something super obvious just occurred to me about star wars lol

i think the reason the movies never really focused on stories about female Jedi being jedi badasses and doing awesome jedi stuff before is because of the Jedi code to abandon emotion and love and only focus on the force, which is talked about in universe as a very gender neutral thing, anyone can be a jedi you just have to be strong in the force which is contained in all livivng things

but i bet you 10 bucks the writers set it up to be gender neutral, but then had no idea how to actually write or execute it, like they knew female jedi could exist in universe, but when they thought about it, it was like they looked at a woman and thought “but how do girl story line without it being a chick flick romance centered thing? how do woman become people/fully fleshed out characters if not through romance???” and sat their scratching their heads unable to come up with an answer so it never came to be

which just perfectly emotes how much I love Rey as a character because shes literally an actual human character!! with real motivations! and personality! that isnt focused on romance! and its Star Wars! like call me overdoing it but thats enough cause to feel at least a little excited and happy about it yeah?

and not to be a downer on people who ship Fin/Rey but you can totally argue that Rey doesn’t love Finn, but even if she does, all of that is secondary to who she is as a person and what she wants to do in life, her first driving force is her own, its her family, her will to survive, her intellgience, her compassion to help others in need and now its her legacy as a Jedi

like good job Star Wars you did a good, you did a very good