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A Shadowhunters (costume?) party. Part (1/?)

Well this started as joke between a friend and I but once I drawed the first one I couldn’t stop xD. I got others in mind but for now this is just Livvy and Ty, Tavvy and Jem and Kieran, Mark and Cristina. 

Hope you like it!

And one last thing to say: TOMORROW! TOMORROW! TOMORROW!

Lady Midnight Challenge «art»
-day 7- the blackthorn siblings
Sorry for the crappy pic … xxx

Week 3: The Dark Artifices

DAY 5 Favorite scene :

Livvy made an exasperated noise, stomped forward, and seized Mark by the back of the shirt. “You don’t want him,” she said to the pink-haired girl. “He has syphilis.”

The girl stared. “Syphilis?”

“Five percent of people in America have it,” said Ty helpfully.

“I do not have syphilis,” Mark said angrily. “There are no sexually transmitted diseases in Faerieland!”

The mundane girls fell instantly silent.

“Sorry,” Jules said. “You know how syphilis is. Attacks the brain.”

― Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

Entry for #TSCcelebration for the new book of @cassandraclare

Art thing me and olibathore did
Nice mario kart does happen sometimes, but henryk will never stop being a  sore loser. Maybe if he stopped trying to play while wearing gloves, he’d do a wee better and stop [muffled sulking]


Eight black and white portraits of the Lady Midnight cast! Julian, Emma, Ty, Mark, Livvy, Christina, Kit and Kieran! (My favourite characters are 100% Ty and Mark). Obviously, I LOVED Lady Midnight and am soooo impatient for Lord of Shadows! This book totally kicked ass and look at these hotties! I can’t get enoughhhhhhh

[Babes belong to @cassandraclare]

P.S. I’ve learned that drawing portraits on different days will effect your process so all of these look kinda different….oh well….the point is still there ;)

WORK IN PROGRESS: Emma Carstairs & the Blackthorns via CoHF (no spoilers). Ink and watercolor; nearly finished now—crazy excited for everyone to see the final piece! :)

Much love,