Şi a găsit-o printre miile de oameni indiferenţi. I-a zărit mai întâi ochii verzi cu luminile calde si moi. S-a cutremurat până în temeliile fiinţei lui, ca şi când i s-ar fi lămurit fulgerător toate misterele vieţii. Apoi li s-au încrucişat privirile şi din uimirea ei a înţeles că şi ea l-a recunoscut, deşi nu l-a mai văzut niciodată.
—  Liviu Rebreanu

waltzingwithspirits asked:

Death... did not feel very well. He was not ill per say, but he was most certainly not in any position to be wandering around. Which is exactly what he was doing now. Oh god... where was he? He felt himself bump something but... was that a person or a wall? Still the reaper placed a hand against it so he would not lose his balance, slurring a quiet "Sorry."

…Someone bumped into him? Someone with a familiar smell…

Didn’t take him long to turn around, looking up at the taller being worriedly. 

“́D͡-Deáth.̷.?͟ ̕W͞hat̡'s҉ w͏r͝ong?͟”

waltzingwithspirits asked:

Death was feeling slightly lonely. He was still unable to fuse with Remy, so he decided to wander. He found himself stalking a certain demon, just casually floating behind him. He wasn't sure when it started, but he might as well make himself known. So of course he immediately became visible and smooched the demon on the nose. "Hello Handsome."


How come he didn’t detect that? He should have been able to—but he was just a bit distracted today.

That pretty much explained the loud startled squeak that was heard from him as he was kissed, putting on a fighting stance before he blinked, and looked up at the taller being.

….Small embarrassed blush.

“̨H͏-H͏el̷l̶o,͏ ͟D̢e͢at̵h..͘”