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honestly this whole losing net neutrality thing makes me really sad and i’m going to have to start saving all of my work in multiple places. i suggest everyone else do the same, here’s a post that explains how and why you should do it. i’d recommend downloading your ao3 works as pdfs, copy/pasting into google docs if you haven’t already, and maybe even considering a flashdrive - old-fashioned, i know, but it’s just to be safe.

if you still don’t feel comfortable with the security of your work, you should also print out the pieces you’re especially proud of. just make sure you have multiple forms and copies of your work before platforms like ao3 and tumblr are made more difficult to access? also consider archiving other people’s work, as well - your favorite fics, fanarts, fanvids, podfics, playlists, graphics, etc.


The night of the boat party, I got scratched. And that’s why I broke up with Major and it’s… why I got a job at the morgue, so that I could get brains. Because that is what I have to eat to stay me. Or this version of me.

There are zombies in the world, Peyton. And I’m one of them.