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The night of the boat party, I got scratched. And that’s why I broke up with Major and it’s… why I got a job at the morgue, so that I could get brains. Because that is what I have to eat to stay me. Or this version of me.

There are zombies in the world, Peyton. And I’m one of them.


SKINCHANGER. When Balthor, a dwarf from the high mountains venturing across the land, accidentally sells a selkie skin to a traveling merchant, he decides to help the selkie - Serafina - try to get her skin back. With a wizard (Syndriel), two archers (Aeriol and Andwar), a prince (Armand) and a princess (Maevlyn) to join in this crusade, they are determined to find Serafina’s skin and return her to her natural state before she is stuck in a human body forever.

For myself and onceuponafrozentime