And I’ll make the world stopppp🌏 (made by Livvv with @musicallyapp) #musicallyapp #Yulema

Accepptt n livvve d thinngs as theyy… are.. evrythnnnng gonnaa b alrytt.. d bestt it cann b fr uu..
Believve in His will..
Be cheeeeerful vd evryonnnee…
no fears…no afraids.. jus b confidennntt… frget d pastt.. n mk evryonnne feel positive happy n mk themm smile..
Mk ppl wonnderr hw could u still b so much cheerful aftr they did all that to you.. be an inspiration..
Be logical n learn to say no like thatt..
Livve a lifee.. of whomm u r a controlerr.. Hold uaselff upppp.. respect uaselff n othhrs..
Accept crirics sportivelyy.. Reoncile to move on n get bettrr.. n abvv all b hummble to who soevrr.
nvr hurt anybdyy..★★

anonymous asked:

Livvv you should do a younow and tell us about your concert and stuff!


Nvvr pushh fr a thinnnggg.. in lifee..
what hz to fall.. vl.. n what hz to b there vl..
n whatt hz to be urs vl eventually be..
jus livvve ua life n mkk most f evrythnnngg n evry monnnentt..
the tymm vchh passes byy.. u got to nvvvr see it againn.. tk it.. dnnt lose it fr nthnng r anythnnng that doesnnt mattrr..
lovvve uaselff..
Gvv uaselff d best alwazzz n d bestt evvr possible..
Aftrr all in d ennd it all yyouu who matters..
Be good to othhrrs.. encourage them.. gvv thmm happinness.. mkk themm happier n positivvee.. thatz onlyy thinng that matters othr thnn uua ownn selff..
dnnt runnn aftrr anyonnnee to stayy.. if uu hvv pushh harder.. theyy usually dnnt belonngg to uu..
Be d bestt formm u cann b vd whosoevvr u r vd.. Mkk thmm feel d best f uu.. n let themm remmberr uu as a starry night in their life.. be a starr fr someone..★★