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Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge, Phoenix ComicCon Fanfest 2016.


and Liz… she’s alive

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break me with some angsty locklyle because I'm a horrible person

NO YOU ARE A LOVELY PERSON DON’T SAY THAT (Also, a patient person, because this has taken eighty years to write, so thanks for putting up with that. Now, onto the show!

Anthony Lockwood is nothing, if not always in control.

Well, usually always in control.

Which is why he’s terrified out of his wits waking up from a disastrous nightmare, gasping for air like a drowning man, the echoes of the dream ringing like bells in his mind. Those moments are purely chaotic. He sits upright in his bed, hand pressed to his heaving chest, trying to return his breathing and the reeling world around him to normal.

He’s nowhere close to regaining control when the door to his room flies open. There’s Lucy, standing a safe distance away from him, saying his name, but not the usual one. The other one.

Anthony. And it’s buried in a flurry of other words, like just breathe and you’re going to be alright.

It takes some time, but his breathing slows. All around him, everything starts making sense again. Except for one thing: Lucy Carlyle sitting side-saddle on the edge of his bed. That doesn’t make much sense to him.

“What are you doing awake?” he croaks. His throat feels like he chugged acid, and the churning state of his stomach makes matters worse.

“Anthony, you were screaming bloody-murder,” explains Lucy. “I’d be surprised if George and the rest of the neighborhood aren’t awake too.” Anthony. There it is again.

“Nightmare,” is all he says. His hoarse voice cracks, and he coughs, which makes it even worse. Lucy frowns and gets up from her perch.

“I’ll get you some tea.”

When she comes back, Lucy hands him his tea. He nods gratefully and thanks her, the warmth seeping into his bloodstream.

There’s an awkward silence then that’s occupied by Lucy running her hands over the fleece blanket, avoiding eye contact while Lockwood sips his tea gingerly.

It’s nearly pitch-black in his room, the only light bleeding in from Lucy’s room. But even then, Lockwood can just faintly make out Lucy’s profile: the strong jaw, long nose, and perpetually-pouting mouth. Not pretty, but certainly interesting to look at. But that’s not the reason why his heart’s racing.

It has more to do with the fact that he’s still shaken by the nightmare than because the girl he’s loved for the last year or so is sitting on his bed, but still. There she is. Dauntless, clever, remarkable Lucy, who he knew he would never be able to shake from his bones the minute he pulled her back from the mouth of the well at Combe Carey. Anthony Lockwood knows nothing for certain about his future but one thing: if he dies at seventeen or at seventy, he will never be free of her.

And still. There she is. Sitting on his bed, fidgeting awkwardly in the dense silence. There she is, Lucy Joan Carlyle.

And he loves her.

“Well,” she begins, shattering the silence.“If you’re all set, Lockwood, I think I’ll go back to bed now. Need anything else?”


But he can’t say that. Not now, not when everything is already so complicated with the Orpheus Society and all these mad conspiracies. No, saying that would make matters worse. Maybe. Would it?

Oh, damn it all to hell.

“Forgive me, Luce, if you find this forward, but, you. Would you stay?” His voice cracks again, and he clears his throat. “That is, only if you’d be comfortable doing that. Only then.”

He might as well have just thrown up his dinner all over the front of her dressing gown, by the way she doesn’t react. He can’t quite see her face, but he can feel her wide-eyed stare on him. Stunned silence makes the air buzz with tension. Has he gone too far? No, of course he has! He was a fool to ever let those words see the light of day.

Lockwood’s near-panicked thoughts screech to a halt as Lucy plucks the mug of tea from his hands and sets it on the nightstand. She gestures in a shooing motion at Lockwood.

“Budge over,” she says. “I need some room.”

He complies. It’s a bit awkward at first, but soon Lucy’s pressed into his side, face buried in his shoulder and hand resting on his racing heart. He places his hand on her waist and takes a deep breath. This, he concludes, is high on the list of the most reckless acts he’s ever committed.

They whisper good night to each other before sleep overcomes them, taking Lucy out before Lockwood, who spends a good period of time boring holes into the ceiling, thinking so much but so little at the same time. Then, finally, he falls asleep,  and when he does, he rests more soundly than he has in years. 

Anthony Lockwood’s parents

“It seemed obvious that Lockwood’s parents had been researchers or collectors of some kind, with a special interest in lands beyond Europe. But where they were (or, more likely, what had happened to them), Lockwood never said.”

James d’Arcy as Lockwood’s dad / Hayley Atwell as Lockwood’s mum

Didn't watch the show but...

heard that Liz Forbes finally kicked the bucket. So I saw the promo for next week and apparently a WHOLE EPISODE is gonna be devoted to addressing everyone’s sadness and Caroline’s sense of loss, and I’m like



I mean yes I get it, losing a parent is devastating which ever the circumstances, but there is such a double standard here. Either the Scooby gang consoles BOTH girls who lost their parent or doesn’t console EITHER

I mean Caroline at least had a chance to try and save her Mom and when it didn’t work out, to prepare herself and get used to the idea that she was going to lose her mother, said mother who died peacefully in her sleep, while Bonnie freaking WITNESSED HER FATHER’S THROAT BEING SLIT OPEN, POWERLESS TO EVEN HOLD HIS HAND AS HE DIED!!!! And NOBODY in the Scooby gang gave two shits about it, nor has Bonnie’s trauma ever even been addressed. In what world is that fair??!

Next time anyone tells you this show isn’t racist, feel free to reblog this.

Can someone actually reply to this and tell me why you would actually want liz to win over steve. Liz has done way less than steve and also doesn’t know the game, is a bitch to everybody, and made as suffer and watch her crusty showmance, and is racist. At least Steve is a nice person. What I can gather people rather see Liz win cos she’s a girl which is kinda dumb considering all the reasons she shouldnt win