know what to say. I was being incredibly shy. “So, uh, w-why are you here?” I wonder.

Spider-man pulled out a folded piece of paper from his backpack. I started to feel my face go hot. He opened up the paper to reveal my drawing I gave to Peter. “I heard you were my number one fan! This is also really amazing! Thank you so much!”

“It’s nothing really. It’s just a sketch,” I said.

“Well, I think it’s one fantastic sketch,” he said putting the drawing back in his bag. “So, uh, how come you’re all dressed up?”

I frowned and looked down at my lap. “I was at a party. Peter actually invited me, but stupid me thought he wanted to really hang out with me. Don’t tell him this, but I really like him. I know he likes Liz because of the way he looks at her. I won’t ever compare to her, but I thought this could be a chance to open myself. I guess not,” I explained. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I don’t even know you.”

“Well, Peter is a jerk for stooding you up like that. I’ll talk to him. Don’t worry, he’ll come around,” Spider-man says taking my hands in his. “I gotta go, okay? I’ll visit again soon!” He stands up and crawls back out my window. I stood up as well to watch him shoot webs from house to house flying across the sky.

(A/N): Part 2?? Let me know!

Forgive me Pt1 (Peter Parker)

A/n- I really liked this idea and I hope you guys do too!

Summary- You moved in with your uncle away from your twin sister. Everyone at school saw you as the new rich kid which you were but some people saw you for who you were.

“Michelle if you put on some highlighter you’d look great” you say trying to persuade your friend to put on a little make up but it was Michelle and she would never dare. Ned was laughing at your attempts of putting the highlight on.

“Y/n she’s never going to put it on” Ned laughed and you gave him a deadly glare then stopped laughing. This was how most your time went with these two were spent, full of laughs but Peter and Liz, you never wanted to be put in a room with them one reason because you had a crush on Peter, a really big one in fact. Liz was everything you weren’t pretty, nice, smart- actually compared to you she was nothing, the courtesy of having a very intelligent family. Peter was nothing how you acting around him, you were cautious that you didn’t do anything that wasn’t appropriate and he took note of that every time he went to hug you.

“Hey Y/n do you think Mr. Stark would be able to see me today?” Peter asked as he got closer to you. You two were dangerously close to each other but some how Peter seemed to be able to keep himself calm even though his heart was beating ten times faster than it ever did with Liz.

“Um, he-I-uh” seeing as you only stuttered when you were nervous but being with Peter you didn’t know what being nervous was. It was like he made a new emotion for you but you wouldn’t dare tell him about your feelings.

“Spit it out Richie” Liz spat at you. Liz hated you with every fibre she had in her just because Peter gave all his attention to you even though he never actually did. Somehow Liz convinced herself that what she thought was true and didn’t like it one bit. Everyone on the table looked at her because of her rudeness, Liz didn’t know that you could of been equally rude or that you could be the ocean to her rain drop. You didn’t hate Liz, it was hard to be nice to her when she was always so mean and rude to you.

“Oh I’m sorry Liz did you say something? I didn’t hear you, see my IQ stops me from hearing your bullshit!” Before anyone could say anything you grabbed your bag and slung it over your shoulder and stormed out of the school hoping to get lost somewhere. The air did you good and calmed you down, which is what you needed to do. You lost count of how many turns you were making down the streets of Queens but you didn’t care. To your surprise someone did care, Peter. As soon as you stormed out he had a go at Liz for being rude, again. He didn’t understand why the two of you couldn’t get along but it was obvious why, you both were in love with the same boy and only one could come out on top. It was game to Liz and to you, you just wanted someone other than your uncle to understand what you were going through.

For someone as smart as you, you made a pretty stupid mistake, you took a turn into a bad neighbourhood. Your uncle told you stay away from this part of town but when did you ever listen? It was okay until you went down an alley, of course it had to be down an alley. But whoever was out there was doing a favour, you’d rather die than live any longer. Before anyone could touch you, you were swung out of there and you screamed on the top of your lungs. You screamed louder than you would of if the men decided to touch you.

“LET GO OF ME!” You scream as you dropped onto a rooftop.


“YEAH ACTUALLY I DO” if you could only of seen his face and the way Peter got scared when you said those words. But Y/n is always so happy, why would she want to die?, Peter thought to himself.

