livingston girls

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Marissa: Aww, Claude! I’m so happy you took me to the karaoke club, it’s been my dream to sing with you!

Claude: Everything for you, though I honestly can’t sing that well.


Elizabeth: You got to lick it, slam it, and suck it.
Kelly and Lainey: What?
Elizabeth: I said you got to lick it, slam it, and suck it.
All: Ooh! Ok.
***minutes later***

Lainey: Slap it, slup it, suck it!
Kelly: Uh –
Elizabeth: Try again!


The Pretty One Official Trailer

Starring  Jake Johnson, Zoe Kazan, and Ron Livingston

August 24 1964

CAPTION READS: The Beatles attend a party at the Bel Air home of Alan Livingston, president of Capitol Records. Actress Nancy Olson, then married to Alan Livingston, helps an unidentified girl through a Beatles reception line

Photo Source: The Los Angeles Times