Look at this little boy (smileing small white one) that’s me. When i was younger. Completely un aware of the situation hes in. Livivng in a single room with his mother and brother motel. It was always smelly and terrible. We had to take water from the dinner across the parking lot at night from their spicket. To drink amd to use to wash . we never had food in the fridge in fact we didnt have a fridge. Never knew what we were gonna eat next or if we were gonna get somthing to eat. My older brother new the situation better then me but i think he smiled when he was with me to keep me smileing.
I wish i could walk up to myself and tell him that he needs to harden up sooner rather then later. That there are people who are gonna hurt you lie to you make you feel like you trash that be easily thrown away on a whim when ever your use is up. Wanna tell him that people in this world are selfish narrow sighted and only care for themselves. I wanna warn him of the future of sleeping in cars and ither people’s basements. The switching of so many schools. The tears he will shed as he looses all his child hood friends and family. The pain and anger he will gather over the years . I wanna warn him not to fall in love and to just stay on his course. Maybe things would have been different. I don’t like regrets but I have them . anyway thanks for listening to my little vent :D there is soooo much more but i can’t type decently for this long or my head will explode xD toodles!