“For someone as smart as you, you’re dumb as hell”

“You don’t me and I don’t know you” you say at the masked vigilante who wore red and blue.

“Oh but I do and I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out yet”

“Why am I supposed to know you?” You ask kicking at a rock that was on the rooftop you landed on.

“Y-no, you’re not supposed to know me… he thought it’d be easier that way”

“Who’s he?”

“N-no one”

“Now why did you save me?”

“Because you were worth saving”

“Do you say that to all girls?”

“Only the pretty girls” who would of thought that he made you blush? But it wasn’t enough to show through the make up on your face.

“Can the pretty girl know who you are?” You walk over to the boy in the spandex suit and brought your hands close to his face. They were almost so close that you could feel the heat radiate off of him but before they could do anything he jerked them away.

“I-uh-I’m not aloud to tell you” he backs up a little but you close the gap between the two of you. Peter was taken back that you were more confident with Spider-Man than him, maybe because you didn’t know who it was?

“I can keep a secret no matter what” Peter tenses as you whispered into his ear hoping they’d show you who they are.

“I’m sorry I-”

“Can’t? Yeah I thought you were going to say that”

“There’s no need to be rude about it”

“Sorry I’m just really pissed off”

“Is it because of Liz?”

“Yeah she’s so- wait how did you know it was because of Liz?”

“Lucky guess?”

“Peter?” And then you saw his face, his handsome pretty face that went perfectly with his personality. It was your Peter holding a Spider-Man mask in his hands.

“Look you can’t tell anyone, not that you would” Peter kept rambling on and on until you leaned in and kissed him. He should of pushed you off. He should denied his feelings for you. He should of stuck by Liz’s side but if he did then what would of happened to you? Instead of using his hands to push you away, which is what you expected, Peter wrapped them around you and you wrapped yours around his neck. You both knew what you did was wrong but then why did it feel right? Why did it feel like Peter needed you more than anything else in the world?

“We shouldn’t of done that” Peter wanted you to say different words to him but he was going to say the same back.

“I won’t tell if you don’t” you had nothing to loose if you told people if you kissed Peter but Peter would be loosing Liz and he didn’t want that.

“Do me a favour Spider-Man and dump that Liz Allen of yours” Peter wanted to very badly but could never bring his heart to it. Was it going to be Liz, a girl who doesn’t excite him as much as Y/n or Y/n, the girl who was his rainbow after a rain storm?

Possibility P.2 [Peter Parker] [The Ned Talk]

Originally posted by clemensstm

Pairing: Peter Parker x Chubby!Female!Reader

Warning: Body Shame, Hurtful Words, Bullies, Cursing etc

Featuring: Ned

Part 1[Basically a prologue] Part 3

Any books or movies that featured fat and or chubby girls, usually used them for comedic purposes. Other times they were used just to be given a make-over so their love would at last notice them. Rarely ever were they allowed to love themselves as they were or allowed to be loved as they were. It was the saddest bit of knowledge you’d ever come to know. Why weren’t people allowed to love themselves? Squishy parts and all? Why was being a bit bigger considered to be so disgusting?

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i got my parents into black sails and i made them wait to watch 2.05 so i could watch it with them and ! we watched it tonight ! and ! my mom hadn’t seen it (that is, the reveal about flint being queer) coming but my dad had been thinking it was a possibility and my mom talked about how amazing it was that this is something that i can have, now, a queer main character who isn’t even revealed to be queer until midway through a series, and they were both really appreciative of it and we had a good conversation and it made me SO HAPPY to be able to share it with them and talk with them about how much it means to me

anyway, my parents are good eggs

This Two Jasons storyline is going to cause my stress levels to skyrocket.

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Like I really want Steve to be Jason, he is Stonecold and Steve and Kelly are what made me fall in love with JaSam in the first place, and while Billy has been good, it just isn’t the same. I enjoy him, and his partnership with Sam, but he hasn’t been able to replicate the relationships that Steve had, like with Sonny and Carly or his relationship with Michael. Now this isn’t at the fault of Billy, part of it has to do with writers, while other parts just have to do with history. Billy just can’t replicate the history and friendship that Maurice (Sonny) had with Steve that was clearly shown on General Hospital.

