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Tabatha leaned back against the wall of the building, closing her eyes. The night air was crisp, but quiet, as there wasn’t anyone around. Or so she thought. Hearing footsteps, she opened her eyes and looked over. There was a woman just a short distance away.

‘Hello?’ Tabatha asked, standing up straight and taking a few steps towards the woman.

It was the little things that helped everyone get through camp life, and it was the little things that Jesus tried to supply for every one of his friends. Even the simplest of niceties could set a course in the right direction of having a nice day, and it was always worth seeing the smiles on his companions’ faces. usually, it wasn’t anything of material worth, but today was an exception. He came across a little place called Indigo Herbs where he would usually browse through little nicknacks, as well as shopping for candles and burning incense. Jesus knew, of course, that he wasn’t the only one who appreciated the sweet scents and, when the oils caught his eyes, he smiled, having but one person in mind.

An hour later, and he had returned to camp, placing the paper bag of goods in his tent, but slipping out a very specific vial. He walked over to Mary’s tent and hovered outside it for a moment. “Mary?" He softly announced, wondering if she was still there. 

Because love never had a child-hood. Because hate grows up too soon.|| Closed with livingtoseeyou

Kat screamed as the huge figure carried her at a jog down the crowded streets, forcing anyone in their path to dive to the side. She laughed loudly and saluted from Gad’s back the yells of protest. A rouged but handsome young man with dark hair ran behind them trying to keep pace. He laughed and shook his head. 

“You two are absolute idiots!” he yelled, eyes gleaming with life and the joys of being young and alive

“Hey, you’re the one who let me run off with your girlfriend!”

“I didn’t let you! You stole her!”

“Yeah but she-”

“Loves it?” chimed in Kat, she grinned down at Noah, “sorry babe but he’s totally right. I love you and you’re great for a shag but as far as piggybacks go Gad totally rules." 

Noah glared at her but air kiss from her was enough to break his pretense and bring a goofy smile to his handsome face. The next moment Gad stumbled and after a moment the two Canans were laying in a tangled heap on the path. They stared at each other for a moment, startled before bursting into laughed. 

"That was-”


“Totally but I think we’re-”

“Blocking the path?”

“Yeah.” They grinned at each other and Kat allowed herself to be helped up by Noah.

“You’re doing the finishing each others sentences thing again,” he commented, “it’s weird. Like I’m dating Gad too." 

"Don’t flatter yourself dude,” said Gad, getting up and brushing his jeans down, “I’m far too good for you.”  

Kat rolled her eyes and kissed Noah on the cheek before she noticed the woman standing by them on the street, she hit her boy’s arms and nodded at her, indicating that they should probably A-move out of the way B-apologize and C-scarper before the woman called the police. The three stepped aside slightly so that the woman could pass.

“Sorry mate-”

“Didn’t mean to-”

“Get in your way." 

 livingtoseeyou said: Thank you! Could I ask you to get some fish for me? There should be some left over from yesterday. Oh, and if you help me dish up tonight, remind me that there’s no mushrooms or green peppers for Simon, please?

“I can totally do that, and yeah sure. No mushrooms or green pepper, right, got it.”