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LOS ANGELES, CA, January 6, 2012 - An intriguing and historically significant retrospective of unreleased material from electronic music pioneer Suzanne CianiLixiviation, due February 28 on B-Music/ Finders Keepers Records, is a fascinating compilation of unearthed gems from one of electronic music’s earliest innovators. Spanning nearly two decades from 1968-1985 the 16-track album celebrates Ciani’s formative years as a musician as it showcases her early synth compositions alongside her cutting edge commercial work for such companies as Atari, PBS, Ballys and Coca-cola. Lixiviation comes as the result of a new creative archive based relationship between B-Music/Finders Keepers Records and Suzanne Ciani. 

Ciani’s detailed and academic approach to music and electronics coupled with an impeccable sense of timing and melody (and a good sense of humor) shines throughout this new collection of previously unreleased recordings. Lixiviation compiles and re-contextualizes both secret music and commercial experiments of Ciani made for microcosmic time slots and never previously documented on vinyl or CD. The album oscillates between Ciani’s early experimental electronic compositions and a variety of commercial works. There’s her famous “Pop & Pour” for Coca-Cola, scores for ITT and Almay commercials, and the Atari video games logo and corporate tag. There’s also the Kraftwerk-esque TV spot for Atari’s “Liberator.” Interspersed through the compilation is a variety of ultra rare synth experiments, ranging from the otherworldly hums and arpeggiated synth lines of title track “Lixiviation” to the bubbling dreamscape of “Princess with Orange Feet” and the nine-minute ambient finale of “Second Breath.”

Labeled the “American Delia Derbyshire of the Atari generation,” Ciani was a trailblazer in the fields of electronic music, synthesizers and sound design and one of the first women to make a name for herself in the male dominated world of electronic music. In an era when most musicians were enamored with rock and roll and electric guitars, Ciani was transfixed by the endless possibilities of synthesizers. She would go on to have a sonic portfolio boasting commissions for the Xenon classic pinball machine, the sounds for the Meco Star Wars theme, the Atari TV commercials and the electronic sound effects in the original “Stepford Wives” film (amongst many others) in addition to her personal compositions - some of the most unique and experimental music of its time. Ciani would find great success both commercially and artistically: She was profiled by the New York Times in 1974, featured on “The David Letterman Show” in 1980 where she demonstrated her synthesizers to a bewildered Letterman, had the #1 sound design music house in New York, and would become the first solo female composer of a major Hollywood film when she scored Lily Tomlin’s “The Incredible Shrinking Woman." 

A classically trained musician with an MA in music composition this American Italian pianist had her roots in both digital and analog synthesis from the beginning. She studied at Stanford with Max Mathews, the father of computer music, and John Chowning, the father of digital frequency modulation and was first introduced to the synthesizer via her connections in the art world when abstract sculptor and collaborator Harold Paris introduced Ciani to synthesizer designer Don Buchla who created the instrument that would come to define Ciani’s synthetic sound - the Buchla Synthesizer. As one of the very few female composers in the field (save Chicago’s Laurie Spiegel, Italy’s Doris Norton, and a post-op Walter Wendy Carlos) Ciani turned a hugely significant wheel behind-the-screens of many early computerized music modules throughout the 1980’s dating back to her formative years studying at Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Labs in the early ‘70s. 

Cutting her teeth providing self-initiated electronic music projects for art galleries, experimental film directors, and pop record producers Ciani soon located to New York where she quickly became the go-to for electronic music services in both the underground experimental fields and the commercial advertising worlds alike. In 1974 she formed her own company Ciani/Musica and composed music for television commercials for Coca-Cola, Atari, Merrill Lynch, General Electric and Clairol, using a Buchla analog modular synthesizer. Besides music, her specialty was reproducing sound effects on the synthesizer that recording engineers found difficult to record properly; the sound of a bottle of Coke being opened and poured ("Pop & Pour”) was one of her most widely recognized works, and was used in a series of radio and television commercials in the late 1970s. Counting names like Vangelis and Harald Bode amongst her close friends Ciani and her company became the testing ground for virtually any type of new developments in electronic and computerized music. She amassed an expansive vault of commercially unexposed electronic experiments which have remained untouched for over 30 years… until now.

This is the first sneak peek of the early Ciani metal music and non-pop that later went on to see her nominated for multiple Grammy awards for her later achievements which brought synthesizer music to the new age movement. 