But if Steve is the real Jason, I just don’t see how JaSam could work. Sam wants different things. She wants out of the mob, she wants Jason out of it. Especially since NuJason wanted to distance himself from it, she’s had a taste of life without the mob and she has a son and daughter - and I just don’t see Steve’s Jason leaving the mob - maybe it will change because he wants that second chance with Sam.

Also I fear that they might do this Two Jasons storyline and shut up both JaSam and Lia/son fans by giving them a Jason each. Which is weird. Frank Valentini said in an interview that JaSam have been written as soulmates, so I can’t see how Sam could not end up with original Jason because they are similar characters, both adrenaline junkies - they just get each other.

But at the same time, what does this say about them being “soulmates” if Sam didn’t realise that “fake” Jason wasn’t her Jason. However, at the same time, Carly didn’t recognise that either and she arguably has a stronger bond with Jason.

But someone did make a good point, where if the actual drama if Steve isn’t the original Jason? Him being Nikolas is fucked up because Sam’s cousin would look like the love of Sam’s life causing weird GOT issues. But if he is the original Jason, while it might seem unoriginal, there is more drama since all these characters have moved on with NuJason while he’s been kidnapped. Sam has had another child with Billy’s Jason.

Sam just has to end up with real Jason (and I do want that to be Steve) but also I can’t see how NuJason could be with Liz if he turned out to be fake, because he will still remember that ugly, manipulative side Liz has, she purposely kept quiet about his “identity” and tried to trap him. She decided to keep him from his “family” - not just Danny and Sam, but Monica, Michael, Morgan, Sonny and Carly. She decided that Danny wasn’t worthy of knowing his father. 

But I just can’t have Steve paired with Rebecca. It brings back the ugly memories of 2006-2008, all that OOC, bad writing of Lucky and Sam to make Liz and Jason seem like the good guys and the ship “acceptable” when in reality it was more complicated like that. Plus, I genuinely don’t see the chemistry between the actors, I tried. I just can’t. Plus the reason why they broke up in the first place, still remains the same. Also, Jason brings out the worst in Liz. She becomes hypocritical, acts saint-like while making mistakes. She tried to get Sam and Jason divorced by keeping Danny from them, she played god with Danny’s life. She tried to trap Jason in 2015. I could go on. I’m not saying Sam’s perfect, she’s made her mistake. But Jason brings out Liz’s worst side. I liked Lucky and Liz but the writers screwed this ship up years ago that I think Liz either needs someone new or someone that has done equally bad stuff like her and accepts it.

Can you write a story where sirius has a huge crush on James’s twin sister bit couldn’t say because she is James sister. But latter both of them find out and the hilarity that happens coz even she likes Sirius( can I have ben barnes for sirius 😉)

*A/N: An AU where James has a twin sister named Elizabeth. Part One.

Sirius sat up a little straighter in his seat abandoning the work he had placed in front of him in favor of looking at the small group of girls who just walked into the Common Room.

Realizing they hadn’t seen him yet, he leaned back casually in his seat, placing his arm over the back of the spot next to him.

Remus looked up confused, “What’re you - ?”

Sirius shushed him before calling out, “You ladies look like you’re in need of something to do tonight. Might I lend a few suggestions?”

One of the girls nodded eagerly while the other two scoffed and rolled their eyes.

“No thank you,” one spoke, flipping back her long black hair, “We’ll be fine on our own.”

“Yeah, but think about how much fun we could have, Lizzie!” Sirius exclaimed.

The girl narrowed her eyes, “Don’t call me Lizzie. And mine and your definition of fun are very different.”

Sirius smirked, turning to look at Remus who merely gave him a knowing look.

Sirius gulped slightly turning back away from Remus, not wanting his secret to let slip.

Just a few weeks previously, Remus had discovered that Sirius had a not-so-big-just-a-little-tiny-small-really-not-worth-even-mentioning crush on the other girl. He’d been trying to convince Sirius that he should ask her out on a date, but he refused.

First off, he’s was completely convinced that she didn’t like him and that his advances would be shot down immediately.

While Sirius was confident in his looks and ability to swoop girls off their feet, he was not willing to rush head first into a situation that he suspected would have a poor outcome.

