He [Beck] is dating Jade, which is played by Elizabeth Gillies, who’s awesome. And she’s - for the most part - a little bit mean to everybody. I think Beck knows how to deal with Jade and put her in her proper place, which is fun for me ‘cause I just get to boss around Liz Gillies. I think it’s really nice playing a character who has respect for his girlfriend, but just also understands that, you know, she can get a little crazy sometimes.” - Avan Jogia

today i had the immense pleasure of sitting behind two teenage girls in starbucks today. i had to get out of my apartment while the building crew did maintanence so there i sat on my laptop hearing their whole conversation. girl number one was trying to decide whether or not she should dump her cheating asshole boyfriend because she “still loves him” while girl number two was trying to decide whether getting her nipples pierced would be worth the pain. damn, i never knew kids these days had to make such hard life choices.

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Do you understand why mafia attack ADA ? I mean instead of attacking ADA why they don't just look the situation / looking further more what happen with Mori in near future ??

To make the manga more exciting? XD

Well, Mori’s “near future” is death… They have only 48 hours to stop the virus, and they were told that the way to save Mori is to kill Fukuzawa. The Mafia usually uses violence and force to get what they want - if they think that killing Fukuzawa will save Mori, there is no reason for them to not try to kill him. Also, Chuuya seems to be deciding what to do, and he seems more like the type to act right away instead of waiting around. In this case, even though he knows he’s doing what Fyodor wants (getting the ADA and the Mafia to fight each other), he doesn’t see another choice.

Plus, it’s possible others in the Mafia are searching for other solutions while Chuuya is attacking the hospital…
Cancel Bear vs. NBC, week 5: ‘The Blacklist’ is limping into middle age – TV By The Numbers by

I TOLD YOU SO!! SO MUCH FOR #TheTomlist 🙄 Had they stuck with Bokenkamp’s vision to make Ressler “the Dad,” none of this would be happening. Never EVER betray 85% of your viewers to push a character and storyline they hate! Viewers are THE BOSS! Tom/Liz/Agnes Keen3 is a BUST! Keep it in FanFiction hell where it belongs. Red shooting Kaplan A BUST! Either make him Liz father or show Kirk is not her Dad and be done with it. Trashing Aram/Samar A BUST! Make Elise the mole and scrap this garbage and get back to nailing Hitchen. Eisendrath’s “Tom Tom Tom obsession SUCKS!” Make Diego the second lead/hero of the show again and get Liz back as his partner! Get them doing scenes again! You want to keep Blacklist? Start demanding that your showrunner and writers WRITE the show as it was in S1! The Stewmaker, The Freelancer, The Kingmaker, Ivan, Mako Tanida, Berlin, The Decembrist, the LONGEVITY INITIATIVE Ressler/Red/Liz and ratings will go back up! Put Bokenkamp and Carnahan in charge. Eisendrath deserves this failure he had his finger on all of it.

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