Option one: work harder than your body can physically handle, pain 24/7, finally make almost enough money to cover expenses, have zero free time to do anything and no energy to do it if you did. waking up at 3 am to get to work. what are friends. what is life. work work work

Option two: try to find another way to make money. pain 24/7, struggling to get by. loads of free time, limited energy but that’s nothing new. you get to sleep in, you’re on your own schedule. can’t go out to see friends, you hate being the broke one. Life sucks but there’s gotta be something out there.
#CanITakeAThirdOption  #LivingWithADisability

I’m tired of people asking about my disability and then asking if I’ll ever get a full recovery. I don’t know that answer because I don’t see the future. I do however live in the moment and appreciate how far I’ve come to be where i am. I am not about to spend all day wishing on tomorrow or that I will have a fully functional body. I will accept where I am and keep pushing myself.
Also if they really want to hear a miracle story they need to open a book because I’m just a person, my situation doesn’t make me who i am but my ability to handle them does.