The second problem, of course, was James.

Speaking of which, the door leading to the boy’s dorm behind them opened and James himself came backing out of the room, looking intently at a piece of parchment in his hands, “Hey, Remus, I was wondering if you could take a look at - “

He looked up, realizing that there was a whole group of people there and stopped talking immediately.

He put his arms behind his back, hiding the paper and smiled charmingly, “Hello ladies. Having a nice evening?”

“What’s behind your back?” Lily asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“Just a bit of homework I was working on,” James answered immediately, “You girls have any plans tonight? I’m available, if you’re looking for something to do, Evans.”

Lily scoffed, turning to Elizabeth, “Your brother is persistent; I’ll give him that.”

“Among other things,” she teased, ignoring James grunt of protest, “Unfortunately for him, I got both the brains and the good looks. It’s the fortune of being the older sibling.”

“Yeah, well I’m more talented than you are,” James answered petulantly, “And you’re only 4 minutes older than I am.”

“And that makes all the difference,” Liz insisted.

“And on that note,” Lily said, looking back at their friend, “I think I’m going to head upstairs now. Coming Mary?”

“Yeah,” Mary answered with a sigh, waving good-bye to the three boys, “See you later.”

They all waved back as Liz called out, “I’ll catch up with you girls in a bit.”

As soon as they were out of sight, James growled, “Oh, come on! What was that? I thought you were supposed to be on my side! Aren’t you supposed to be talking me up or something?”

“Someone’s gotta deflate that big head of yours,” she replied seriously, “When you stop acting like a dunderhead, I’ll help you get a date with Lily. But, until then, you’re own your own.”

James grumbled, plopping down onto the maroon couch indignantly.

“So, what’s the paper you were hiding, really?” She asked curiously, leaning forward to look at it.

“What’s up with you going to Hogsmeade with Stephens on Saturday?” Sirius asked, snatching the paper up and holding it to his chest before she could take a look at it, trying to keep the jealousy out of his voice.

It didn’t matter what his feelings were towards Liz. She was James sister, so she was off limits.

Her eyes narrowed, “That’s none of your business.”

“Funny,” Sirius replied mockingly, “I was about to say the same to you about this.”

The both glared at each other for a moment before James interjected, “Hang on. Stephens? You mean Anthony Stephens? That tweed from Ravenclaw?”

“So what if it is?” Liz asked, folding her arms to turn to James.

“You’re kidding, right?” James snorted, “The kid’s a total tool. You really had to pick him to go on a date with?”

Liz opened her mouth to retaliate, but James continued before she could, “And what’s up with going this Saturday? You couldn’t have waited until after we played them in a couple of weeks? I don’t need my seeker distracted because some guy spouted a lame pick-up line at her and she melted to the floor.”

Liz’s mouth dropped, “How dare you? I’m not some bumbling bimbo that falls at every guy’s feet, thank you very much. And how do you know I’m not the one distracting him?”

James rolled his eyes, “Same way I know that you went with the girls to buy a new outfit for your date. I know you sis, whether you like it or not. And you are falling into his trap, hook-line-and-sinker.”

Furious, Liz held up her hand, showing off a rude gesture to her brother before turning around and storming off, pausing only for a moment to flick the side of Sirius’ head as she passed by him.

“She is so infuriating,” Sirius grumbled, rubbing the spot where she flicked him, his eyes not leaving her figure until she was completely out of view.

“I thought you liked Stephens,” Remus turned to James, confused.

“Oh, I do,” James assured him, “He’s actually a pretty neat bloke. Doesn’t mean I want his grubby paws on my sister though. Besides,” James stood up and stretched his arms high into the air, “Now Liz is pissed off enough that she’ll break records to catch the snitch next game.”

“The dynamic between your sister and you astounds me,” Remus admitted, sitting back in his thought and humming curiously, “I wonder, would you ever find anyone you thought was worthy enough to date your sister.”

Sirius’ head swiveled so quickly to look at Remus it was a wonder it stayed on his neck at all.

Remus ignored him as he waited for James to answer.

“I dunno,” James said thoughtfully, “My first instinct is to say that no one would be worthy, but I know that can’t be true. There are some pretty great guys out there that’d be lucky to have Liz in their life.”

