tseng-san  asked:

11, 21 and 46, please)

11. (Do you count the stairs as you walk?) Occasionally.

21. (What is your least favorite movie?) Tied between the Twilight series and Forest Gump. I got a lot of ‘Run, bitch, run~! as a child.

46. (Are you afraid of heights?) Interestingly, no, but I do get horrible vertigo and I can’t do hills/rollar coasters without carsickness.

OOC: Great news, and Balamb Gardens in real life!

Heyla, folks! I’m doing a lot better; still not quite all there in terms of keeping crap together, but hell, it always takes time. Anywho, just popping in with these photos from yahoo news and an enormous life change. 

As of May 31st, 2012, I will no longer be the house I work at’s bitch. I am quitting this job, actively searching for at least one full time or two part times, and focusing seriously on a living situation that would allow me to build up stock for a permanent cosplay booth at the local cons in our area. I can’t stop making clothes,  and now that I have a designer on board, a metal artist, and an amazing jewelry/resin artist whom I can appeal to with great big puppy dog eyes, I plan on taking this show on the road. I’m done trying to meld into normal society; fuck normal, I wanna go all out!

And when we’ve built up the money, we’re gonna buy land, build a ranch, and throw ourselves headlong into green farming. You’re all invited to the BBQ’s on Friday nights. Rocky Horror and Repo will be playing amid a mix of Disney, Riddick, and sci fi movies on the barn wall. Trekkies and Jedi will be duking it out in the fighting paddock out back. And anyone who wants to catch up on Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, and Firefly can take over the house. Just be careful of the Final Fantasy and Tekkon/Street Fighter drinking parties. 

Also, Balamb Gardens. Just to make everyone ooh and ahh!