I saw this floating on my dash and thought it was COOL so here you go! AND if you are reading this, I dare you to answer these too (and tag me in them #lookanna because they are SUCH NICE QUESTIONS AND AESTHETICS AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!)

if i were a month, i’d be: August
if i were a day of the week, i’d be: Sunday

if i were a planet, i’d be: Mars

if i were a sea animal, i’d be: Dolphin

if i were a god/goddess, i’d be: Apollo’s Girlfriend, Apollo, or Artemis… Zeus, tho
if i were a piece of furniture, i’d be: Wall Paint

if i were a gemstone, i’d be: Quartz

if i were a flower, i’d be: Peace Lily

if i were a kind of weather, i’d be: Early Autumn / Late spring weather, where it is cloudy and soft and impending rain but still warm, and everything is fine and content in a slower sort of way
if i were a colour, i’d be: Dusk Blue (Indigo)

if i were an emotion, i’d be: Excitement (about everything)

if i were a fruit, i’d be a: Peach, Nectarine, or Strawberry
if i were a sound, i’d be: Heavy Rain, or the Humming at the beginning of Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat

if i were an element, i’d be: Argon, or Earth (depending on what kind of element this is referring to!)

if i were a place, i’d be: South of France (in an idealistic sense since I have never actually been, like in Magic in the Moonlight *dreamy eyes*)

if i were a taste, i’d be: Caramel (possibly salted), or Nectarine

if i were a scent, i’d be: Vanilla Sugar, or Honey

if i were an object, i’d be: Candle
if i were a body part, i’d be: Tip of nose, or Knee

if i were a song, i’d be: Riptide, Vance Joy
if i were a pair of shoes, i’d be: Strappy shoes that wind up your legs like they are from roman times but look CUTE, and have a pointy end, preferably miu miu or the likes !

MORE SPECIFICALLY (/least y’all don’t take up my dare!) I TAG: @shelby-hamilton @dontbrag @verysmall @girlfig @leafydew @faebee @vixeur @ugnys @perpetualhiccup @flowury @flowurdust because u ALL have fantastic aesthetics and im INTO THAT xoxox *sends a mega kiss*