James hummed, thinking more about it before his shoulders stiffened and he looked down at Remus suspicious, “Why? You interested?”

Sirius’ eyes widened as Remus opened his mouth to answer, “I –”

“Cause that would be awesome,” James interrupted, “You and Liz would be great together. You both like books and you’re one of my best mates, so I know you’d treat her right. Plus, then we’d be brothers for real!”

Remus sent a look at Sirius who looked torn in between being completely panicked and astounded and shook his head, “No, I’m not interested in asking Elizabeth out on a date.”

“Why not?” James asked, folding his arms, his demeanor changing completely, “She not good enough for you?”

“You are a very difficult person to get along with,” Remus answered, rolling his eyes, “Your sister is a lovely person. I just don’t think we’re quite as compatible as you may hope. I was simply asking out of curiosity’s sake.”

James hummed, nodding his head, “Well, I guess there’s your answer. If it was a really stellar guy and a close friend of mine, I don’t think I’d have any problems with it.”

Remus nodded, his head slowly moving over to look at Sirius who was staring pensively into the fire.

Feeling emboldened, Sirius opened his mouth and asked, “What if – ” he cleared his throat and continued, refusing to look up, “What if I asked her out?”

There was a long enough moment of silence that Sirius finally looked up, hesitantly to see James face.

James merely looked confused.

“You…want to ask Liz out on a…date?”

Sirius nodded nervously, waiting for an answer.

James huffed out a small laugh, turning to look at Remus who raised his eyebrows expectantly. Realizing that this wasn’t a joke, James eyes narrowed as he turned back to look at Sirius.

“You’re dead to me.”

Sirius groaned, letting his head fall back to the back of the couch while Remus snorted.

“You two are the most dramatic people on the planet. James, why on earth wouldn’t you want Sirius dating your sister?”

“Because he’s my friend,” James whined, “it’s part of the bro code.”

“We’re going to ignore the hypocrisy of that statement, as I am also your friend and you just told me that I was more than welcome to pursue your sister, but no matter. Just because he wants to kiss Liz, doesn’t mean he stops being your friend. And Sirius, why do you want to date Liz?”

Sirius mumbled an answer.

“Speak up, dear, no one can hear you.”

Sirius shot him a dirty look, before answering more clearly, “She’s just really cool, okay? She’s funny and snarky and I like hearing her comebacks whenever I try to flirt and she’s really smart and tough and can handle herself and I – “

Sirius looked up, realizing both James and Remus were watching him with their mouths slightly open, “– I don’t know. I only like her a little. It’s cool. I don’t ever have to talk to her again.”

Remus turned to James, “I’m gonna take a look at this for you. When you both come up into the room, I want this resolved.”

Remus picked up the parchment James had brought him earlier and went upstairs to their dorms. James and Sirius both shuffled in their places awkwardly before James huffed a defeated sigh and plopped down into the spot next to his best friend.

“You know, you’re a really great guy too,” James admitted, playing with the fabric at the end of his shirt, “And Liz would be lucky to have a guy like you around.”

“Yeah?” Sirius answered insecurely, “You don’t think Remus would be better?”

“Nah,” James admitted, “Only reason why I could confidently say all that is cause I know that they’d never work out. I don’t think Liz would even say yes to a date with Remus. She thinks he’s a cool guy – but totally not her type.”

“What is her type?” Sirius asked.

“You,” James answered bluntly, “Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, slight bad-boy edge, but really just a good guy deep down. She’d probably say yes if you asked.”

“I wouldn’t want it to get in the way of our friendship.”

James waved his hand as though he were waving the concerns away, “Nah, at this point, I don’t think that anything could get in between us.”

Sirius smiled, realizing that this was as close to James’ blessing as he was ever going to get.


James nodded, coughing awkwardly before patting Sirius’ shoulder, “Alright, let’s go back and see what Remus had to say about the map.”

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Don’t Give Me Up

Song request: Not About Angels - Birdy by anon

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: AU, Dad!Sam because well….Dad!Sam

Words: 2267

Tags: Dad!Sam, Domestic!Sam, Destiel, teeth rotting fluff, angst

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