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Hi there! I;m hoping you can answer my question. I have asked a t least four different people and have not received any answers. I would like to know about OCC lip tars. What are they like texture wise, how well they work, are they more like a lipstick, a stain, a lipgloss, or what? I would like to look into buying one but I haven't found enough information to try and buy a sample pack

Certainly!  I for one love OCC’s Lip Tar and I have quite a few shades, although my collection isn’t nearly as large as some people’s.  I have Pretty Boy, Hoochie, Grandma, Electric Grandma, and Lovecraft.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars - $18 each

Lip Tars are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that are long lasting and dry to a matte finish (except for the new Stain Gloss ones, which I haven’t been able to try yet!)  They are designed to be mixed and blended and applied every which way in order to create new exciting colors.  There are 46 shades in all, pretty much in every color of the rainbow. 

The texture is a thick cream.  They are not streaky or sheer.  And they aren’t like a lipstick, lipgloss, or stain; they have qualities of all three! - they are unique and difficult to explain without showing you.

A little goes a long way with these, and you only need a tiny, pinhead size drop to cover your lips.  I’m not exaggerating, either.  You apply them with a brush - they do come with tiny little brushes which work fine, but I tend to use my own lip brushes.  Here is a tiny squirt of Pretty Boy on my hand:

As you can see, it is not runny, nor is it like a whipped mousse or anything like that.  It is just a saturated cream with a lot of shine when first dispensed.  Now here I will show you how easy it is to blend - and how much extra I just put on my hand that was unnecessary, haha:

I just used a random lip brush to do this.  Now with the extra that’s on the brush, I’ll paint my lips:

This was just one coat, and there is still a ton left on the back of my hand:

So as you can see, these are quick and easy to apply.  If you aren’t used to using a lip brush to apply lip color, you might want to apply a lip liner to the perimeter of your lips to help you “stay in the lines” so to speak, but otherwise you shouldn’t see any trouble.

The less that you apply, the longer they will last on the lips!  If you apply too much - say, the whole drop that I applied on the back of my hand - they won’t dry quickly, and will slip and slide around on your lips without setting.  They may also feather into fine lines if you apply too much.  But when you apply just a tiny drop, Lip Tars will last you through the majority of your day, and they even have great staying power through eating, drinking, kissing, etc.

So, I think that they are worth the price if you’re accustomed to high end products.  They are great for people who LOVE lipstick and enjoy experimenting with color.  I wouldn’t recommend them for people just starting out with lip products though.

Hopefully this information helps you! 


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