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Suzanne Ciani 
(B-Music/Finders Keepers Records)
Release Date: February 28, 2012

1. Lixiviation
2. Atari Video Games Logo
3. “Clean Room” ITT TV Spot
4. Almay “Eclipse” TV Spot
5. Paris 1971
6. Sound of a Dream Kissing
7. Atari Corporate Tag
8. Princess With Orange Feet
9. “Pop & Pour” Coca-Cola Logo
10. “Discover Magazine” TV Spot
11. Live Buchla Concert 1975
12. “Inside Story” PBS TV Spot
13. “Liberator” Atari TV Spot
14. Eighth Wave
15. Sound of Wetness
16. Second Breath

This is some of what I indulge in during the night shift to stay awake.
Listening to composers of various genres.
Suzanne Ciani is an amazing Composer of electronic music.
If you live for amazing Synth compositions like I do then you" ll appreciate this collection.
“Lixiviation” is a rare gem which includes her commercial work for Atari, Coca Cola, and others.
Good Luck finding a copy though.
You might find a sample of it online.
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Lixiviationa fascinating collection of electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani’s early synth compositions and advertising work is available now on B-Music/Finders Keepers Records. The compilation of unearthed gems spanning 1969-1985 recontextualizes and showcases Ciani’s innovative synth experiments alongside her cutting edge commercial work for such companies as Atari, PBS, Ballys and Coca-Cola.

The disc documenting Ciani’s trailblazing achievements that merged art and technology has received high praise from Pitchfork, Vice, Uncut and many others. This past weekend NPR “All Things Considered” sat down with Ciani to discuss the album and look back on what it was like to explore the musical frontiers of electronic music and synthesizers in the 1970s-80s. Ciani was also recently profiled by the Los Angeles TimesWashington Postand Wire.


 “The album captures a fascinating moment when computer-generated music was 
easing its way into America’s subconscious one corporate tag, pop-fizz and orgasmic missile at a time." 
Los Angeles Times

"It’s a perfect introduction to the far-reaching nature of her talents.”
- Pitchfork 

“Corporate audio tags and commercial themes blip, bloop and fizz alongside her more serious work: compositions that explored the possibilities of electronic sound with playfulness and warmth.”
Washington Post

“Maximum bliss-out vibes, cascading synth notes, techno-spiritual drones, and unusually comforting commercial voice overs all blended together to create the sonic equivalent of the world's most beautiful screensaver." 
Vice, Album of the Month for January 2012

"Ciani’s arc is epic and organic; and her ability to succeed in both esoteric experimental circles as well as the world of big money, high stakes advertising speaks volumes about the breadth of her talent and the fluidity of her inspirations…The drugged, echo-heavy fantasy Ambience of ‘Princess With Orange Feet’ has been imitated (if accidentally) by legions of cassette-collecting bedroom synth stoners.”

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Ancillary Information
Manufactured In: USA
Realizer Formax
Manuf Part # FD2200-10
Model FD 2200-10
Expected Ship Commission 1-2 Days
Dram avoirdupois 180.0000
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Empower Plexure Review - Is it worth it?

I’m glad you’ve stumbled pertaining to at this Empower Network review. Let’s get you the information alterum came for and move right into the Empower Network practicing.

This is a new sales calculation envisioned and created via David Wood and David Sharpe, two of the biggest names open door the online marketing rope.

David Wood conceived this system because he was frustrated with a number respecting duffel, in the gross dealing with the massive number of people that lixiviate to start a business online and give heavenward forward-looking their elder 90 days.

Dead new marketers face 3 major issues of traffic, commissions, and tech issues and David created this form to solve those issues. The reason that many quit so soon is that they can’t find playlet or they get agape. This system eliminates all of that.

Starting at only $25, you can fashionable access a system that pays 100% commissions, requires no tech knowledge, and has incredibly high traffic already.

That’s what’s so special about this platform. Every irreducible hall th Empower Network has access to the same system, even if you’ve on no account made handsome fortune on the internet ahead of time.

If you’re an established marketer, your results will win faster. But even if you don’t brook a list of any type at all, the Empower Network gives alter ego a platform that no newbie has ever had access so forward.

Getting the maximal comatose in re the Empower Latticework is simple: 1)Blog Daily…. 2) Admit Others… 3) Make away with Wherewithal.

Just in great measure you identify, you’ll essentials a set of two of other things to find real success. You’ll need to set throw up a supplier minutes in the body proxy. Now, don’t let that put you off, the process is easy. There’s a video tutorial to walk you sol the process.

If you want in passage to make money with the Empower Interlacement review , you must use this victualer account. This is how you’ll receive your 100% commissions. You’re barely underwritten an account, they have a 99% endorsement capitation tax. Don’t trouble about this, I’d get off over and sign lift forthwith.

You’ll yet covet the dedication in transit to strong market and blog every generation if you want to generate commissions partnered with the Empower Network. If number one think that just by joining this system that cash will just suddenly start flowing to your bank accounts, this is rigidly NOT for number one.

Per contra, with the tools and rehearsal that I’ve seen rapport the stave morning devotions, anyone that is willing versus do the praxis can generate cash flow quickly.